Demon Sword Maiden

Book 12: Chapter 37: A Land without Exit

At this moment, she had no choice but to speak.

If she confessed, there was a chance the queen might forgive her. If she didn’t, how could she survive this day? Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had no choice but to trust in the queen and General Chiya.

She would tell the truth! She would trust her intuition!

“Your Majesty, Lynne is from the Heian Dynasty in the mortal world of Ashihara.”

“Heian Dynasty? What is so strange about that? I heard it is the current dynasty of the mortal world. In this Female Queendom, there are female adepts from everywhere: the Asuka Dynasty, Nara Dynasty, and of course, the Heian Dynasty. Everyone has their own tragic fate. Lynne, you were fortunate to arrive here a virgin. Is that a lie?” The queen’s anger had not abated. If she found out Lynne was no longer pure, she might be unable to suppress her urge to kill.

“No, no, Your Majesty, I would never lie about something like that,” Lily quickly responded.

“Hmm, you don’t seem to be lying. However, saying that you’re from Ashihara only tells me you’ve suffered misery. In this Female Queendom, who hasn’t suffered misery? Do you think that justifies teasing and deceiving me?”

“No, Your Majesty, please listen. The Heian Dynasty is facing the collapse of the heavenly way, earthly disasters, and rampant monsters and demons. My sisters and I barely managed to defeat the dark forces of the Imperial Court and built the thirty-six prayer altars. We aimed to ascend to Takamagahara and pray to Amaterasu-ōmikami to restore the heavens and save the people…”

“What!?” The queen’s hand trembled, pulling off one of Lily’s cloth straps without noticing. “Amaterasu-ōmikami? What were you thinking? Were you crazy?”

“It’s a long story, but we received an ancient prophecy. Following its directives, we set up formations and built the Ship of Ascension…”

“Preposterous! Not even mentioning Amaterasu-ōmikami…” The queen halted, looking out the window, her eyes flashing with awe and sadness before turning back to Lily. She didn’t continue her previous thought but instead said, “Mere mortals wanting to ascend and meet Amaterasu-ōmikami? Do you think that’s an existence you can meet at will? I can already guess why you fell into Yomi. Tell me, what happened?”

“When the ship reached the vast clouds, two terrifying phantoms appeared…”

She explained to the queen that they had been attacked. While she had fallen into Yomi, the fates of the others remained unknown.

“That must have been Raijin and Denbo. Lynne, given your strengths, it’s a miracle you survived. It seems their target wasn’t you.” The queen mused, still angry but relieved that Lily had survived the attack.

Lily was surprised. She wasn’t the target? Then was it Shizuka Gozen?

“Your Majesty, Lynne is a mirror girl. The destiny of the mirror girls is to escort their leader to Takamagahara and pray to Amaterasu-ōmikami for the salvation of the world. But just as we reached the vast clouds, we suffered a catastrophe. I don’t know what happened to the leader. What did we do wrong? Why did Takamagahara treat us like that? If we don’t even have the right to meet Amaterasu-ōmikami, why does the mirror girl’s destiny direct us to…” Lily’s eyes shimmered with tears, still unable to understand the situation.

Seeing Lily’s sadness and misery, the queen abandoned her intentions. The atmosphere was no longer suitable. Especially after hearing Amaterasu-ōmikami’s name, the queen became more serious.

She released Lily and sat to the side, her silver hair disheveled.

“Lynne, at such a young age, you’ve fallen into Yomi and been reduced to a slave. These matters are simply beyond your control, so why do you persist?” The queen shook her head, questioning in a depressed tone.

“Your Majesty?” Lily quickly got up and knelt beside the queen. “I know I’m just a helpless woman, but my sweetheart, Sister Rinne, is still in deep sleep, and my sisters face the collapse of the heavens and earth. The mirror girl leader, Shizuka Gozen, is missing. I can’t just watch them suffer as the world collapses without doing anything! Your Majesty, please guide me!”

“Sister Rinne? Is that your sweetheart’s name?” The queen felt jealousy ignite in her chest as Lily spoke of her sweetheart. Though moved by Lily’s dedication, she didn’t want to hear that woman’s name. “You foolish girl, you’re really pushing the limits. After repeatedly deceiving me, sparing your life is already a mercy. I won’t kill you because of your confession, but you still dare make demands of me?”

“I don’t dare! But I can’t just watch my sisters fall into damnation!”

The queen shook her head. “I’ve never seen someone as reckless as you, but because of your infatuation and willingness to sacrifice, I won't kill you. But that’s all. It’s better for you to know less about Takamagahara. The more you know, the more dangerous it is. I will only say this: you will not be able to meet Amaterasu-ōmikami. The way of the heavens cannot be changed; it will never change. Ashihara will grow colder and colder until it is as dark and cold as Yomi itself, and all mortals will perish.”

“What… cannot change?” Lily could not believe her ears. “The heavens are in chaos, and the world is becoming dark. All of this… it cannot be changed?” 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

The queen’s eyes were sad and sincere. “It cannot be changed.”


“Lynne, you don’t need to be so mournful. Since they are your sisters, they must be extraordinary. Even though women are in constant danger in Yomi, this Female Queendom exists. Even if Ashihara falls into eternal darkness, your sisters should still be able to survive.”

Maybe the queen was right, but how could she do nothing if her sisters were doomed to a life in darkness? She also had affection for the Heian Dynasty. Could she sit still as the mortals of the world were eradicated?

Her mind turned to Minamoto no Yoritomo’s crazy plan. Had he known that mortals would be unable to resist the changes in the way of heaven and therefore made a compromise? He was ambitious but didn’t seem to have selfish desires. Though he was her greatest enemy, he was the only man who didn’t covet her body. He did everything to advance his plan for a new world. Although appalling and depraved, it would allow for the survival of mortals, right?

Did he also have no choice? Did he already know that the heavens could not be changed? He had been about to succeed, and the one who had stopped him… was herself…

“Lily! Protect this world in my place!” Yoritomo’s last words in that sea of fire echoed in her mind.

“The way of the heavens cannot be changed, and I personally destroyed the people’s chance of survival?” Lily fell into confusion…

“Lynne? What’s wrong?” the queen asked, noticing Lily’s dazed expression.

The queen’s voice woke Lily. She suddenly asked, “Your Majesty, can I ask how to leave Yomi and return to the mortal world?”

“Lynne, I understand your feelings, but do you think Yomi is a place you can come and go at will? Not even I know how to leave. And even if I did, I would not allow you to leave.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Lynne, if I weren’t moved by your emotions for your sweetheart and sisters, I would have punished you severely. Who do you think you are? You are a slave who was sold into the harem, a slave who dared to deceive your ruler multiple times. Now, you dare ask me how to escape from Yomi? Just how reckless are you?” the queen sternly rebuked.

“I am guilty…” Lily admitted, understanding that while her actions were for her sisters and the world, from the queen’s perspective, her behavior had been outrageous.

“I said something wrong. Please punish me.” Lily felt guilty, believing she wouldn't find peace unless the queen punished her.

“Forget it. Today has been tiring. Although you don’t care about your own life, in light of your dedication to your sisters and sweetheart, I shall forgive you. I would appear too narrow-minded if I penalize you. But Lynne, I must remind you, don’t think about escaping from Yomi again. Even with my realm and strength, it is almost impossible. If I let you try to escape, it would be nothing more than watching you commit suicide.”

The queen didn't need to deceive Lily. Even if she didn’t stop her, Lily wouldn’t be able to leave. The queen’s words made Lily even more desperate, like a bolt out of the blue.

“Your Majesty… am I… never going to be able to return to the mortal world? What is happening to the heavens…?” Lily’s eyes were confused and lost, lacking any direction.

Seeing Lily so forlorn, the queen could no longer bear to be harsh. “Lynne, if I tell you, I would be pushing you towards death. If you truly want to know, then it will depend on your destiny.”

“Destiny?” Lily asked, confused.

“If you are destined to know, then one day, if your realm and strength are comparable to mine and you can rely on your own power to survive and navigate in Yomi, come and ask me. I will tell you everything.” The queen’s eyes shone with a deep, distant light.

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