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Chapter 434 - Chapter 434: Charm beyond gender (1)_1

Chapter 434: Charm beyond gender (1)_1

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Regardless of whether people were willing to admit it or not, the abilities of gods and Devils were superior to others.

They should be able to easily see through humans, their bodies, their emotions, and even their feelings.

They were good at controlling people’s hearts.

Whether it was God making people believe in him or the devil making people fall, they were both ways to lure people’s hearts.

In many romantic demon novels or movies, there would always be some ‘simple’ gods and demons, highlighting the fickleness and cunningness of the human heart, and finally attracting the gods and demons, pushing the ending towards a certain direction.

In si Rong’s understanding, was the so-called ‘pure’ really a natural-born pure? However, it was simple because it was powerful, because any conspiracy was nothing in the face of absolute strength.

Being powerful was the most fascinating existence.

Being powerful was enough to make people believe in it and fall.

It was true that si Rong was a human, but in her previous life, she was also one of the ‘great gods’ in the entertainment industry. She was once crowned as the best Actor in the industry, so it was no surprise that she was a God in many industries and in the eyes of countless fans.

The meaning of ‘God’ was different from that of a real God or demon, but si Rong was certain that she was the most powerful and fearless in the acting industry. Even if it were the creator of the world, she would dare to do it as long as she got the role.

Si Rong, who had fallen into a certain state, had unconsciously displayed all his skills in front of Qin fan.

Her eyes, her voice, and even her demeanor could pull people into a situation beyond redemption.

Qin fan felt as if he had become the child’s sacrifice. The other party was thinking about where to start? Or where should he start?

Putting aside the fact that si Rong’s state was strange, Qin fan felt that he had also been brought into a strange statc-he was willing, and even a little impatient to be eaten by the child!

“You have something here.” Si Rong’s finger pointed at the position of Qin fan’s dantian in his lower abdomen.

When she opened her eyes, she could see Qin fan’s hot circular light energy. He was really like a small sun.

No wonder Wu Bao would give men such a nickname.

“What is it?” Qin fan asked.

Si Rong stared at the man’s expressionless face. His gaze was as deep as the frozen ocean, and it seemed like nothing could move him. He laughed, something hot and big.

Qin fan’s eyes widened. He was sure that the child was doing this on purpose. He had deliberately said it so vaguely and flirtatiously.

With lightning speed, he grabbed si Rong’s arm and pulled him down, the thing you’re talking about is down there.

Si Rong exerted just a little more strength, and the man’s chest trembled. His gaze was like a stormy sea that had just broken ice, about to swallow him up.

When their gazes met, it felt like an explosion had occurred.

In that instant, it was as if they had been struck by good fortune. They could see the fire in each other’s bodies, the desire and passion that arose from their instincts and rationality.

Damn it, if he could still endure this, he wasn’t a man!

There was indeed someone who wasn’t a man among them, so si Rong was more patient than Qin fan, who was a real man.

She let go of his hand and wanted to have some foreplay dessert and take advantage of the man first. After all, his figure was really attractive, and it would be a waste if she didn’t do anything.

However-her action of letting go was misunderstood by the man in the valley-who was burning with anger-as her intention to be a hands-off shopkeeper again-after all-si Rong had done this kind of thing quite often.

How could this be?

Qin fan felt that the child today was making him even more impatient.

He could only blame the child for not learning well and insisting on provoking him time and time again!

If he didn’t teach the child a lesson, he might cause some trouble in the future because of his sex.

Qin fan had found a good reason. In the end. he didn’t want to endure it anymore. He just wanted to kill this bad boy who was teasing him to death … No, it was the bad girl!

I don’t care if he’s a boy or a girl! Anyway, he had a bad personality. After being indulgent for so long, it was time to educate him!

Qin fan prepared himself mentally, and the string of reason really collapsed.

Once it collapsed, it would be like a wild beast coming out of its cage, and nothing could be tied down!

The man’s restrained and abstinent expression instantly collapsed. His eyes looked like he wanted to eat someone, and his expression was even more so. The movements of his hands and feet were not to be mentioned. The speed at which he took off someone’s clothes was called fast. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was tearing them.

In his daze, si Rong saw that a few buttons on his shirt had been ripped off, and the belt on his pants was undone.

She slapped the man’s head.

The man, who had never been hit in the head before, was staring at her with a terrifying gaze.

it’s not that I don’t want you to take it off,” si Rong said slowly, “”Take it easy,”

One sentence dispelled the man’s anger and lit it up. She didn’t show any restraint in her hands and feet, but instead became more overbearing.

He had never seen an outsider’s corset seen by the man before. He probably knew that the thing inside was soft, fragile, and extremely beautiful, so the man’s action when undoing it was a little slow.

While the man was focused on undoing the cloth, si Rong’s hands didn’t stay idle either. He ate whatever he wanted to eat in an orderly manner and patted the man’s head with a smile.

Qin fan didn’t have the mood to argue with her about this. Even if he really argued with her, when he saw the child’s smile, which seemed like nothing, but was actually just a smile that could kill someone, no matter how much dissatisfaction he felt, it would turn into another impulse.

Si Rong understood that he had to pay back for what he had done. That was why she had to give it to a man. She didn’t stop him from biting her. If she didn’t stop him, she should be prepared to enjoy it.

She had only contributed half of her body, yet the man was so greedy that he wanted to touch her lower body?

Si Rong’s eyes narrowed and he kicked him. that’s enough.

Her calf was held by the man’s big, warm hand. The other party raised his head and sneered at si Rong. haha.

This smile was charming enough, and with the man’s forehead covered in a thin layer of sweat, it was wild and sexy. A burst of laughter expressed all the words he wanted to say. He grinned, revealing his white teeth, like a beast that was about to devour people.

“Are you afraid now?” The man’s large hand touched her bare feet as he approached her and asked.

Si Rong saw the veins on his forehead popping out and panted, will you let me go if I tell you I’m scared?”

“..’’The man was silent, as if he was seriously considering this question.

Si Rong watched as his eyelids drooped and his face slowly regained its calm. He inwardly gave a thumbs-up to this man’s self-control and felt even more admiration for him.

The next moment, the world spun in front of her eyes, and she felt very, very hot between her thighs …

“Help me this once.” The man said in a hoarse voice, as if he was a soldier giving him an important mission, three months later, I will consider your merits to offset your mistakes and reduce your punishment..

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