Chapter 1293: Battle God Appears

"Almost, just a little more..." Ouroboros stared blankly at the faceless god on stage, looking confused.

"Not bad, I thought you could only score in single digits." Casina the Battle God curiously looked at the lost Ouroboros.

From Ouroboros' performance, it can be seen that the judges' scoring scale for this competition is very wide, or rather, very inclusive.

If Ouroboros, who played his true self, can get such a high score, she is still very confident in her own performance.

Unlike the foolish Ouroboros, Casina the Battle God is a genuine professional dancer. She can become the star of the troupe and receive countless love letters. The demands from wealthy businessmen and officials are too numerous to count.

Of course, Casina the Battle God resolved all of them - in a physical sense.

"Wuwuwuwu... I didn't drink that much... why..." Ouroboros held onto Casina the Battle God, with a face full of despair.

She almost lost her virtue, just by a little bit!

These days, the goal for beautiful girls seems to be having big chests and being good at licking things.

Just now, she completely loosened up and was at the mercy of someone else's actions.

This world is so scary!

"Don't worry, I didn't expect you to win," said Casina the Battle God as he patted Ouroboros on the head and squinted while looking at the "prince" standing alone on the stage.

Judging from Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword's and Ouroboros' performance earlier, this is a very calm and composed ancient deity who can maintain stability no matter when.

Even Casina the Battle God wouldn't dare claim to be able to withstand Ouroboros' entangling attacks to this extent.

It looks like it's time to show your true skills.

Casina the Battle God has already realized the true nature of this lady-like stage.

The will of nightmares will project memorable places onto the stage where participants have to perform.

Fake disguises can never deceive people, I'm afraid nobody can pretend on this stage.

Therefore, the embarrassing record of zero points was left behind on the stage by the The Sky Sword senior she had encountered in the past.

"No problem..."

"Come on!" Casina, the Battle God, had a feeling that she was about to make an appearance.

In the next moment, a beam of light moved onto Casina, the Battle God's head, choosing her as the unbeatable legend of the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament.


"It's Casina, the Battle God."

"She's appearing so quickly, huh."

"I'm looking forward to her performance."

"After all, she is the undefeated champion of the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament, and she might create another record."

As one of the favorites chosen by the Twelve Nightmare Sovereigns, Casina the Battle God's appearance caused quite a stir.

Among all the participants, Casina the Battle God is the only legendary warrior who has defeated the Nightmare Sovereign and holds a positive record.

She has achieved her strength by using her own fists and kicks.

Unlike Cyber Elf Alpha, who has a natural advantage in calculation power, Casina the Battle God's strength is well-rounded and is hailed as the strongest legend in the current event, known as the Sky Sword.

If anyone in this ball is going to break the rules again and do something unconventional like stealing gifts, it must be her, as there is a precedent for it.


The endless golden desert, a massive transparent hourglass, and a gravel river that seems to stretch all the way to the edge of the world.

Yun Xi knew this place; it was revealed to him by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, and it belonged to Casina the Battle God's secret.

In the world of Sand of Time, a magical place with a golden hourglass.

Once you immerse yourself in the river of time, you'll forget the concept of time and go with the flow until you awaken again, break through the legend-ranked, and walk out of the river of time.

In the future shown by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Yun Xi was thrown into the river of time by Casina the Battle God and immersed in it for thousands of years. Finally, he burst out and gained the power to dance with Casina the Battle God.

"Indeed... this is the place..." Casina the Battle God happily took off his shoes and walked barefoot on the soft golden gravel.

With healthy brown skin, exotic dancer decorations, and long legs with anklets, you can't imagine that this person is the legendary Casina the Battle God in the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament's Sky Sword God's Domain.

"You don't seem surprised at all. Have you already seen what's inside Sand of Time?" Behind Casina the Battle God, the golden hourglass sword resonated with this world in a wonderful way.

The fantasies created by the combined power of the Twelve Nightmare Sovereigns closely resemble the original concept of Sand of Time, which is the terrifying aspect of Nightmare World.

Reality and illusion constantly intertwine and loop in dreams. You will never know which phenomena you encounter in Nightmare World are real and which are dreams.

The boundary between the two becomes ambiguous and blurry, which is one of the characteristics of Nightmare World.'s not a lie, Yun Xi did come here, but not in the distant past, but in the future depicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

In that future, he used the power of the Seed of the Battle God to break through the barrier of the hero-ranked and was then caught by his teacher, Casina the Battle God, and thrown into the sword of time called Sand of Time. He saw this scenery and finally fell into the River of Time.

The passing of a thousand years felt like a dream. Yun Xi himself cannot remember what he encountered, who he met, and what he lost in the thousand years in the River of Time.

However, when he walked out of the River of Time, tears fell involuntarily.

It seems that he lost something very important and forgot someone very important.

After a thousand years in a dream, when the sand of the River of Time settled, he had truly become the legend-ranked.

That was also the most real and graspable future depicted by the White Lotus Secret Treasure. Because that future was so true and not illusory, Yun Xi even felt a hint of his own legend-ranked opportunity.

And all of this was brought by his teacher Casina the Battle God right in front of him.

If he were to reveal his identity now, would he step into the trajectory of that future?

Just nod and choose to use Seed of the Battle God to break through the hero-ranked. Teacher Casina the Battle God will definitely be very happy, and then take myself back.

Really stubborn and powerful, such a charismatic teacher.

Unfortunately, this choice cannot appear.

For present-day Yun Xi, the thousand years of time is really too heavy. He cannot imagine the future after choosing this path.

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