Devil Body

As soon as the black-robed ghost entered the passage, it exploded on its own, turning into a cloud of gloomy energy before disappearing without a trace.

Wang Tiangu, who was connected to the small ghost, turned pale. He immediately suffered a small loss.

“What’s going on? Could it be that there’s another mechanism in this passageway?” Wang Tiangu asked the scholar in shock and anger.

“Do you think that the entrance to the Spirit Ether Garden is an ordinary passageway? Let alone an immature ghost, even a ghost king or a ghost spirit would be crushed to death upon entering this passageway. Even if I were to enter this space, I’d still have to rely on the scroll. In any case, the entrance has already been opened, so I won’t be asking if you’re going to enter this place.” At this point, the scholar appeared rather calm. After he finished speaking, he transformed into a ball of green light and flew into the scroll that had been floating in midair.

When Wang Tiangu heard this, his expression instantly darkened. From the scholar’s words, it seemed that intangible things like ghosts and demons were unable to directly enter the passageway. He and the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master looked at each other with surprise.

After a moment of thought, Wei Wuya said, “I’ve already used my spiritual sense to examine the other side of the passageway. Although it’s extremely blurry due to the spatial tear, there’s no doubt that there’s an unknown space inside. I don’t have the patience to hesitate here, so I’ll be taking my leave first.” He then flew toward the passageway as a streak of green light.

When the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master saw this, his expression changed slightly.

“The three of you will guard this place. Junior Brother Wang, there is no need for us to dawdle. Let’s go together. For the sake of the Spirit Ether Garden, it is worth the risk. Furthermore, I’ve cast a Soul Shaking Curse on that soul. It probably doesn’t have the courage to play any tricks.” As the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master instructed, he coldly sized up the scroll floating in front of him. When he saw that nothing strange had happened, his eyes flickered.

He made a grabbing motion toward the scroll and sucked it into his hand. Then, he stuffed the scroll into his sleeve and flew toward the passageway with Wang Tiangu.

It was said that the Spirit Ether Garden was filled with spirit herbs. If they were a step too late and fell behind Wei Wuya, they would suffer greatly.

Thus, Wei Wuya and the other two disappeared at the entrance of the black passageway in a flash before passing through the spatial barrier and entering another space.

“This is definitely not the Spirit Ether Garden!” Wei Wuya was the first to emerge from the passageway.

He was currently sizing up this unfamiliar place with a gloomy expression.

This was a space that was completely devoid of any color other than grey. When he raised his head, he saw that there were short piles of black rocks everywhere, and he could see gray mist that was around 100 feet tall. However, Wei Wuya’s spiritual sense swept across the area, and it appeared to be over 10 kilometers wide.

Even the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master and Wang Tiangu, who had just emerged from the passageway, wouldn’t believe that a place like this was the Spirit Ether Garden filled with spirit flowers and exotic herbs, much less Wei Wuya.

However, as soon as the two of them appeared, they looked around with strange expressions. They were 70% furious and 30% pleasantly surprised.

Wei Wuya was slightly taken aback when he turned around to look at the two of them. Soon after, he grew even more vigilant.

He had originally thought that when the two saw that this place wasn’t the legendary Spirit Ether Garden, their expressions would turn extremely unsightly. They might even immediately summon Master Cang Kun’s avatar to interrogate him.

After a moment of silence, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master finally said, “Junior Brother, can you feel it? The devilish Qi here is at least twice that of our human world. If I were to fight here, the power of my devilish arts would increase by thirty percent.”

Wang Tiangu’s gaze flickered and he said with a complicated expression, “Senior Brother, we cultivate the same devilish technique. How could I not sense it? If we were to stay here and cultivate, we would most likely have a high chance of breaking through our current bottleneck and entering the next realm.”

“Fellow Daoists, isn’t it time for you to summon that fellow and interrogate him properly? Don’t tell me that I’ve spent so much effort to come to this kind of place.” Wei Wuya looked around for a moment before stomping on the gravel beneath his feet. He then turned to Wang Tiangu and his senior brother with a cold expression.

When the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master heard Wei Wuya’s words, his anger from being deceived by the soul was ignited, and he immediately replied with a malevolent expression, “Of course. If he doesn’t give us an explanation, I will let him experience the pain of his soul being purged.”

Then, he threw the scroll in his hand to the ground and was about to summon Master Cang Kun’s avatar.

However, before the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master could cast a spell, spiritual light flashed on the scroll, and a ball of green light suddenly shot out from it. Wang Tiangu stood at the side and quickly reached out with his hand. A black hand of light that was about a foot in size reached out.

However, the green ball of light seemed to have planned all of this in advance. It instantly doubled its speed and escaped from the black hand, flying off into the distance.

Wei Wuya remained proudly calm and didn’t make a move. Meanwhile, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master was enraged upon seeing this.

With a flip of his hand, the blood-red command medallion appeared in his hand. A fierce expression appeared on his face as he waved the command medallion in the direction that the green light had fled in. In an instant, crimson light radiated from the command medallion, and the green ball of light in the distance came to a halt almost at the same time, swaying several times in the air.

Just as the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master was feeling elated, the green ball of light suddenly stabilized and shot into the distance at a speed that was even faster than before, turning into a small speck of light in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, not only was the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master stunned, but Wei Wuya and the others were also dumbstruck.

“If I’m not mistaken, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master’s Soul Shaking Curse is actually ineffective against a wisp of a soul. This is quite interesting. I’ll go capture this fellow and see what he’s up to,” Wei Wuya suddenly said with a cold smile. Soon after, his body blurred and he flew off in a streak of green light.

“Sect Master, you…” Wang Tiangu finally recovered from his shock and couldn’t help but ask something.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen the punishment of the Soul Shaking Curse. It is true that he was struck by the secret curse. As for why it is no longer effective, I am also very interested. Let’s go and chase after him. I also want to see what he is planning by luring us here.” The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master spoke with a baleful expression and a fierce glint in his eyes. Soon after, he also flew out as a streak of light.

With such a large space, he wasn’t afraid that the other party would be able to escape.

Wang Tiangu smiled bitterly and could only chase after him.

Not long after, the two arrived at a spot near the center of the space where Wei Wuya had stopped. At this moment, the soul in the scroll had turned back into the scholarly man and was standing in confrontation against him without the slightest fear on its face. This surprised the two of them. However, when Wang Tiangu and his companion raised their heads and looked over 100 feet behind the scholarly man, they were given a huge fright.

Within the faint mist, there was a huge monster that was over 300 feet tall. It was completely motionless within a piece of fiery red crystal.

It had two heads and four arms, and a single horn on its forehead. Its entire body was covered in sparkling pitch-black scales, and its appearance was even more sinister. Its fangs were exposed, and it was truly a terrifying sight.

“What is this? What dense devilish Qi!” Wang Tiangu’s heart skipped a beat as he cried out.

He wasn’t surprised by the sheer size and ferocity of the demon beast, but rather that although it appeared to be sealed, the devilish Qi that pervaded the area was several times denser than that of other areas. It also carried an aura that caused one’s heart to tremble.

“Let’s go down and hear what he has to say.” The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master was also greatly apprehensive of the demon within the seal, but after a moment of hesitation, he brought Wang Tiangu down to Wei Wuya’s side.

After all, he had a late-Nascent Soul cultivator with him, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

When the scholar saw the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master and Wang Tiangu arrive, he smiled and said, “It’s good that you two Fellow Daoists are here. I don’t need to waste my breath.”

The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Master calmly said, “What is your purpose in luring us here?” However, after sizing him up, he felt quite shocked.

The scholar’s body was still flickering with blood-red talisman characters. It was clear that the Soul Shaking Curse had been activated. Furthermore, his exposed skin was clearly pulsing along with the talisman characters. However, the scholar’s face was radiant with joy and there wasn’t the slightest trace of pain on his face. Furthermore, his ghostly body had also solidified and showed no signs of dissipating.

“Brother Wei doesn’t need to say anything, but Sect Leader Wang and Fellow Daoists cultivate devilish techniques that have been passed down since ancient times. When you arrived here, did you feel that the devilish Qi here is vastly different from that of the human world?” The scholarly man’s words surprised the three.

“So what if it is? Are you going to tell me that this is the Spirit Ether Garden?” Wang Tiangu calmly asked.

“Hehe, the Spirit Ether Garden! It may or may not be here,” said the scholar leisurely.

“What do you mean? You still want to play with us at this point?” Wang Tiangu’s face turned cold.

With a strange expression, the scholar calmly said, “Do you truly believe that the ancient cultivators would leave behind a place like the Spirit Ether Garden for descendants? Many years ago, there might’ve been more than one such place. But now, all of them have been harvested and destroyed by the ancient cultivators. It is quite possible that this is an abandoned Spirit Ether Garden. But now, this is only a spatial rift between the mortal world and our Sacred Realm.”

“The Sacred Realm? You’re an Ancient Devil!” Wei Wuya’s calm expression immediately changed drastically upon hearing the scholar’s words. At the same time, he hurriedly formed an incantation gesture with his hands, and green poisonous mist surged from his body, submerging him within.

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