Chapter 165: Mushroom

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Once, when Ye Ling returned home, she caught a whiff of a very rich fragrance, which smelled like roast duck. Then, she saw Wu De walking out of Lin Fang’s room with some greasy marks on the corner of his mouth.

When Wu De saw Ye Ling suddenly return, he was stunned for a moment, and a hint of panic flashed across his eyes.

But soon, his expression returned to normal. He even glared at Ye Ling fiercely. “If you keep looking, I’ll dig out your eyes!”

Ye Ling was already very numb at that time. She didn’t care that Lin Fang and Wu De were secretly eating delicious food behind her back.

At that time, her life was already as dark as the end of the world.

She just felt that these two people were ridiculous.

Ye Ling’s eyelashes trembled slightly. The memories of the past seemed to be very distant, but they were so clear. It was as if the woman who had suffered in the Wu family was not her.

Now, she had smooth and soft skin and a young and beautiful face. The experience of the poor woman who quickly withered after marrying Wu De seemed to be just a nightmare she had once had.

However, Ye Ling knew that it wasn’t a nightmare. It had happened.

There was no point in continuing to immerse herself in the misery of the past. Since God had given her a second chance at rebirth, she would let her life have a different ending.

Ye Ling turned around and left, never looking back at the Wu family’s residence again.

After getting used to the pace of work, Ye Ling took advantage of her break to go to town again.

“Mr. Ling!” Mai Zi, who was in the medicine store, was a little excited when he saw Ye Ling. “You haven’t been here for a long time,” he said as he walked forward.

Ye Ling placed a few cloth bags on the table. Mai Zi counted the medicinal herbs in the cloth bags, and his heart was once again shocked.

Although this thin man called Mr. Ling didn’t come often, the herbs he brought with him every time he came could be said to be of the highest quality.

In the beginning, there were only some ordinary herbs. Later on, there were even some relatively rare herbs.

Mai Zi really couldn’t understand how Mr. Ling’s herbs could grow so well.

Even wild herbs could not grow so luxuriantly.

At first, Mai Zi thought that Ye Ling might have used some kind of medicine to accelerate the growth of the herbs. If that were the case, the medicinal effects of the herbs would be affected.

However, the second Boss had checked those herbs and told him that the effects of those herbs were two to three times stronger than those in the normal state.

Mai Zi was extremely surprised at that time. He looked at the second Boss for a few seconds. Mai Zi frowned and said, “How did he grow these herbs? Or did he pick it from some magical place?”

“Since he doesn’t want to talk about it, then don’t worry about it. As long as the herbs are fine, it’s fine. Next time he comes, treat him better, and don’t forget to serve him tea.” The second Boss reminded.

“Yes.” Mai Zi nodded and said, “The big Boss said he wanted to see him. He said he would consider it. But I don’t think he has any intention of getting to know the big boss.”

“This can’t be forced. Let fate take its course.’

Ye Ling glanced at Mai Zi but didn’t say anything. After Mai Zi gave her the money, she took the money and left the black market. She went to the courtyard of Master Bail s residence.

After entering the door, Ye Ling walked towards her house, only to discover that there were many people gathered at the door. She could hear the sounds of discussion.

“It just rained. Those mushrooms seem to have grown bigger.”

“It shouldn’t be poisonous. It looks white and fat. Using it to make soup must be very delicious!”

“Why didn’t mushrooms grow on the roof of this house in the past? That surname Ling kid is lucky.”

“That kid doesn’t come here often. Why doesn’t Master Bai let us pick the mushrooms? This house originally belonged to Master Bai.”

“Look at what you’re saying. Master Bai is a kind person. How can he be like you?”

Ye Ling was stunned for a moment and took two steps forward. When the onlookers saw her, they fell silent.

Ye Ling raised her head and looked at the roof of the house.

On the roof, there were white mushrooms squeezed together. The umbrella-shaped mushrooms were white and fat, and they looked full of vitality.

Ye Ling was speechless.

Just as Ye Ling was in a daze, Master Bai’s granddaughter walked over and said to Ye Ling,” You’re finally here. Grandpa said that if you come over, he can lend you the ladder. You can pick the mushrooms off the roof.”

“Grandpa said that the mushrooms are not poisonous,” the little girl added after some thought.

As a descendant of the Ye family, Ye Ling naturally knew that the white mushrooms were not poisonous and should taste quite good..

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