Chapter 326: Battle Credit Vault

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In the camp’s Battle Credit Office, many members of the Xu Wolf Guard came and went.

The soldier badge contained a special chip from the human virtual cosmic, allowing one to enter the Human Race’s War Military Camp’s small virtual world without the need for identity verification.

Of course, the chip itself had an identification function. When entering the human virtual cosmic, their identities would be verified again.

In addition to the verification after filling in the information, there were three stages of identity verification.

The cosmic humans were meticulous about the verification of every soldier’s identity in the military camp, to prevent spies from other races from sneaking in.

Wang Ye had reported his information two days ago. Even with General Xu’s recommendation, he still had to go through the process.


The door to a separate room opened. Wang Ye entered, and the door automatically closed before locking.

The entire process of entering the battle credit vault was private.

Wang Ye took out his badge and placed it in the dent of the machine before him.

In addition to the lowest soldier badge, there was also the commander signet, the general token, the tiger talisman, and the commander-in-chief seal.

They corresponded to the five major titles in the Human Race’s War Military Camp.


The machine started the verification process.

A transparent light appeared around him, sealing the cylindrical area and enveloping Wang Ye.

The screen in front of him displayed the identity information comparison, and then green words appeared, indicating that the authentication was successful.

A holographic helmet slowly descended and Wang Ye put it on.

The light around him soon brought him into the virtual world of the Human Race’s War Military Camp.

[Wang Ye, male.]

[Citizenship: Azure Mountain Cosmic Nation.]

[Job Title: Soldier]

[Battle Credit: o.]

A series of personal information was displayed, and Wang Ye checked it carefully.

The information included his resume, battle participation, mission completion, and so on.

It would record all his performances in the Human Race’s War Military Camp as a measure of promotion.

In the Human Race’s War Military Camp, everything was based on battle credits, including one’s title.

The titles were divided into the soldier level (soldier, sergeant, decurion), lieutenant level (centurion, ensign, sub-lieutenant), general level (second lieutenant, captain-lieutenant, lieutenant colonel), senior general level (prefect, tribune, legate), and commander-in-chief level (admiral, marshal, grand marshal).

Among the three lower levels of the soldier level, lieutenant level, and general level, they did not need to be reviewed. As long as one had enough battle credits, one could apply for a title.

However, to advance from soldier to lieutenant required experience. To advance from lieutenant to general, one needed experience in leading troops. When a general became a senior general, all aspects would be weighed!

In encampment No.3, quite a several people had reached the rank of lieutenant colonel, but there were only ten senior generals who could lead troops independently and dominate an area.

“10000 battle credits can be exchanged for 1 achievement point.” Wang Ye saw it in the exchange window.

There was also a notification above, which read “one-way exchange”.

In other words, achievement points could not be exchanged for battle credits.

“If I can participate in war, with my current strength, it won’t be difficult for me to obtain 10000 battle credits.” Wang Ye now knew a lot about the military camp.

Those who participated in battles or missions would receive battle credits, which would be calculated uniformly based on the difficulty and danger of the mission.

Take a battle, for instance, the battle credits were divided into three types: basic battle credits, additional battle credits, and reward battle credits.

As long as one returned alive, they would be able to obtain basic battle credits, even if they did not kill any enemies.

The additional battle credits were the ones that really determined the total of battle credits obtained, and they were obtained from killing.

For example, in the war against the devil race in the Yongshi Galaxy, killing a cosmic-level demon warrior would give 1 to 10 battle credits, a Dark Energy level would give 100 to 10,000 battle credits, and a Super Star level would give 100,000 to 10,000,000 battle credits.

As long as one wore the badge, the human virtual cosmic would give one the appropriate battle credits based on the devil warriors one killed, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of one’s strength, status, and influence on the battle.

If a few killed one target, the battle credits would be split between them. If one assisted in killing, one would receive a portion of the battle credits.

“1000 battle credits will allow one to be promoted to centurion. 1 million battle credits to second lieutenant…”

Wang Ye didn’t count on it.

It was not difficult for him to obtain battle credits, but the additional requirements were not so simple.

For example, the promotion from a decurion to a centurion involved the transition from a soldier to a lieutenant. The large increase in the number of soldiers one led required a certain amount of experience and the number of times one had participated in battles.

His qualifications were simply not enough.

From the lieutenant level to the general level, one needed experience in commanding troops. Basically, one had to rely on being a troop-leading centurion to work up the ladder before one would qualify.

If he stayed in the Xu Wolf Guard, he could at most be a sub-lieutenant.

There was no hope of being promoted to the general level.

That being said, he didn’t plan on staying in the military camp for long, nor did he want to become a senior general who commanded soldiers or a grand marshal who roamed the galaxy.

Achievement points were his true goal!

To buy Blue Planet, the achievement points needed were… 10000 points!

“In terms of battle credits, that’s 100 million battle credits.” Wang Ye sighed.

It was a near-impossible mission.

too million battle credits!

He could already get a lieutenant colonel title with that, which was the highest position below the senior general level.

General Xu was only a lieutenant colonel before the battle at the Yongshi Galaxy.

“I’ll accumulate as many battle credits as I can. I’ll think of other ways when the time comes.” Wang Ye wasn’t greedy. On this trip to the Ancient Battlefield Milky Way, he just needed to achieve ten percent of his goal.

10,000,000 battle credits!

Then, he would smoothly enter the depths of the Milky Way, get the treasure, or find the guidance of Xia Yu.

That was enough.

Wang Ye wasn’t very interested in the treasures in the battle credit vault.

What was so rare about something that could be bought with money?

He refused to buy them with battle credits.

Of course, for most soldiers, exchanging for cultivation techniques, treasures, or money was the best use of battle credits.

If they got achievement points… What was the use?

Saving battle credits and not turning them into combat strength or cultivation techniques to increase one’s strength was the stupidest thing to do.

If one died, one would have nowhere to regret it!

Wang Ye then took a stroll around the small world of the Human Race’s War Military Camp.

There were many places for cultivation and combat simulation, but there were no entertainment activities, and there was no entrance to the Myriad Races Brothel.

Bad review.

To him who had the identity of a cosmic citizen, it was completely unattractive.

Of course, he was referring to the cultivation conditions.

Whether it was in the Primordial Star, Martial Extreme Dojo, the Ability Tower of Babel, or Main Virtual World N0.1, the efficiency of cultivation there was much higher than staying here.

“My holographic helmet is still in Sun Harmony. I’ll ask Brother Li to send it over.” In the military camp, Wang Ye planned to practice his ability spells and saber techniques, including saber intent, space perception, and so on.

Entering the human virtual cosmic could allow him to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

After leaving the Battle Credit Office, Wang Ye sent a message to Li Gangzheng.

After joining the military camp, one could not leave the encampment at will.



Night fell.

Time flew as Wang Ye cultivated.

Soon, it was time for Sister Hong to meet him.

Wang Ye sighed and looked out the window.

The martial arts field was still brightly lit. Every member of the Xu Wolf Guard practiced day and night to improve their strength.

The atmosphere in the camp was very strong. It was too suitable for cultivation.

“Sister Hong…” Wang Ye smiled.

It was such an obvious hint. He was not a fledgling, so he naturally knew.

But it was too fake!

If it weren’t for Brother Tu’s earlier hint, perhaps he would have thought that Sister Hong was unable to endure the thirst, or perhaps she couldn’t resist a fresh and handsome young hunk.

But was that really the case?

The possibility was very small.

This was the military camp, and the other party was a personal guard of General Xu. The responsibilities and tasks assigned to them were often the most crucial.

It was just a weakness test.

Most importantly… Sister Hong’s actions were a little too deliberate!

A real hint was not like this.


However, Sister Hong is indeed a stunner.” Peaches appeared in Wang Ye’s mind and he felt deeply regretful.

If only it was true.

He really wanted to test the abilities of someone who was ten thousand years old!

There would always be a chance though.

Barracks 3.

Jiagu Hongye, who was wearing a red robe, looked at the time. Sensing the movements in each room, she smiled knowingly.

Wang Ye had passed.

Jiagu Hongye rested her chin on her hand and leaned against the bed. Her beautiful eyes looked out of the window, and her red lips curled up.

“General Xu thinks highly of Wang Ye. He seems to want to nurture him as a trusted aide.” Jiagu Hongye smiled. “He’s so young, yet so tactful. He keeps a low profile. In addition, he has such potential and talent in military strategy… Since he can turn a blind eye to beauty, he can naturally resist the temptation of succubi and fox demons in the future. He is indeed a rare talent.”

“That being said…” Jiagu Hongye pouted her red lips. A strange light appeared in her hand, reflecting her beautiful face like a mirror.

She was a little puzzled and felt somewhat disconcerted.

“Am I getting old? Or am I still not pretty enough? Humph.”

It was as if nothing had happened.

There was no awkwardness when they met again, and the two of them did not mention this matter again.

Wang Ye and Jiagu Hongye were still the same. Rather, they got along even better.

Life in the Xu Wolf Guard camp was simple and fulfilling. Other than cultivating, he was still cultivating.

After four cosmic days, Wang Ye successfully broke through to level 4 as a Dark Energy level ability user.

His white realm transformed and the dark energy increased.

The white realm that had advanced by another level was more stable and perfect, and the star core was also refined and strengthened.

The effect and Wang Ye’s control over the Energy Control Spell increased.

His psyche’s ability to sense and absorb dark energy was closer to the high-dimensional level.

He could now grasp Dark Energy-level ability spells even faster!

Wang Ye had a plan for his cultivation.

The Super Body Spell of the strengthening system could only be cultivated after he mastered his saber techniques. Only then would it have a complementary effect.

The Dark Power Spell of the transformation system had overlapping effects with the elemental system, so he would not choose it for the time being.

The control-type Enslavement Spell had little effect on increasing combat strength, so he ruled it out.

The release system’s Illusion Spell!

It was based on the Manifestation Spell. The stronger the willpower, the stronger the power it could unleash. Against enemies whose willpower was not strong enough, it could unleash an unexpected effect.

As a support attack, it worked best when he was with other teammates.

Secluded cultivation!

Wang Ye entered the human virtual cosmic.

In the Ability Tower of Babel, he comprehended the Illusion Spell.

Among the release system’s ability spells, the difficulty of comprehending the Illusion Spell was not small as it was a brand-new branch. The Super Star-level Realm Item Spell and the Illusion Spell were similar, and the combination of the two was even more powerful.

Still, his talent was peerless!

With the breakthrough, his control of dark energy reached a new level.

The Illusion Spell was mainly a combination of the Energy Control Spell, dark energy, and willpower. It was not difficult for the current him.

In three days, the framework of the Illusion Spell had been established.

Five days later, his willpower was merged into it.

Seven days later, the Illusion Spell started to show its effects.

On the tenth day, a whole new world appeared before his eyes.

It was illusory yet real. It was like the white realm constructed by dark energy, filled with dark energy and willpower.

Wang Ye’s eyes flashed as he sighed.

Illusion Spell, beginner stage!

After ten days of continuous consumption, he was mentally exhausted.

Just as he was about to take a nap, he opened his Starry Sky Bracelet, and several messages flooded in.

Wang Ye exclaimed in puzzlement and stood up.

What happened?

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