Chapter 337: Finally Soaring!

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When Zhou Chao rushed to the airport, it was already 12:15, and there was just a 10-minute gap between his arrival and Jiang Li’s landing.

Sitting in the car, he played with Shoufu’s plump body, making Shoufu feel the hardships of cat life and the dangers of being alive!

In less than half an hour, he received a call from Jiang Li.

“Have you arrived? I’m at the airport gate now; I see you, over here!” Zhou Chao spotted Jiang Li from afar, dressed in a sexy dress with long legs striding toward him.

“Did you wait long?” Jiang Li approached and noticed Shoufu lying in the passenger seat.

“No, just got here…” Before Zhou Chao could finish his sentence, Jiang Li walked past him to the front passenger seat and picked up the dozing Shoufu.

Lazily opening its eyes and seeing who was holding it, Shoufu started meowing in greeting.

“Long time no see, Shoufu. Did you miss me?” Jiang Li rubbed Shoufu’s head and held it in her arms.

Hey, another episode of ‘Cats Better Than Humans’!” Zhou Chao sighed and then placed the luggage in the trunk.

“Let’s go, let’s grab some lunch!” Zhou Chao looked at Shoufu’s two feet resting on Jiang Li’s chest, amused by the sight of the chubby cat.

“Brother Chao, are you getting jealous of a fat orange cat again?” Jiang Li got into the car, smiling.

“Impossible! I’m not that petty. It’s just that I haven’t enforced the household rules in a while, and now you’re getting bolder!”

“Hurmp!” Jiang Li’s face flushed, and her small hand nervously rubbed Shoufu.

“Wifey, what would you like to eat?”

“I want to eat the ‘Thirteen Delicacies of Old Jingdu.’ I haven’t had it in a long time, and I’m really craving it,” Jiang Li said, licking her lips seductively.

“Thirteen Delicacies? What’s that, and is it delicious?”

“It’s absolutely delicious! It’s a specialty snack from Old Jingdu that I’ve always loved. The more I talk about it, the more I want it. Brother Chao, can we go get some?”

As she finished speaking, she even playfully acted a bit coquettish.

“Alright, alright, we can go. But please, don’t ever talk like that again; I might not be able to handle it in broad daylight, and I’ll just pounce on you!” Finally, Zhou Chao teasingly rubbed Shoufu, nestled in Jiang Li’s arms.

(I must have really annoyed someone; they’re all ganging up on me. Look at how big my head is now, and I’m still being teased and rubbed. My cat life is so tough!)

Jiang Li shot him a playful look and started playing with Shoufu.

“Anyway, dear, where should we go to eat? I have no idea where to find the ‘Thirteen Delicacies’!” After a while, Zhou Chao finally came back to his senses and realized he had no idea where to go.

“Huguo Temple! There’s a small eatery over there, and you can get the authentic ‘Thirteen Delicacies’ there!”

After approximately half an hour, they arrived at the eatery Jiang Li had mentioned.

Zhou Chao realized that it wasn’t too far from Jiang Li’s house, just a few minutes’ drive.

“Is this the place?” The entrance looked magnificent with a dazzling golden signboard, attracting attention.

“Yes, what’s wrong? I’ve been eating here for years!” Jiang Li said as she carried Shoufu inside, and Zhou Chao quickly followed.

As soon as they entered, Jiang Li began ordering dishes. She ordered more than ten dishes in one go, which surprised Zhou Chao.

“You have quite the knack for ordering!”

“My knack? You already know all about my ’knacks’!” Jiang Li’s words caught him off guard, as if what she said was completely justified!

Soon, a waiter brought over the dishes Jiang Li had ordered. The table was filled with small steamers and plates.

“This is ‘Lu Da Gun,’ and ‘Ai Wo Wo’ is also good. Brother Chao, give it a try!”

Lu Da Gun’?” Zhou Chao had only heard of it but had never seen it. Looking at the ‘Lu Da Gun’ in front of him, he finally understood. It turned out to be a kind of pastry. He had always thought ‘Lu Da Gun’ was made from donkey meat!”

Surprisingly, it was delicious, and the two of them quickly finished eating, ordering a few more dishes and leaving the table about eighty percent full.

“Should we go back to your place or mine?”

“Let’s go to my parents’ place first. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, and I really miss them!”

Zhou Chao nodded and drove towards Jiang Li’s home.

“Wifey, get the pass from the cabinet, so we won’t have to register later!”

Got it!” Jiang Li opened the storage box, searched for a moment, and found the pass, placing it on the windshield.

“I wonder if my parents are home at this hour!”

“They should be home for the weekend. Oh no!”

“What’s wrong? You look worried.”

“I forgot to buy something. Will I get scolded later?”

“Impossible! My parents are not like that!”

Soon, they parked in front of Jiang Li’s house. Looking at the car next to them, Zhou Chao knew that his father-in-law was home. He put Shoufu into the space capsule and followed Jiang Li inside.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back!” Jiang Li shouted as soon as she entered the house.

“Why are you making such a fuss? You’re lucky Zhou Chao has a bad taste to choose you. Otherwise, who knows if you’d even find a husband!” The deep voice of Jiang Youdao echoed through the room.

As Zhou Chao was changing his shoes, he heard his father-in-law’s words and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Dad!” Zhou Chao walked in at this moment.

“Xiao Chao, you’re here too. Come in and have a seat!” Jiang Youdao waved his hand, inviting Zhou Chao to sit first.

Jiang Li watched her dad’s actions, and with a quick movement, she put her hands on her hips, giving off a vibe that said, “If you dare sit, you’ll be sleeping on the sofa,” as she looked at Zhou Chao.

Zhou Chao smiled and, holding Jiang Li’s hand, sat on the sofa.

“Why did you suddenly decide to come back to Jingdu? Is there something going on?”

“Well, in a few days, there will be an International Machine Tool Expo in Jingdu. Coincidentally, one of the companies under me has developed a precision machine tool, and Uncle Ye urged me to attend the expo!”

“Uncle Ye Zhengfeng? He must have a lot of confidence in you to invite you to participate. Tell me about your machine tool!” Jiang Youdao was also surprised. Something that could catch Uncle Ye Zhengfeng’s attention must be extraordinary.

“Hehe, Dad, it’s nothing special, just accidentally created an ultra-precision machine tool. It’s decent, slightly above the world average, and ranks at the top!”

Originally calm, Jiang Youdao’s hands shook involuntarily upon hearing Zhou Chao’s words.

“Ahem, what did you just say? An ultra-precision machine tool, and it’s above the world average? You might have exaggerated your joke a bit!” As the head of assembly, Jiang Youdao knew exactly what that meant and what it implied.

Dad, how could I lie to you? I’ve already arranged for someone to escort the machine tool to Beijing. It should arrive today or tomorrow!” Zhou Chao was also puzzled by his father-in-law’s excitement.

“Really?!” Jiang Youdao didn’t even realize how loud his voice had become.

Zhou Chao nodded silently, responding to Jiang Youdao’s confusion.

“Do you know what this means?” Excitement filled Jiang Youdao’s eyes as he looked at Zhou Chao.

“It means that our rockets can be faster and safer. It means our industry will take a huge leap forward. We can break new ground in many areas. Do you know what this means?” Towards the end, Jiang Youdao grabbed Zhou Chao’s shoulder, his voice filled with excitement.

Zhou Chao remained silent for a moment, then lifted his head and said firmly, “It means that Huaxia will soar once again!”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. We will soar once again! Hahaha.” Jiang Youdao burst into laughter, no longer suppressing his inner thoughts.

After a moment of laughter, Jiang Youdao returned to his usual self, sitting on the sofa and sizing up Zhou Chao. The more he looked, the more gratified he felt.

“Dad-” Jiang Li couldn’t stand the feeling of being ignored any longer and cried out in a wronged tone.

“You go ask Auntie to buy some groceries. Let’s make something delicious for dinner tonight. I’ll have a good chat with Xiao Chao!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Li pouted and, seeing the smile on Zhou Chao’s face, she was so angry that she left. She wished she hadn’t come back and been unjustly treated like this.

Jiang Li let out a soft hum and got up, leaving the room.

“Don’t mind her; she’ll be fine in a bit. Let’s continue our conversation.”

Zhou Chao glanced at Jiang Li heading to the kitchen and resumed talking with Jiang Youdao.

“Have you already perfected the technology, or is it still in the initial stages?”

“It’s already perfected. We’ve produced several units now and are working on setting up a production line, which will help us speed up production.”

“Great, I believe your ultra-precision machine tool will dazzle everyone at the expo. It’ll also show the foreigners that our technology is top-notch!”

“That’s for sure. We’ll definitely make our mark in the world of machine tools!” Zhou Chao expressed his confidence.

Just as the two of them were getting into an enthusiastic conversation, Jiang Li returned with a plate of sliced fruits.

“Dad, Brother Chao, have some fruit snacks!” Zhou Chao was slightly surprised by Jiang Li’s sudden change, but he quickly realized he had overthought it.

Jiang Li held a cream puff and fed it to him. Before he could react, she playfully watched him chew.

“Spicy… Wasabi!” Zhou Chao felt like he had just swallowed a mouthful of chili peppers, and for a moment, he felt a bit overwhelmed.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too much, and Zhou Chao managed to endure it. He turned to see Jiang Li secretly laughing. When she noticed him blushing and staring at her, she couldn’t help but make a funny face.

Quickly, Zhou Chao grabbed a piece of watermelon from the table and took several bites to ease the spiciness.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Chao? Eat slowly, no need to rush, and there’s more!”

At this point, Jiang Li couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into laughter.

“Brother Chao, do you like cream puffs?”

“They’re delicious, really delicious. I’ll buy some for you when we get back so you can have your fill!” Zhou Chao said with a smile, although his mouth still tingled.

Jiang Youdao had finally figured it out; it was just some playful banter between the two.

“Well, I’ll go upstairs and read a book. I won’t disturb you two with your playful flirting!” Saying this, Jiang Youdao stood up and walked upstairs.

Seeing Jiang Youdao go upstairs, Zhou Chao pulled Jiang Li into his arms.

“Tonight, you’re in trouble!”

“Who’s afraid of whom!”

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