Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 445 - Chapter 445: Slaying the White Lotus, Soul Blood Rain Nourishing the entire Blue Planet!

Chapter 445: Slaying the White Lotus, Soul Blood Rain Nourishing the entire Blue Planet!

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Devouring inner demons.

This was the first time he had seen someone play like this.

He was indeed ruthless!

After all, that was his inner demon!

During the process of devouring, although there was no physical pain, what about mental pain?

Did it really not affect his mental state when he ate himself?

“Let’s go… Goddess, no matter what the outcome is after you go back and see the Heavenly Emperor, I don’t want to come to the Blue Planet again!”

“That’s right. Whoever wants to come can come. This Lin Chen is too terrifying. If 1 can’t afford to offend him, I can only hide!”

At this moment, the other two Heavenly Gods beside the Goddess of Wisdom and Lu Jian spoke.

He was scared.

He was terrified!

There was no other existence like Lin Chen in the entire universe!

He could not afford to offend them, but he could hide!

In any case, he would never dare to come to the Blue Planet again.

“Lin Chen!”

At this moment, they heard the angry roar of the White Lotus Venerable…

When he turned around, he saw how miserable it was!

A dignified True God Realm White Lotus Venerable had his lower body cut off by Lin Chen, who had just devoured his inner demon!

Countless drops of blood essence dripped down, turning into soul blood qi.

The next moment, Lin Chen carried the two halves of the White Lotus Venerate and arrived at the dome of the Blue Planet.

“Today, when the entire Blue Planet is independent, Human Emperor Lin Chen killed the lackey of the Divine Hall, True God White Lotus, to sacrifice for the entire Blue Planet! Everyone, prepare to welcome a torrential soul rain!”

Lin Chen’s voice spread throughout the universe. “From now on, if any Divine Hall god dares to approach the Blue Planet again, they will become the soul essence of the various races on the Blue Planet like white lotuses… The Divine Hall owes our races. From now on, they will pay with their blood!”

A True Divinity expert!

He was cut in half and bled on the Blue Planet…

This was a True God!

It was an existence that could resist the explosion of an asteroid or even blow up an asteroid.

The soul essence contained by a true god was comparable to the entire Blue Planet, right?


According to the logic of a whale falling and all living things being born, how many Rank three or even peak stage experts could be watered by this soul essence rain?

At this moment, cheers were heard from all corners of the Blue Planet.

Even the Sea Clan members on the sea surface arrived one after another.

The entire sea level was like dumplings being thrown into a pot…

Even North Sea Demon had appeared.

“The Sea Clan of the Blue Planet is willing to submit to the Human Emperor from now on. We only hope to coexist with the human race and pledge our lives to protect the Blue Planet and the human race!”

North Sea Demon said.

What a powerful Lin Chen!

He was also very pleased…

He had indeed not misjudged this kid.

In the next moment, this ocean living fossil that had lived for countless years transformed into a human for the first time.

His hair was white.

However, Heavenly Court was full of vitality.

He had white hair and a beautiful face!

His words caused countless sea demons to cheer.

In addition, the angels of the various races also knelt down to Lin Chen.

Then, they shouted together, “Congratulations to the Blue Planet and the Human Emperor. We will always be loyal to the Human Emperor!”

They were not the only ones.

On the Immortal Spirit Race’s side, the king, Li Xuanzong, personally led all his subjects to pay their respects.

He also announced, “From today onwards, the Immortal Spirit Race will return to the human race and retain the title of the Immortal Spirits. However, it will be changed to the Immortal Spirit Human Race. From today onwards, the Immortal Spirit Kingdom will maintain the statue of the Human Emperor for eternity!”

Ice Nation, Imperial Court.

The Queen of the Night, Achilles, Ponette, and the elves of the various tribes erected the statue of the Human Emperor in front of the Earth Tree and worshiped it together…

In the next moment, the soul essence rain began to fall.

Not a single drop was wasted.

They all descended on the humans, the Immortal Spirit Race, the Elven Race, the Angel Race, and some of the experts of the Sea Demon Race.

Dragon Spirit Kingdom, Imperial Capital.

The crowd on the street rubbed shoulders…

“Haha, I… 1 am finally rank three!”

“Stop bragging about Third Rank. Look at the people on the streets now. Even a fifteen-year-old child can become a Third Rank. Haha… I’m already at the middle stage of Third Rank. Thank you, Human Sovereign. From now on, I’m your loyalist!”

“Who isn’t loyal to the Human Emperor? This is too awesome! We can finally hold our heads high after killing a True God to sacrifice our flag!”

“What’s the name of the Rank three middle stage? I’m already at the peak of Rank three!”

“Stop bragging about the peak of Rank three. Look at the two or three demigods beside you.”

“I haven’t even said anything yet!”

“Hehe, I’m sorry. The Dragon Protector Army has just retired. Thanks to Human Sovereign’s kindness, 1 was rewarded with a few more drops of True God’s soul essence. Now, I’m at the Semi-Divinity realm! This won’t do. I, Thunder Soul, am born with the lightning bloodline. After advancing this time, 1 plan to seek Human Sovereign’s permission to enter the Lundao Pavilion to study… I, Thunder Soul, want to acknowledge Human Sovereign as my master!” “Alright! Brother Lei, all the best. Let’s set off for Sky Moon City now. 1 think you can enter the Lundao Pavilion and become the disciple of the Human Emperor. In the future, you will add a Thunder God to our human race!”

“Let’s go. We’re going to Sky Moon City now. Do you want to go together?”

“I want to go too!”

Many of the humans who had reached the super half-god realm or even the Semi-Divinity realm after this soul essence rain headed to Sky Moon City together.

What was he going to do?

To make a pilgrimage!

To pay his respects to the Human Emperor!

He would go to the Lundao Pavilion to ask for the true scripture!

At the same time, in the Sea Conqueror Province of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom, the various sects that had gradually taken shape began to respect the Human Emperor as their master. For a moment, the Human Emperor’s disciples and grand-disciples were everywhere…

Even Lin Chen, the Human Emperor, did not know when he had so many disciples!

The first batch of experts who had entered the Lundao Pavilion and learned half a move from it had all become the founders of human sects, and Lin Chen was the founder of all sects!

At this moment, Lin Chen saw that the recognition column of the human race’s luck on the Divine Seal Decree had begun to increase!

It was now 1.8 points, and it was still rising.

Then, it was not only the Imperial Capital of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. There were experts from all over the country who wanted to go to Sky Moon City after advancing.

Even the immortals, elves, and angels soared into the sky!

There was no Divine Hall on the Blue Planet now.

There were no more hostile races.

Everyone can rest assured and fly across the ocean.

He just had to be wary of those demon beasts, demons, and sea monsters.

Lin Chen also specially exiled the Lundao Pavilion to an open area. Then, the Lundao Pavilion was placed at the largest.

It was enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people!

However, this might not be enough.

At this moment, Lin Chen looked at White Lotus, who had already been drained of his blood essence.

“Alright, i’ll send you on your way now, White Lotus!”

Lin Chen grinned.

The White Lotus Venerable had already fainted.

A moment later, he was killed, and his soul left his body.

White Lotus did not beg for mercy or say anything else.

Because he knew very well that he should not have come to the Blue Planet at this time to provoke Lin Chen!

As for Lin Chen…

He would definitely not give his opponents any chance of survival!

White Lotus’s soul was devoured by Lin Chen.

In the next moment, Lin Chen’s voice shook the world. “The Human Race’s God-Investiture Ceremony continues!”

“Next, Liu Mengyao!”

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