Chapter 187: Continue the Investigating

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“I said 1 will help you.” Lu Huai’s frown deepened when he heard her rejection. He was getting more annoyed. “Tell me what happened. 1’11 investigate.” His tone was a little stiff, and it was starting to sound more like an order.

Pei Xin knew that he wanted to help her, but it was hard for her to tell others about this kind of thing easily. “CEO Lu, I appreciate your kindness, but I’ll handle this matter on my own. It’s getting late. You should go back and rest first. The company can’t do without you.”

Her tone was a little distant. Lu Huai looked at her deeply before he turned around and left.

Pei Xin thought that he was leaving the hospital, but she did not expect Lu Huai to return to Ling Lin’s ward.

“CEO Lu.” Ling Jin quickly stood up. Every time he saw Lu Huai, he would feel a little nervous.

Lu Huai nodded slightly to ease the tension, but his tone was still a little stiff. “How is he?”

“He just took another injection that made him groggy, so he’s sleeping it off.” Ling Jin had just finished speaking when Pei Xin entered.

Seeing that Lu Huai had no intention of leaving, Pei Xin was afraid that he would tell her about Ling Lin’s current situation. She quickly said, “Ling Jin, I’ll be fine here. You still have to work tomorrow. You should go back.”

Ling Jin looked at Lu Huai. “I can volunteer to stay here. You and CEO Lu can go back. It’s fine for me to stay here for a few days.”

“You can go back. 1’11 give Pei Xin a break tomorrow.” Lu Huai’s tone was still stiff, but there was no room for doubt.

Pei Xin nodded. “Don’t worry. I can still catch up on sleep tomorrow. You should head back and rest.”

Ling Jin begrudgingly agreed, but before he left, he looked at Lu Huai with a strange expression.

As soon as Ling Jin left, Ling Lin fell into a nightmare. He kept shaking his head, and no one knew what he was saying.

Lu Huai continued to frown, and then he stretched out his hand, which was grabbed by Ling Lin. The moment he touched his hand, the little fellow gradually calmed down and fell asleep again.

“I’m sorry, CEO Lu. He didn’t do it on purpose.” Pei Xin walked over and wanted to pry her son’s hand away.

However, the little guy’s grip was very strong when he slept. Pei Xin did not dare to use force and thought that it would be better to pry his fingers apart one by one.

“Forget it.” Lu Huai took a chair from the side and sat down beside the bed. “Let him sleep. The doctor said he needs rest.”

“But he…” Pei Xin was a little hesitant. She didn’t want to wake the child up, but she didn’t think Lu Huai could sit there forever.

Lu Huai frowned and looked at her. “Keep your voice down. He’s sleeping.”

Pei Xin was speechless.

This was clearly her son’s ward. Why did it seem like he was Ling Lin’s father? He even asked her to keep her voice down!

Pei Xin took a chair and sat opposite him in a fit of pique. She looked at Ling Lin holding his hand tightly and felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Looking at Ling Lin’s even breathing, Pei Xin unknowingly fell asleep.

Lu Huai felt an indescribable warmth surge up in his heart when he saw the two people in front of him asleep. He felt at ease.

When he looked at Pei Xin’s face and inhaled the familiar scent on her body, he felt inexplicably at ease and even had a sense of familiarity.

Lu Huai closed his eyes and recalled the woman who begged for mercy that night. His memory was a little blurry, but the scent the woman had was very similar to Pei Xin.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ling Lin’s eyes which were similar to his. The more he looked, the more the doubt in his heart grew.

Seeing that the little guy was already fast asleep, he gently pulled his fingers away and got up to leave the ward.

“CEO Lu!” Liu Yan had not left. When he saw him come out, he quickly stood up.

“Keep your voice down.” Lu Huai turned around to check if the mother and son had not woken up. He then gently closed the door.

Liu Yan quickly shut his mouth. He finally understood where Pei Xin’s position was in Lu Huai’s heart. Even Ling Lin was highly valued by him.

“Did you manage to find anything from the past? Are there still no results?”

It was odd that Lu Huai suddenly brought up what happened back then. Liu Yan shook his head helplessly. “It’s been too long. Many things were hard to investigate. But didn’t Miss Xu say…”

“Humph.” Lu Huai snorted coldly. “Whatever she says goes. What do I need you for?”

Liu Yan tactfully shut his mouth. Xu Lian was at the scene at that time. It seemed that what she said was not too different from what happened. It was just that she was too dissatisfied and thought that she could threaten Lu Huai with what happened back then.

“I’ll give you a few more days to continue your investigation.” Lu Huai turned back to look at the people in the ward. “Check if Pei Xin was there too..”

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