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Chapter 1877 Blood Cloud, Bloody Smite

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Location- Unknown, Blood Rule Source

The murky mass of filth trembled and contorted, throbbing with an unsettling rhythm. Seeing this the traumatized Elder Anesthesia Dragon yelled in fury, "Stay away from my body you filth."

Utilizing its serpent-shaped blooded fog vessel, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon's spiritual form harnessed the power of the blood rule, forcefully propelling the repulsive mass of filth several miles away from its body. The Elder Anesthesia Dragon was so disgusted by the filth that it was unwilling to use its spiritual sense to push the blob away directly.

Once the blob was at a safe distance from its true form, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon gathered a huge amount of blood rule energy above the filth and invoked the blood rule's blood explosion meaning, aiming to obliterate the filth. However, to its surprise, instead of vaporizing, the filth fragmented into chunks, scattering across the surface of the blood rule source.

As Wyatt witnessed the Elder Anesthesia Dragon gathering blood rule energy sufficient to fill a small sea and preparing to detonate it, he couldn't help but ponder the immense impact the filth had on the Dragon's psyche to compel it to mobilize its entire strength. Despite considering the Dragon's action as potentially excessive, Wyatt opted to remain silent. Was the Dragon overreacting? No, it wasn't. After all, nobody could remain unaffected upon learning that they had been sleeping in such disgusting filth for who knows how long.

Observing the filth raining down on the surface of the blood rule source, instead of being vaporized as expected, Wyatt realized that the Dragon's reaction was not overkill but rather insufficient. It became evident that the blob of filth was not to be underestimated, as it seemed resilient to even the formidable power of a Ruler Class Elder Anesthesia Dragon.

Still, Wyatt sighed in relief, knowing that the Elder Anesthesia Dragon had the foresight to push the filth far away before attempting to detonate it. Otherwise, all of them—the Dragon's true body, its vessel, Wyatt, and the sleeping rule slaves—would have been covered in chunks of filth. Since it was not clear what the filth was capable of, the Dragon's judgment to keep them far from all beings was praiseworthy.

However, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon and Wyatt were still not out of danger, as the chunks of filth scattered across the surface of the blood rule source began to wriggle and crawl towards one another, almost as if they possessed a consciousness of their own. Seemingly intent on reuniting to reform into a single blob of filth.

"Blood Cloud," the Elder Anesthesia Dragon cried out, dividing its blood fog vessel into two. One portion continued to serve as the vessel for its spiritual body, while the other transformed into a sanguine-colored cloud, streaking towards the area of the blood rule source where the chunks of filth were scattered. Upon reaching its destination, the Blood Cloud expanded rapidly until it enveloped the entire affected area. Then, it began to crackle ominously, resembling a dark cloud before a storm.

As thunderous sounds echoed through the air following scarlet flashes illuminated the enormous blood cloud and cast an eerie glow. The chunks of filth began to crawl and rejoin at an accelerated pace as if they could sense the impending threat looming above them.

"Let's see you survive this, Bloody Smite," the Elder Anesthesia Dragon muttered to itself before commanding the blood cloud to unleash its fury upon the scattered filth. In response, a wide-

spread pillar of sanguine lightning with a scarlet glow enveloped the entire affected area, leaving no piece of filth spared.

Gazing at the blinding expansive sanguine pillar of lightning, Wyatt marveled at its sheer magnitude, spanning almost a few hundred miles in radius. Moreover, the pillar of lightning persisted for a full ten minutes, during which the Elder Anesthesia Dragon showed no sign of exhaustion or replenishing its energy. Deep down in his mind, Wyatt couldn't shake the feeling that this display of power was far from the true limit of the Elder Anesthesia Dragon.

'Ruler Class beings are indeed terrifying,' Wyatt noted to himself, fully aware that even his most powerful form, the '12 Blood Curse Incarnation Form,' would not have survived the blood rule explosion from earlier, let alone the bloody smite. If it weren't for his calamity soul gem granting partial immortality through its pseudo-calamity soul, Wyatt wouldn't even entertain such reckless thoughts.

When the lightning pillar cleared, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon was surprised to find the pieces of the filth were still present and had not vaporized as it hoped. However, unlike the last time when the scattered filth immediately recovered from the explosion and tried to rejoin, the pieces of filth remained unresponsive.

"Nazaka, are they vanquished?" the Elder Anesthesia Dragon inquired of Wyatt, its senses unable to ascertain the status of the filth. This was one of the reasons why it treated the filth with such seriousness and also why it had ceased the bloody smite attack to assess the situation. Otherwise, it would have continued the attack until either it or the filth succumbed to exhaustion.

"No, Your Highness, they are in a state akin to unconsciousness. They should recover soon," Wyatt replied after checking the status of the filth with his soul pupils. He reported back to the Elder Anesthesia Dragon, expressing awe at the filth's tenacity.

"Nazaka, can your special ability discern the weakness of that filth?" the Elder Anesthesia Dragon inquired. Its senses were failing when it came to the filth, so it had to rely on Wyatt's unique eye ability to devise a way to vanquish it.

"Your Highness, I—" Wyatt hesitated, debating whether to reveal the truth about the filth to the Elder Anesthesia Dragon, unsure if it was ready to hear it.

Observing Wyatt's hesitation, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon frowned but then nodded in understanding the reason behind his hesitation. Then it reassured Wyatt, saying, "Nazaka, speak what you see. You don't have to hide any information to spare my feelings."

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