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Chapter 2574 - Chapter 2574: The World Of Geniuses

Chapter 2574: The World Of Geniuses

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Striped Dragon Two was dumbfounded. “Wait, what happened when I was distracted just now?”

Did the timeline change or jump without my knowledge?

Just a while ago, Striped Dragon Two was still telling Song Shuhang that if he could get the information of the creator of the demon god pillar cultivation technique and the idea of creating it, it could help Song Shuhang improve the Demon God Pillar Cultivation Technique and make it a version that Song Shuhang could learn.

How could Song Shuhang suddenly take out a modified version of the Demon God Pillar Technique, the Overlord God Pillar while he was distracted?

How had it been simplified to such an extent?

Striped Dragon Two checked the time… It had not transmigrated!

It stared at Song Shuhang in dumbfounded silence while pondering the cause and effect of the matter. How did the secret technique of the Overlord God Pillar suddenly appear?

“I’ll learn it first. If the effect of the Overlord God Pillar is good and it’s easy to learn, 1 can teach it to the others,” Song Shuhang said happily. Unfortunately, Song Four’s expression remained neutral and failed to convey his joy.

If the effect of the Overlord God Pillar could reach the expected level, then there was no doubt that the cultivation technique would become the heirloom of his Tyrannical Song lineage!

This was a divine ability that could allow one to directly use it at the Immortal level.

Together with Senior White Two’s Telekinesis technique, True Heavenly Roc’s Escape Technique, and the four body-tempering divine techniques, the embryonic form of the legacy of Tyrannical Songs lineage was formed!

He ran fast when he was scared, had a strong physique when he was fighting, had no spells but the omnipotent Telekinesis, and when necessary, the all-purpose Overlord God Pillar could attack, defend, and heal.

In addition, Song Shuhang was born with the Inner World, which was a mobile small world that served as the sect’s base.

‘It shouldn’t be a problem for my Tyrannical Song lineage to establish a sect.’ Song Shuhang thought to himself.

“You want to learn the secret technique of the Overlord God Pillar here, now? Why don’t you find the formation core first and match it with the formation patterns under this sand crystal world?” the White Dragon reminded.

Don’t forget the main mission!

“Sister White Dragon, don’t panic. The process of matching the array patterns under the sand crystal world is already in progress. I just need to stand here and not move,” Song Shuhang explained with a smile.

The entire matching process was fully automated under the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld. He only needed to stand still like a salted fish and wait for the array patterns to adapt to him and complete synchronization with him.

“So, while I’m still adapting, I can try out the cultivation process of the Overlord God Pillar No.l first. Moreover, I have a feeling that if I can grasp the cultivation method of the Overlord God Pillar, it will be helpful for my next plan. Perhaps, at a crucial moment, I can use the Overlord God Pillar to replace all the demon god pillars that the Limitless Demon Sect needs in their plan,” Song Shuhang explained.

The White Dragon was speechless.

The authority of the ruler of the Netherworld really allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

“Oh right, Senior Chu, you should perk up a little,” Song Shuhang said.

Pavilion Master Chu was stunned.

“l want to wear a piece of equipment that will help me learn.” Song Shuhang controlled Song Four and stretched out his hand to open the Inner World while taking out a wisdom crown made of thorns.

This was a magic tool that was compatible with the Endurance Throne of Pain. It used the power of pain to bring wisdom.

After wearing this Crown of Thorns, while suffering, it could enhance the wearer’s learning ability, whether it was learning ancient languages or learning spells.

Song Shuhang raised the crown and stuck it on Song Four’s bald head.

After putting it on, Song Shuhang felt as if his head had turned cold, and he had become much more clear-headed. In fact, this was just the feeling of the ice-cold crown of thorns stuck on Song Four’s bald head.

In addition, he had all sorts of big boss pendants on him, and all of them had the effect of strengthening the Dao Comprehension Stone. More importantly, he now had the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld Realm, so he could do whatever he wanted in the Netherworld Realm.

With all kinds of special effects, Song Shuhangs learning ability had reached its peak today!

He solemnly opened the learning method of Overlord God Pillar No, 1 and browsed through it from beginning to end. He began to analyze its spell principles in his mind, construct the spell structure, calculate the spiritual power consumption of casting the spell, and the amount of spiritual awareness required to cooperate.

This kind of straight-A student state that he could understand and learn at a glance was unforgettable.

After the simplified version of the Tyrannical Divine Pillar No. 1, Song Shuhang quickly understood and grasped it.

Under the guidance of the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld, Song Shuhangs potential was completely developed.

He closed his eyes and began to simulate the casting process of the Overlord God Pillar No. 1 in his mind, repeating it several times.

“Success!” Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

Pavilion Master Chu was dumbfounded.

“Theoretically, I should have mastered it!” Song Shuhang nodded.

After saying that, he stretched out his hand and began to simulate the casting process of the ” No. 1 Overlord Pillar ” in his mind, trying to condense it in reality.

The spell model was successfully constructed, and the prototype of the Overlord God Pillar began to condense.

Everything went smoothly.

Striped Dragon Two, who was behind Song Shuhang, stared at the process of Song Shuhangs execution and evaluated the improved pillar.

“It’s at least an improvement on the level of a ruler of the Netherworld. Although the improvement of the entire Demon God Pillar is rather crude, there’s still room for modification and improvement.”

It felt like some hard-working ruler of the Netherworld had worked overtime to improve the Demon God Pillars cultivation technique for Song Shuhang.

“Come out! Overlord God Pillar No. 1!” Song Shuhang lightly shouted and increased his aura. When he first cast the technique, shouting the name of the technique would help to increase the effect of the technique.

In the next moment, a pitch-black pillar appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

This was the most basic, attribute-less Overlord God Pillar. However, because Song Four was the representative of the ruler of the Netherworld, the originally colorless and odorless Overlord God Pillar was dyed black. The White Dragon was a little surprised. “You succeeded in one try?”

“Song Shuhangs talent is unexpectedly outstanding when practicing simplified magical techniques.” Pavilion Master Chu’s hair swayed slightly.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet added, “In addition… I suspect that Song Shuhang is using the ‘Tyrant God Pillar’ as the Tyrannical Saber Technique. After imagining the pillar as a saber, his inexplicable saber talent will be activated.” For example, the integration of the stele and saber.

While they were talking, the Overlord God Pillar in front of Song Shuhang finally took shape.

It suddenly collapsed.

The outer cylindrical shell shattered and revealed a Ghost Head Blade that was more than ten meters tall.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Striped Dragon Two was speechless..

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