Debauchery of a Soul-Eating Wraith

Chapter 36: Herbert- You Bastard! {R-18}

Chapter 36: Herbert- You Bastard! {R-18}

Yvette just stood there as Daria let herself fall into the haze of lust. The Witch put out her tongue and started her fellatio by licking around Evian's large organ while he stood proudly, enjoying the sensation that was only going to get stronger.

Sure enough, licking graduated into sucking. Daria took the large head of the organ into her mouth and sucked while simultaneously teasing its small opening with her tongue, teasing and tickling Evian to get him close to releasing that fluid she was very eager to swallow.

The pleasure she was feeling, the satisfaction that came with the act she was currently performing wasn't new to the Witch but it wasn't any less intense. While one hand grabbed Evian's cock as she sucked, the other wandered downward toward her lower lips which were getting moist with arousal.

Evian placed a hand on Daria's head and let out a moan as he inched his member forward and fed even more of his length into her mouth.

Yvette, standing mere feet away, was unable to look away from the sight in front of her. She raised a shaky hand and touched her lips with eyes almost misty with nostalgia.

'When last did these lips wrap around a cock?' she thought sadly.

'When last did I feel a hand on my head, caressing me? Oh, Herbert- You bastard!'

As he enjoyed the feeling of Daria's lips around him, Evian half expected Yvette to turn around and leave the room and even Daria's home entirely. He was sure she wouldn't even have problems with the locked door.

Despite how empty Daria's compound had been upon his arrival, Evian was sure Lady Yvette had not come to the Stygian Territory all on her own. With a single call, she could have her Guard Entourage come over with a Carriage to take her back home, and yet- she just stood there with her eyes transfixed on the scene before her.


Evian was pulled out of his wandering thoughts when one of Daria's hands grabbed and cradled his hefty balls as she took even more of his organ into her mouth and down her throat.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

As pushed far back as Evian's member was in the Witch's throat, she still found enough room to move her tongue around and make lewd slobbering noises.

Evian groaned and tightened his hand inside the locks of her hair with a small chuckle.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were putting on a show," he said.

With her mouth full, Daria was unable to give a vocal answer but she did roll her eyes to look up at Evian cheekily. The longer she sucked Evian off in front of a spectator, the bolder and more comfortable Daria became with Exhibitionism to the point where she was being very particular to perform in the eyes of Lady Yvette.

Noticing this, Evian let out a chuckle.

"Oh oh," he said, "I stand corrected."

Meanwhile, with every action she was, with the visible pulsations of Evian's large bulge in Daria's mouth and throat, the more 'excited' Yvette became.

On the surface, it appeared she had a choice to look away but in actuality, she was hooked.

Her hands began to move by involuntary prompts.

One went up to grab and squeeze one of her massive scantily covered breasts while the other reached down to press against her pelvis in a futile attempt to quell the tingling and itching she was getting.


As her slobbering over Evian's cock got louder and more aggressive, Daria's cradling of Evian's balls also hiked up in feel but as they neared the quarter of an hour mark, Evian grew weary and pulled back until his cock left Daria's mouth much to the Witch's disappointment.

The disappointment only lasted a minute though as Evian pulled her to her feet, grabbed one of her breasts, and sucked her erect nipple into his mouth.


Daria threw her head back as pleasure wracked through her and concentrated on her sopping center. She grabbed Evian's head and pulled him close his lips harder against her while she clamped her inner thighs together in a bid to scratch the itch of arousal.

Evian reached down and under Daria's bundled gown to lightly stroke her wet thighs before he urged them apart so his fingers could truly touch her moist nether regions and begin a teasing that would herald an intense climax.

Only two strokes and Daria got the message. Even as her mouth kept leaking out moans of pleasure in reckless abandon, she spread her legs and let Evian in.

Evian's teasing started from the labia and then his fingers pushed past those tight and plump pussy lips to start teasing the tight opening while his palm ground into her clit.

He took his lips off her breasts, straightened up to his full height of 1.9 meters, and pulled the Witch tight against his body.

Evian's actions with his fingers were covered by Daria's gown but the movement was clear enough to catch the eyes of an attentively watching Yvette whose breast squeezing was getting harder by the second.

The lady of the Larnak Estate bit her lower lip and released one of her breasts from the hold of her gown to truly dig her fingers into her own ample flesh.

Evian took his hand away from Daria's pussy only so he could take away the last of her clothing barrier by pushing down the bundled gown around her waist.

As her gown fell to the ground in a heap, Daria regained enough clarity to pull away from Evian and start taking off the upper part of his clothes. Revealing his impressive physique to her eyes and her touch.


With a sultry lick of her lips, Daria pulled and pulled at Evian's clothes until he took his hands off her body to allow himself to be stripped completely naked.

With a smile and a twinkle in the cold grey eyes, Evian turned Daria around so her back was pressed against his chest while he positioned them to be fully facing Yvette's fluttering eyes.

Daria moved herself slightly to the side and grabbed Evian's hard cock to stroke it in an obvious tease for an aroused Yvette.


With a drawn-out moan, Yvette freed her second breast and grabbed it with her second hand which she took off her pelvis as she fully leaned into the tingling arousal her body was going through.

Her eyes were focused on the show in front of her and what a show it was!

Evian grabbed Daria's breasts and squeezed and as he did, he had his eyes on Yvette and smiled when he saw she was mirroring him.

When he squeezed, she squeezed...

When he grabbed Daria's nipples and pinched them, Yvette did the same to herself while continuously finding it hard to stop herself from moaning.

Daria's eyes were closed as she arched her back and rested her head against Evian's chest even as her wrist movement sped up. She was very diligent with her strokes. Aiming to achieve what she had failed to achieve earlier with her mouth.

"Mmmm- Oh yes! You're... Mnghhh... Close... I- I can -Nghhh- tell- Ahn-"

Incoherent words flowed from her lips as she closed her eyes shit and fantasized about the moment Evian's seeds would come shooting out of his cock. Preferably on her stroking hand.

Alas, just like with her fellatio, Evian did not give her the satisfaction.

With ease, he picked her up, secured his hands in the nooks at the back of Daria's knees, and lifted her until she was above his hard and raging member that was almost standing vertically with veins of virility so very potent across its impressive length and stunning girth.

When she was lowered and the head of Evian's cock pushed apart her plump pussy lips to slip into her insides, Daria arched and pushed against Evian's hold to descend even faster and take the entire length.

'She took it all!' Yvette thought with wide eyes focused on the very region where Evian and Daria were joined.

The Mature Lady of the Larnak Estate was no prude. She had had sex enough times herself throughout her considerably lengthy lifespan. However, having been ever faithful to her husband, she had never been treated to the sight of a member as big as the one before her. Much less seen any lady take it in.

She watched and noticed as Daria's pussy stretched around the girth to take it in and could practically see the grip as Daria refused to let go even as Evian prepared to start the thrusting process.

Yvette lost herself in thought for a minute but was quickly called back by a series of sounds that also caused a spike in her already intense arousal.





With every thrust, Daria's breasts flopped up and down with a mesmerizing rhythm.

Yvette looked from Evian's large cock going in and out of Daria's sopping wet pussy, to Daria's expression of unbridled lust and finally stopped on Evian's face.

Evian winked at her and Yvette's knees shook...

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