Delicate Beauty Becomes the Beloved of Four Brothers After Her Rebirth!

Delicate Beauty Becomes the Beloved of Four Brothers After Her Rebirth!

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Bai Xianyu was a famous beauty known for her delicate and beautiful appearance, captivating everyone with her heavenly charm. Xie Xingyun, on the other hand, was the legitimate son of the Marquis who gained fame at a young age, earning a reputation throughout the capital. In her past life, Bai Xianyu’s biggest regret was persistently pursuing marriage with Xie Xingyun. But even after they got married, he remained cold and indifferent, never truly loving her. Until one day, both were reborn back to the time when their marriage was being discussed. The elder brother of a young general held a long spear and declared, “If he wants to marry you, he must get through me!” The second son of a wealthy family said arrogantly, “Apart from being poor, what does this guy have that can compare to me, your second brother?” The powerful third brother sneered, “My delicate sister must have been deceived by you, you scoundrel!” The fourth brother, a newly appointed top scholar, looked dashing as he said, “What’s the point of marrying? Brother will study hard to support you…” Bai Xianyu was taken aback and regained her senses, saying, “Alright… I won’t marry.” Everyone rejoiced at her decision. Xie Xingyun stood silently outside the door, gazing down at her smiling face from a high vantage point. News spread quickly in the capital that Bai Xianyu had given up on marrying the legitimate son of the Marquis, causing numerous suitors from prestigious families to rush to the general’s residence. They saw her ignore their advances and talk happily about marriage with others. Xie Xingyun, who was always cold and noble, climbed over the wall of the general’s residence in the middle of the night after getting drunk. “… You said you wouldn’t marry anyone but me,” he said. Bai Xianyu bit her lip and replied, “Lord Marquis, please restrain yourself. These are my chambers.” “I am your husband.”

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