Chapter 248

Well, I also acted on a demon instinct, but to tell the truth, because of my attitude toward life up to now, or rather, because of the many things I’ve done up until now, I think this level of thing could be forgiven with [as expected of Saint-sama].

I was saying that myself, and I feel a little sorry. Everyone outside, please keep your barriers up for now.

“Don’t worry, it’s only going to hurt a little bit, but I’m going to make it look like you’re still alive, leaving only your form information. Now, perish.”


As she dug my crimson claws in, I tried to make only the inside of the body disappear,




Something inside Rose’s hand was repelled by my hand, and Rose, who had escaped from my grasp, was staring at me with a frightened gaze. This is…

“Rose…. Are you mixed up with a spirit?”

Hearing my words, Rose took on a full battle stance. A power different from that of a demon welled up from within her, and her strength started to amplify.

It seems more stable than that of a Chimera…but more than that…it was…bad.


(Abnormal situation confirmed.) (Global-scale harmful elements exceeding the specified values have been confirmed.)

A [voice] echoed inside me like an announcement, and my body moved on its own regardless of my will, crushing half of Rose’s body in an instant.

Rose’s face, which had been stunned by the situation so much, changed to astonishment and then to fright.

My consciousness remained. But when I looked at Rose, the thought of [destroying] started to spread in my mind as if it was slowly eroding.

I hurriedly suppressed my emotions, suppressed the spreading of this feeling that was not [me], and suppressed this incomprehensible [force] with my willpower.

When I tried to suppress the force’s activation, I could not stop the eroding emotion. When this [thought] filled my heart, I would become this [force] itself.

I desperately called out to the [power] inside me.

It was still okay, Rose wasn’t that much of a presence yet. I could handle it. Your power was not yet needed!

Little by little, the [power] in my body was weakening at my appealing. But it did not stop. It was in a delicate balance, but I had a feeling that if I destroyed Rose with this [power] instead of me, there would be no turning back.

I couldn’t even stop my body from moving if I kept both my emotions and [power] in check.

If I continued to swing my raised fist down, I would probably…wipe out the entire Holy Kingdom!


“…That’s enough.”

Rinne caught my arm on the way down.

That [power] didn’t show its usual power…but Rinne’s arm, which accepted and neutralized my true power, was shattered, and sweat was flowing on his forehead.


“It’s all right now… Can you hold back your strength?”


Rinne told me once more to stop… the power that was raging was subdued as soon as I saw Rinne’s face.

But why would Rinne be here? The last time he stopped me, it was by coincidence that he came to join me at the request of Mother, Vio, and the others. But this time it was as if he had come only to stop me.

I took Rinne’s hand, which was on the verge of healing, and licked the wound with my tongue, trying to read his true intentions. Rinne looked at me with a slightly difficult expression on his face as I tried to read his true intentions.

“Yurushia, you should go to Silver Church. I’m sure you can unleash that power in that country.”


What did Rinne find out? What’s in Silver Church? I have so many questions, but when Rinne won’t tell me, he won’t tell me no matter how many times I asked him.

…Oh, well, if Rinne says so.

That power– that was probably the power of a [True Demon Lord].

Unlike the numerous self-proclaimed Demon Lords, this mechanism was the worst destructive mechanism for the world to reset itself.

The moment it fully activates, all demons, spirits, and other things in the world would perish, along with all life, no matter how much of a Hero they were or what strength they possessed.

I have no idea how that came into me, but I certainly have to do something about it…I doubt that the Silver Church could really do anything about it, but if I destroyed the Silver Church and extinguish the Chimera technology, this power would not be triggered.

“If Rinne says so, then I’ll go…but then we’ll all have to go together again.”

As I said this while brushing the dust off my dress, Rinne unusually did not make eye contact with me and let out another short voice.

“I’m not going.”

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