Destined with You

Chapter 25 - Chapter 25: Chapter 30: Consider it as my debt to you

Chapter 25: Chapter 30: Consider it as my debt to you

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“Miss, please return home. If the young master sees you in this state, he won’t be pleased.” There was a hint of disgust in the butler Yao’s stern gaze.

The young girls nowadays are not to be underestimated. They would dare to use any means to catch the young master’s attention.

“Where is he? 1 really have an emergency,” Gu Qingxin looked anxious, apprehending her mom will fall ill out of worry.

“What’s going on?” a cold voice inquired. Beiming Han stood distantly wearing a bathrobe.

Upon hearing the voice, Yao and the others immediately turned around and respectfully bowed, “Young Master.”

“Beiming Han, 1 was looking for you. What happened to Qianqian last night? 1 need to call my mom. I didn’t go home all night, she must be worried,” Gu Qingxin ran over to him as soon as she saw him.

Beiming Han’s face darkened, and the oppressive chill around him intensified. It was only when Gu Qingxin got closer that she realized he wasn’t alone—there were also two unfamiliar men there with him.

Gu Qingxin froze. She was wearing only a bath towel, which was more than half soaked.

Just as she felt helpless, Beiming Han moved forward and swept her into his arms, cutting off the other men’s view of her…

Huangfu Ye and Bai Jingqing blinked hard, shocked. What on earth did they just see?

Good God, when did their lord become this possessive?

Wasn’t the lord unconcerned about women?

Then what was going on with this woman?

Moreover, was this girl a fairy? Her striking beauty was captivating.



Both men audibly swallowed…

Beiming Han’s veins pulsed angrily, and Gu Qingxin felt as though she was being squeezed out of shape…

“Ouch,” she cried out in protest.

Beiming Han glanced at her with a grim expression on his face.

“Get out, Ye Qi!” Beiming Han’s freezing tone could kill.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Huangfu Ye and Bai Jingqing turned tail and ran…


The boss’s face was truly terrifying…

However, risking life and limb to get a close-up of that girl’s face was worth it.

After all, she was the first girl the boss had brought home.

Her image kept flashing through their minds. She was soft and weak, her eyes clear and innocent, like a little rabbit that had accidentally stumbled into a wolf’s den, irresistibly inviting them to tease her.

Upon hearing the two men leaving, Gu Qingxin dared to peek out from Han’s chest, confirming that no one else was there, finally she heaved a sigh of relief. “Beiming Han!”

“Shut up!” Beiming Han scooped her up, his gaze sweeping harshly over the maid led by Butler Yao, “You may leave now, take your wages and get out!”

The butler and the maids were utterly terrified, all of them collapsing to their knees, shivering and unable to utter a word.

Although Beiming Han was known for his eccentric temperament and cold-heartedness, he had never once lost his temper at the servants. More precisely, he had always treated them like they were invisible.

This was definitely the first time.

Without giving them a second glance, Beiming Han carried Gu Qingxin quickly towards the bedroom.

“Beiming Han, I beg you, please consider our incidents of last night as my debt to you. Now, it’s paid back, we’re even! Can you let me call my mom first? If 1 stay out all night, she’ll freak out, and also there’s Qianqian…”

Gu Qingxin’s words choked off as she looked up to meet Beiming Han’s brooding gaze. His eyes were intimidating, like a wolf poised to pounce on its prey, and she was the hunted, at risk of being devoured at any moment..

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