Chapter 139  A different type of greeting

Jia stood with her eyes closed in front of Jayden, waiting for him to start channelling the energy, she had been anticipating Jayden's 'other' ways of doing it for a long time. Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

She didn't have to wait too long, as Jayden slowly pressed his lips against her soft lips. Jia's body trembled as she felt her son's lips on hers, her eyes shot open. She stared at Jayden's face, which was so close that she could feel his warm breath caressing her face.

Jia's first instinct was to pull away from him, but just then she remembered Jayden's words:

" Once I start you shouldn't disturb me or it'll be harmful to both of us, don't think too much about it since it's just for healing you. "

The words Jayden had said earlier rang in her head, she wondered if it was okay for a mother and son to do something this intimate. ' Maybe it isn't that big of a deal, anyway, Jin is only doing this to heal me, I shouldn't disturb him. ' she thought.

After a couple of seconds, Wang Jia felt Yang energy entering her body making her feel hot. She tightly closed her eyes, her fist grasping the corner of Jayden's sleeve. Jayden didn't move, he just kept his lips pressed against hers and sent Yang energy into her body, this time he was sending more energy than he had sent previously.

Wang Jia felt the itch in her body reducing, but the more energy Jayden gave her the more of it she craved, before she knew it her arms were wrapped around his neck, and a joyful expression appeared on her face.

Her rosy cheeks glistened in the sunlight, almost ten minutes passed and none of them moved an inch. Jayden was thinking of pulling away, but just then he felt the movements of Jia's lips, she was gently rubbing her lips over his, as if wanting more.

" Mmmmmmm~  "

Jia was fully immersed in the euphoric experience, that she had long forgotten about her surroundings. Then she instinctively parted her lips, and slowly began to suck Jayden's lips. She was craving for more, she sucked his lips as if sucking a candy.

Wang Jia felt the sweet taste of his lips and without restraint kept licking and sucking his lips, while absorbing the Yang energy. After more than 20 minutes passed, she finally came back to her senses and noticed that she was sucking Jayden's lips. She steps back with a bright red face and looks away.

' He was trying to help and I just had to go ahead and ruin everything, how could I, a Spirit strengthening expert lose control of myself just like that? Will he think I'm weird? ' she thought.

" Are you alright, mom? " Jayden asked, moving forward and giving her a hug.

Jia's heart was beating rapidly, her body felt hot, and she felt grateful that Jayden didn't say anything about what she had done earlier.

" Yes, I'm feeling much better than before, but what kind of technique was that, it was great but is it really okay for you to do something like that with me? " Wang Jia asked, remembering the sensation on his lips.

" I have read about it in a book, it is one of the best ways to channel energy, though there are still many better ways. " Jayden paused and then continued:

"And yes, after all, I love you so much, it's fine if people who love each other do it, don't you love me Mom? " he asked tightening his embrace.

" Of course, I love you more than anyone else, infact you're the only person alive I truly care about. If you say so, then it must be fine. " Wang Jia replied, as her body relaxed into his embrace.

" I even read that it's also used as a form of greetings, but if you don't want to then it's fine. " Jayden said in a low voice, almost a whisper.

"..." Wang Jia pondered his words, she didn't want to disappoint her son anymore nor did she want to see a sad expression on his face.

" Oh? And here I thought you forgot about me since you became a mama's boy. " Anna joked.

" Of course not, how could I forget about my goddess Anna, your voice is like music to my ear, I don't call you often since I don't want to get bored of this music. " Jayden replied in a similar tone.

" Have anyone told you that you're quite a smooth talker? " she said.

" Hey don't change the topic, answer my questions. " He muttered.

" Haa fine, it is a Dimensional stone. " Anna answered.

" What's that? It sounds like something super rare. " Jayden said and remembered he had heard it before.

The disciples that were walking around Jayden were looking at him strangely, they wondered if he had gone mad. But no one interacted with him for fear of getting associated with him.

" Yes, it is something that can't be defined with simple words. Just know that just a small piece of it, around 1 to 2 mm, is enough to create an entire planet much bigger and better than Earth. " Anna said.

Jayden was flabbergasted, he couldn't believe there is such a thing in this world, then he asked: " Are you saying there is a fragment of that stone in Emy's body? Then why do I feel a connection with her? "

" Yes she has the fragment of that stone in her body, and you have that stone in your body as well. " Anna said.

Jayden stopped abruptly, the disciples walking behind bumped into him and fell back, they looked at him in anger and began to shout.

Jayden was not paying them any attention, as he played Anna's words in his mind, then he asked: " Was it because of the orb or did I have that stone in my body from the start? "

Jayden was confused since Anna didn't use the word fragment when she was talking about him, he was wondering if he had more than one fragment in his body.

Anna wanted to change the topic and so she accidentally said something she instantly regretted: " Hey now that you've got yourself a mom, your other mother will be heartbroke- "

Jayden who had just resumed walking again stopped in his tracks, but this time the disciples walking behind him were careful, they dodged and walked to the side while giving smug looks towards him.

" Which other mother are you talking about? " Jayden asked in a bit of a loud voice.

The whole group stopped moving and turned towards him, they all stared at him with confused eyes. Seeing this Jayden just shrugged his shoulder and resumed walking, as if nothing was wrong, but in his mind, he was frantically asking Anna about answers.

Seeing Jayden act so casual, everyone stared at him for a couple of seconds and then continued their journey. But Xiao Rong's gaze was fixed on Jayden, she was observing his every movement. Qiang looked at Xiao and following her line of sight, his eyes landed on Jayden.

Immediately he felt his anger rise and in his mind his resolve to kill Jayden in this subjugation mission became even stronger.

' If Peng can't do it, I'll kill him myself. How dare he look at my wife like that. ' he shouted in his head.


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