Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 453 - Chapter 453: The Senior Hidden in the Dark (1)

Chapter 453: The Senior Hidden in the Dark (1)

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Divine Realm, Drunken Immortal Restaurant District

Huo Ling ‘er slowly walked down from the carriage and saw the stone pit in front of the carriage.

He looked around and his gaze landed on the stone door.


Huo Ling ‘er looked at the man above the stone door and met his gaze. Her jade-like hands were clenched tightly.

On the stone door, Ting Yan held his longbow and aimed it at Huo Ling ‘er. He slowly said to her,

Huo Ling ‘er, where’s my brother?”

As he spoke, an arrow appeared on the longbow, containing endless power.

At this moment, Huo Ling ‘er was surrounded by a group of cultivators.

Whether it was mortals or immortal cultivators, they were not surprised by the liveliness. Everyone loved to watch.

“Look, this seems to be the Li Fire Sect’s Huo Ling ‘er. Above her is the Raindrop Pavilion’s Ting Yan.”

“It seems like enemies are jealous when they meet and are about to fight. It’s said that the Li Fire Sect has found a hot shot.”

“And the Raindrop Pavilion hasn’t been found yet. From the looks of it, they’re probably going to snatch the Li Fire Sect’s hot shot.”

“Yes, yes.”

Huo Ling ‘er looked at the longbow in Ting Yan’s hand as she heard the chattering around her.

It was also because she clenched her hands tightly. Her strength was indeed inferior to Ting Yan’s.

If they fought, she would definitely lose.

However, there was a powerful senior sitting in the carriage.

As she thought about this in her heart, Huo Ling ‘er also slowly transmitted her voice to Ting Yan.

“Ting Yan, let’s settle this later. Today, there’s a powerful senior in my carriage. I advise you to stop.”

Hearing Huo Ling ‘er’s voice transmission, Ting Yan, who was on top of the stone door, also laughed out loud.

“Huo Ling ‘er, when did you become so secretive? You even said that there was a senior in your carriage.”

“You’d better save your breath on this kind of trick to scare children.”

“Cut the crap. Where’s my brother? Otherwise, I won’t show any mercy with the arrow in my hand.”

When the surrounding cultivators heard Ting Yan’s words, they began to discuss.

“What did Huo Ling ‘er say to Ting Yan? What senior? What the hell is she doing?”

“If there really was a senior, would he not come out to suppress the situation at this time?”

“Look, there really are people coming out of the carriage.”

Following this voice, everyone looked towards the Li Fire Sect’s carriage.

On the Li Fire Clan’s carriage, Xiao Changtian and Futian were slowly walking to Huo Ling ‘er’s side.

“Miss Huo Ling ’er!”

After getting off the carriage, Xiao Changda walked toward Huo Ling ‘er.

After all, this was a place where immortal cultivators stayed. He still had to stand beside the big shot.

This was the safest way. Moreover, he had heard it just now.

Those cultivators said that there was another senior on the carriage.

It was likely that a senior of the Li Fire Sect had secretly followed Huo Ling ‘er to protect their Holy Maiden.

With that thought in mind, Xiao Changtian also pulled Futian to Huo Ling ‘er’s side.

This Futian was a little dumb. Why didn’t he know to hug someone’s thigh?

After Xiao Changtian got off the carriage, Huo Ling ‘er said to him respectfully,”


Xiao Changtian heard Huo Ling ‘er’s words and smiled at her,”

“Miss Huo Ling ‘er, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Xiao Changtian knew why Huo Ling ‘er called him senior.

It must be that when the Immortal Da Yang asked for the invitation card from them, he also introduced himself.

Immortal Big Sun loved calligraphy, so it was normal for the people he befriended to love calligraphy.

Huo Ling ‘er knew that his calligraphy was good, so it was normal for her to call him senior.

However, Xiao Changtian was still not used to being called senior by Huo Ling ‘er in front of so many cultivators.

When the surrounding cultivators heard Huo Ling ‘er call Xiao Changtian senior, they also said.

“This is the senior of the Li Fire Sect. He looks so young.”

“But I don’t see any aura on his body. He looks like a mortal.”

“It can’t be. Is there a need for Huo Ling ‘er to do this at a time like this?

Wouldn’t this cause the Li Fire Sect’s reputation to be ruined?”

Futian stood beside Xiao Changtian, even though the cultivators were speaking softly.

However, he still remembered who said what.

Looking at those people, a cold light flashed in Futian’s eyes.

These people actually dared to slander his master. If there was a chance, he would definitely teach them a lesson.

Yan, who was standing on top of the stone door, looked down at Xiao Changtian, who was beside Huo Ling ‘er.

He squinted his eyes. He could sense that there was no aura on Xiao Changtian’s body.

Moreover, looking at his age, it was obvious that he was about the same age as her.

How could such a person be a senior with profound strength in the Li Fire Sect?

Huo Ling ‘er was trying to intimidate him.

“Since I’ll destroy your Li Fire Sect’s reputation today, then I’ll go look for my brother.

With this thought in mind, Ting Yan released the arrow in his hand.

Whoosh! Just like before, the arrow shot towards Huo Ling ‘er and the others.

“Look, Ting Yan has made his move.”

“Looking at the power of these arrows, Ting Yan should have used his full strength. Huo Ling ‘er and the others probably can’t withstand it.”

While the surrounding cultivators were discussing, Huo Ling ‘er was also very angry.

This Ting Yan was so reckless and dared to contradict this senior. Who knew what the consequences would be.

Xiao Changtian looked at the arrow formed by the rain and sighed.

The ability of this immortal cultivator was truly formidable.

When could he be like these cultivators?

Borrowing the power of nature, it could unleash powerful attacks.

He didn’t know how Huo Ling ‘er would react next.

He should be using an awesome spirit skill.

With that thought in mind, Xiao Changtian also looked at Huo Ling ‘er.

Huo Ling ‘er felt Xiao Changtian’s gaze on her, and she was nervous.

What did Senior mean by that gaze?

He would definitely not be able to block Ting Yan’s full-powered arrow.

Moreover, the senior was standing right beside him. If he attacked in front of him, wouldn’t that be showing off his skills in front of an expert?

For a moment, Huo Ling ‘er did not know what to do.

At this moment, the arrow suddenly stopped in mid-air.

He didn’t move forward at all, as if he was frozen there.

“What happened?”

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

Even Ting Yan himself looked at the arrow in the air with an incredulous expression.

At this moment, on Xiao Changtian’s shoulder, the two antennae of the Chaos Ant were swaying slowly.

A silver light flashed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Chaos Ant’s antennae shook once again, and the arrow in the air turned into pieces and scattered.

“How is that possible?”

Seeing his arrow shatter without any warning, Ting Yan exclaimed.

Xiao Changtian looked at the scene in the sky and admired Huo Ling ‘er.

The Li Fire Sect was indeed powerful. The experts hidden in the dark had not appeared at all.

The enemy’s attack was automatically neutralized..

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