Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 13 - 13 Chapter 13: Unexpected Encounter at Jiewei Residence

13 Chapter 13: Unexpected Encounter at Jiewei Residence
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The sun rose, and the early morning in March still carried a bit of a chill. Qiao Xiaomai, with a basket on her back, encountered quite a few people heading towards the town along her journey.

She didn’t take the initiative to greet others, but if someone called out to her, she’d return a smile and then continue on her way with her head lowered.

Most of the people in the village still had kind hearts. Though their gazes at her were a bit peculiar, they wouldn’t intentionally pry into her wounds.

Anping Village was twenty li away from Bailu Town. Walking such a long distance at once left her somewhat breathless.

After taking a break by the roadside, she headed into the town.

Bailu Town was named after Bailu Academy, with a population of more than thirty thousand. Its size could compete with a large county town. It had three long streets running in each direction, and countless small alleys. Shops lined both sides of the streets, full of life and activity.

The town had two restaurants, Jiwei Mansion and Zuixian Building, located at opposite ends of the main road, one east, and one west.

Qiao Xiaomai walked from the east to the west and then back again, feeling indecisive.

She didn’t know much about these two restaurants. Which one should she sell her products to?

In business, you must seek out someone who’s honest and reliable.

While she was vacillating about whether to ask both restaurants, a man walked out of Jiwei Mansion. He had a tall and straight figure, handsome features, healthy honey-colored skin, and a pair of serene black eyes that held a hint of confusion. He approached Qiao Xiaomai and asked, “Miss Qiao, what are you doing here?”

Qiao Xiaomai’s eyes widened slightly, “Brother Tong Third.”

Tong Sanlang made a sound of acknowledgement. His gaze moved over the basket she was carrying and asked, “Are you here to sell something?”

It was not mealtime yet, and given the Qiao family’s situation, they would not have come to Jiwei Mansion just to eat.

Recalling the money-making method that Qiao Xiaomai told him about the day before, the only remaining possibility was that she had something to sell.

Qiao Xiaomai made an affirmative sound. Her peach blossom-like eyes passed over Tong Sanlang’s body. A light smile appeared on her face, and her corner lips held a faint dimple. She seemed extremely charming, “I made some food and want to sell it for some silver. Brother Tong Third, how is Jiwei Mansion?”

“Very good. I occasionally go hunting on the mountain, and the game I catch is always sent to Jiwei Mansion. The shopkeeper’s reputation is quite good. If you’re selling something, I can introduce you.” Tong Sanlang replied.

Hearing this, Qiao Xiaomai’s eyes lit up. She eagerly said, “Yes, yes, thank you, Brother Tong Third.”

Tong Sanlang turned and went into the door of Jiwei Mansion, saying “Come in.”

Qiao Xiaomai hurried to keep up.

Inside Jiwei Mansion, a waiter was wiping the tables and cleaning the floor in preparation for opening. Tong Sanlang greeted the wait staff cheerfully before leading Qiao Xiaomai to the backyard to meet the manager of the Jiwei Mansion.

As they walked, he explained to Qiao Xiaomai, “Jiwei Mansion has over twenty branches in Qi Country. The real owner is a prominent figure in the capital city. The daily affairs are managed by the shopkeeper, so if you ever have any fresh food to sell, you can bring it here.”

Qiao Xiaomai hastily nodded in agreement and thanked him again.

The original owner of the body was merely a village girl who was only aware of grinding away at work and cooking, having a very limited understanding of the world. This information was exactly what she needed at this point.

The manager of Jiwei Mansion was a middle-aged man in his forties. His features were common, his demeanor gentle, and he had a goatee. Dressed in a satin robe with a square hat on his head, he didn’t look like a businessman, but rather a scholar.

“This is Shopkeeper He.” Tong Sanlang introduced Xiaomai, “Shopkeeper He, this is Miss Qiao from our Anping Village. She’s good at cooking. She brought some food today. You can take a look and see how much silver it’s worth.”

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