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Chapter 155 - Chapter 155: Chapter 155: Why Did Tong Sanlang Send You?

Chapter 155: Chapter 155: Why Did Tong Sanlang Send You?

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A menstrual pad is something that can be worn and reused repeatedly. The poor fill it with ashes and herbs, while the rich fill it with silk. Just wash it after use, dry it, and it’s ready for next time.

Since it is used for something so personal, even the poor would make it out of silk.

The ones that Gao Xiaomei now holds out are pink and red, beautifully embroidered with plum blossoms.

However, Qiao Xiaomai pursed her lips, and asked, “What does this…how does this relate to Brother Tong?”

In the modern world, a guy buying sanitary pads for a girl is, well, slightly embarrassing. How did Tong Tiehu come up with this concept?

And to have a girl who is practically a stranger deliver them to her?

Could it be he’s interested in her?

Holy crap!

Various emotions flashed in Qiao Xiaomai’s peach blossom eyes. She clenched her fists, but Gao Xiaomei didn’t seem to notice, explaining, “WelL.this is your first time, Brother Tong thought you wouldn’t have any experience, so he sought me out.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Xiaomai pursed her lips even tighter.

Right, Zhuang Luhe had walked out with a man, and Tong Tiehu didn’t know she had changed her pad. That’s why he asked me to explain this to you.

However, she was not quite satisfied, “Are you saying…he went to you?”

“No, no, no. He went to my brother. I fainted from the pain during my first time, and he was at my house when it happened. Today you also experienced this, so he asked my brother to have me teach you about this stuff.”

“I thought you wouldn’t have any experience, so I brought two menstrual pads for you. Don’t worry, these are unused, I haven’t used them yet.”

With that, Gao Xiaomei held out the pads to Qiao Xiaomai, “Take these, what are you using down there now? You didn’t just stuff some random cloth in there, did you? You know you can’t…”

Qiao Xiaomai twitched the corner of her mouth, interrupting her quickly, “I’m using what my mother sewed for me, thank you.”

This Tong Tiehu, bumping into this situation twice, heh.

“You have some?” Gao Xiaomei was surprised for a moment, then looked at Qiao Xiaomai’s face and didn’t see any discomfort. She gave a light cough, “Do you know what to pay attention to during these days?”

“Yes, I do.” Qiao Xiaomai kept nodding.

“That’s good then, Brother Tong was worried for nothing.”

“Sorry for bothering you with this. I feel a bit embarrassed.” Qiao Xiaomai felt guilty. Gao Xiaomei was undoubtedly well-meaning and their two homes were quite far apart. She must be tired after making this trip.

It was all because of that nosy Tong Tiehu!

“It’s alright, we’re from the same village.” Gao Xiaomei waved her hand and the smile returned to her round face. After discussing the business, she started gossiping, “Xiaomai, what relationship do you and Brother Tong have? I’ve never seen him care for a girl so much.”

When her brother, Gao Xiaoshan, told her about this, she was completely shocked.

In fact, there were no rumors about Qiao Xiaomai and Tong Tiehu in the village. On one hand, Tong Tiehu was there, nobody dared to fabricate stories about him.

On the other hand, the Qiao and Tong family situations were vastly different.

In the countryside, girls come of age at fifteen and are usually engaged around thirteen or fourteen. Even if they aren’t engaged, suitable matches are chosen, and they can be married once they reach age. Qiao Xiaomai inherited Zhuang Luhe’s beauty and was about to turn fifteen, but aside from the Jiang Family proposing marriage once, no other matchmaker had come to her door.

The reason was simple: nobody could take care of Qiao Xiaomai’s family..

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