Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 18 - Chapter 18: Chapter 18 All About Acting

Chapter 18: Chapter 18 All About Acting

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Qiao Xiaomai cursed silently in her heart, then asked again, “How exactly is unfilial behavior defined?”

Sensing the deep resentment in Qiao Xiaomai’s words, Tong Sanlang waved his whip and explained, “It prohibits cursing or reporting grandparents and parents.

“No private wealth is to be held while parents are alive. But since your Qiao family has split, this rule can be ignored.”

“Those who do not dutifully support their grandparents and parents, hide the period of grandparents and parents’ death, or get married, take leave or drink alcohol during mourning, or beat grandparents and parents to death.”

“These are the specific rules, but the only one that might threaten you is neglecting to support. The others, you need not worry about.”

How does one define not dutifully supporting? There is no specific rule. If the Sun family arbitrarily claimed that Qiao Changshun was neglectful and unfilial, then Qiao Changshun would be in big trouble.

Qiao Xiaomai fell silent…

Damn it!

“However, ordinary people wouldn’t want to go to the County Government Office without reason. Sun family probably won’t think of accusing you over this.” added Tong Sanlang.

“Moreover, Sun family hasn’t read “Daqi Law” and probably doesn’t know about this. Daqi has been founded for fifty years and there hasn’t been such a case. So, you can relax.”

“Besides, since your family has split, your property is your own. Even your elders can’t seize it.”

Qiao Xiaomai forced a smile and said, “Thank you, Brother Tong San.”

Tomorrow, she would have to go to the town Bookstore to buy a copy of “Daqi Law” and study it carefully.

She was going to earn a lot of money in the future, enough to make the Sun family go mad.

She had to come up with a good defensive strategy.

Tong Sanlang said no more. It was not appropriate for him to interfere further in someone else’s family matters.


The changes in Qiao Xiaomai left him astonished. After holding back for a while, as they were almost at the village, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “You came up with this plan recently, didn’t you?”

Qiao Xiaomai understood what he meant, and immediately switched to a choked voice, “Yes, I thought of it in the past few days. My father broke his leg and everyone has been upset. 1 originally wanted to give my mother a surprise, so 1 kept it a secret, but then…”

Then Zhuang Luhe ran away.

She reddened her eyes at the right time, “It’s all my fault…”

Tong Sanlang fell completely silent.

Telling Qiao Xiaomai to look for Zhuang Luhe wouldn’t be appropriate. What if the Qiao family no longer liked Zhuang Luhe?

So, he remained silent.

With Tong Sanlang keeping quiet, Qiao Xiaomai also kept her head down and said nothing.

The atmosphere became heavy.

By the time they reached the village entrance, it was almost dark, and from afar, Qiao Xiaomai saw two figures, one tall and one short, waiting at the entrance. They were too far away to see their expressions, but she could imagine their worry and anticipation.

Qiao Xiaomai’s long eyelashes quivered and an unusual feeling swept through her.

Since her mother had passed away when she was ten, no one had waited for her like this.

Lifting her uncontrollable arm, she waved and shouted loudly, “Dad! Dami!”

Hearing her voice, Qiao Changshun hurried over, pulling Qiao Dami with him, limping as they went.

Seeing what was happening, Tong Sanlang whipped his beast faster.

Upon reaching them and realizing that he had brought Qiao Xiaomai back, both Qiao Changshun and Qiao Dami were astonished. However, this was not the time for questions. Qiao Dami softly called out ‘Brother Tong’, while Qiao Changshun thanked Tong Sanlang..

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