Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 22 - Chapter 22: Chapter 22 It’s Great to Be Rich!

Chapter 22: Chapter 22 It’s Great to Be Rich!

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Hearing Qiao Xiaomai’s words, Qiao Changshun rubbed his rough hands, bowing his head in shame.

“You keep the money you earned.”

Qiao Xiaomai nodded, logically picking up her basket and heading towards her room. Along the way, she said, “Dad, Dami and I are going to go to town tomorrow to buy some things.”

“Alright,” Qiao Changshun nodded, having no objections.

He knew to keep his head down and work. Before, housekeeping was managed by Zhuang Liihe, and now it was handed over to Qiao Xiaomai. He had no objections.

Qiao Xiaomai entered her room without lighting the lamp. Using the moonlight shining through the window, she put the silver and copper coins from her basket into her pocket, leaving only a hundred copper coins out.

When they had lived in the thatched hut, Sun Family had come to their home several times to search for money. She had to keep it safe.

She did not enjoy the taste of the Green Bean Cake, so she had not eaten her fill. She gnawed on a piece of bread and after finishing, she climbed into bed and pulled out her flashlight and notebook to start planning her future.

After writing and drawing into the late night, she put her flashlight and notebook back in her pocket and was preparing to sleep when she faintly heard sobbing.

It was Qiao Changshun.

The man who had spent half his life in filial piety was finally unable to bear the dual pressure of his broken leg and his wife’s departure.

Qiao Xiaomai closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She wouldn’t console him. It would be better for him to feel the pain, maybe then he would change.

The following morning she woke early, to have Sweet Potato Porridge with pancakes. After breakfast, she soaked the five pounds of yellow beans she had bought the day before, then she put her basket on her back, took Qiao Dami, and started walking towards the town.

She still received many strange looks along the way, but she ignored them all.

Qiao Dami was young and so they made frequent stops. By the time they reached the town, the sun was high in the sky.

There were quite a few food stalls on the street. The steamed buns were piping hot, the Egg Pancakes were fragrantly delicious, and the oil-drenched fried cakes had a variety of scents that infiltrated her nostrils.

Qiao Xiaomai led Qiao Dami to a bun stall, spending two copper coins to buy four meat-filled Steamed Buns. The meat was pork, but most of the filling was made up of large scallions. The shell was made of white flour and didn’t contain any wheat skin, just like buns in the future world.

Qiao Xiaomai and Qiao Dami nibbled on their buns as they leisurely headed towards the Exotic Flavors Inn.

Qiao Dami quickly finished his two buns, his small mouth smeared with quite a bit of oil. He patted his belly contentedly, “I’m so full.”

He wasn’t full from drinking water.

He wasn’t full from the sharp and dirty taste of wild vegetables and bran, either.

For breakfast, he had eaten delicate Green Bean Cake with Sweet Potato Porridge, and now he enjoyed two oily meat buns. Licking his lips, he looked up at Qiao Xiaomai with a bright smile, “Sister, it’s great to have money!”

Qiao Xiaomai looked at his bright eyes and couldn’t help but laugh as she touched his little belly, “Yes, that’s why we’re working hard to make money. And we can’t tell Grandma that we have money.”

At the mention of the Sun Family, the smile on Qiao Dami’s face disappeared. He nodded his small head firmly, his little face full of determination, “Alright!”

When they arrived at the Exotic Flavors Inn, Shopkeeper He greeted them with a bright smile. The starch had already been dried outside, and whether it was jelly or noodles, the taste was excellent.

He had already sent people to collect sweet potatoes the day before, the entire courtyard was filled with a two months’ worth, all for the Exotic Flavors Inn.

“Here, five taels of silver, take it.” There was no problem with the starch, so paying was a breeze.

Qiao Xiaomai took the money, and thinking about the pork and scallion filled buns she had just eaten, said, “Shopkeeper, the noodles with pork can be used to make steamed buns, it’s really delicious.”

The taste of the scallions was too domineering and lingered in the mouth. The noodle and pork buns were better..

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