Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: Chapter 78: Did You Read Your Books into a Dog’s Stomach?

Chapter 78: Chapter 78: Did You Read Your Books into a Dog’s Stomach?

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“Xiaomai is not stupid, what she did is not wrong at all.” A voice, old yet dignified, rang out, drawing everyone’s attention.

It was Tong Tiehu.

Following him was Tong Sanlang, who was cradling Qiao Dami.

Qiao Dami had described the situation as very serious, so the three of them had rushed over. Tong Tiehu’s breath was somewhat uneven, while Tong Sanlang appeared unaffected.

Taking a deep breath, Tong Tiehu regained his composure, placed his hands behind his back, and walked a few steps toward Sun Junyan.

His stern eyes surveyed Sun Junyan before he coldly asked, “Your whole family has turned up. Is it silver you’re after, or to steal someone’s tofu business?”

Put on the spot, Sun Junyan quickly responded, “Uncle Tong, Junyan wouldn’t dare to.”

“Wouldn’t dare?” Tong Tiehu chuckled coldly. His gaze shifted from Sun Junyan to the crowd, “Tell us what happened.”

Yang Guilan sighed and quickly recounted the events.

She was completely unbiased, accurately laying out what had happened.

With his grim face, Tong Tiehu appeared intimidating. The Sun Family recalled their previous encounter, and as Yang Guilan finished speaking, the sharp gaze from Tiehu forced the insults on the lips of the Sun family back down their throats.

By now, Tong Tiehu was standing at Qiao Xiaomai’s front door. He glanced into the courtyard, then turned to the Sun Family, “You and your daughter broke into a civilian’s home in an attempt to seize their property. There is evidence and witnesses for this grave matter, it’s beyond my control as the village chief.”

“Sanlang, lead Xiaomai’s donkey out and hitch it to the cart.” He then pointed out a few women in the crowd, “Arrest the Sun Family and Qiao Meipan. We’re going to see the county magistrate.”

Upon hearing this, Tong Sanlang, holding Qiao Dami, walked towards Qiao Xiaomai’s house.

The women Tong Tiehu called out stepped forward to apprehend the Sun Family and Qiao Meipan.

The Sun Family and Qiao Meipan started screaming.

The always silent Qiao Qinghe didn’t utter a word but lowered his head, his teeth clenched.

The Qiao brothers were left dumbfounded. Tong Tiehu’s handling of the matter was decidedly straightforward. They instinctively looked to Sun Junyan for guidance.

Sun Junyan frowned, took a few steps forward, and said, “Uncle Tong, the Daqi Laws stipulate that younger generations should not curse or tattle on their grandparents. Otherwise, it’s considered unfilial. You wouldn’t want Xiaomai and my second brother to bear such a reputation, would you?”

Tong Tiehu looked at him without expression, “Report? Who said Changsun and Xiaomai are going to accuse the Sun Family?”

“Dami invited you here, going to see the county magistrate, we need someone to file the lawsuit, no?”

“As the village chief who happened to come across this situation, I am obliged to speak up for Changsun’s family. 1 am the plaintiff. Changsun and Xiaomai don’t need to show up.” Tong Tiehu stared at Sun Junyan, his stern face unyielding.

“You’ve been educated, yet look at your actions. You see money and even lead your family to create trouble at your own brother’s house. Did you feed all your education to the dogs?!”

At this, Sun Junyan could no longer maintain his composure. His face turned beet-red.

Never in his life had he been reprimanded so harshly.

This statement was a great loss to his dignity!

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