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Chapter 2888 - Chapter 2888 Scarlet Territory!

Chapter 2888 Scarlet Territory!
Chi Jue’s eyes flashed with cold malice, filling his long and rather feminine eyes with an evil and calculating glint.

When the King Blood Jackals killed the Spinning Wings White Falcon envoys, they had left one of them alive to deliver the news. No one was more enraged by this than Chi Jue.

Thousands of years had passed since Chi Jue last experienced the Crimson Heaven Falcons being disrespected by another species.

Regardless of the location of the King Blood Jackals’ territory and which faction was protecting them, this action not only disrespected the Spinning Wings White Falcons but also provoked them.

Even if the new faction was unaware of the Crimson Heaven Falcons’ existence, the King Blood Jackals would have undoubtedly informed them about the situation.

The King Blood Jackals had always been weak. They even showed respect to the Spinning Wings White Falcons, much less the Crimson Heaven Falcons.

However, this was a crucial moment for the Crimson Heaven Falcons. The experts could not be distracted for even a moment, or all their efforts would go down the drain.

If successful, this matter would enable all the Crimson Heaven Falcons to transform and reach a completely new level.

At such a moment, the Crimson Heaven Falcons could not discipline this group of clowns, as it could mean a misstep jeopardizing what they had been working toward for tens of thousands of years.

Hence, as livid as Chi Jue was, he still chose to listen to the Elders and forced a lid on his anger.

Bai Yunzong’s words were fully intended to persuade him to take action against the faction behind the King Blood Jackals. This severely irritated Chi Jue.

Ever since Bai Yunzong reached Domain Mountain class, putting them on equal levels, he had started acting with less respect toward him despite him still being weaker. Bai Yunzong no longer feared him like he did in the past.

Chi Jue slapped Bai Yunzong, reminding him of the Crimson Heaven Falcons’ position.

At the same time, he gave Bai Yunzong a sweet date that was actually his blood essence.

Bai Yunzong did not know that the Crimson Heaven Falcons’ blood essence was categorized into different classes. They always gave the lowest class to their dependent species.

Within the Crimson Heaven Falcons, those with inferior bloodlines had to submit to superiors.

Once Bai Yunzong absorbed his blood essence, it would become even easier to control him!

Bai Yunzong had always been fearfully respectful toward Chi Jue. He even addressed Chi Jue as “Lord Chi Jue” when mentioning him to the Elders.

Once a lifeform’s power exceeded a certain level, it was difficult for it not to get to its head. Once Bai Yunzong attained his long-time dream of reaching Domain Mountain class, he became slightly full of himself.

However, this also caused Bai Yunzong to become more reliant on Chi Jue.

Bai Yunzong knew that Chi Jue would easily be able to put an end to him if he wanted to.

Even if he was gone, any other main member of the Spinning Wings White Falcons who had reached the Holy Spirit level would be able to manage the species.

This increased Bai Yunzong’s desire to deepen his relationship with Chi Jue. He wanted to use Chi Jue to slowly gain the Crimson Heaven Falcons’ recognition.

Bai Yunzong had always been working hard for this goal. He was delighted that Chi Jue had given him his blood essence and was definitely going to use it.

Bai Yunzong’s unhappiness was completely erased by the gift of Chi Jue’s blood essence. He received it carefully as though it was a sacred item.

Chi Jue was very happy with Bai Yunzong’s attitude. “Bai Yunzong, when you’re absorbing the blood essence, it will clash with your current bloodline. I will personally help you to tide through the bloodline transformation. Now is not the best time to act. The Spinning Wings White Falcons will stay low and endure alongside the Crimson Heaven Falcons.”

Bai Yunzong thanked Chi Jue for the blood essence while promising, “Lord Chi Jue, don’t worry. We definitely won’t ruin the Crimson Heaven Falcons’ plan! The Spinning Wings White Falcons and I will arrange everything.”

When Bai Yunzong returned to his residence, he began seriously preparing. Once he was in peak condition, he would absorb the Crimson Heaven Falcon bloodline that had been so hard to come by.

From the moment Lin Yuan fused his bloodline with the Bloodian bloodline, no blood servant dared to attack him.

Since arriving at the Scarlet Territory, the Thoughts Letter Paper could be used again. This made it much easier for Lin Yuan to communicate with Fan Lou.

The Bloodian clan that Fan Lou was with was named Andra. The Bloodian clans were named after ancestral kings or queens. The members were all descendants of the respective king or queen.

Andra sounded male. It was likely that this clan descended from a king.

The Bloodians were a matriarchy. Both male and female members were turned female once they became kings or queens. At that time, even male members would change the name of their clan to female names due to the change in their gender.

Due to bloodline level, the bloodlines of king clans were always inferior to those of queen clans.

The Andra clan must have encountered an enormous opportunity in order to develop to this extent.
Lin Yuan responded to the information that Fan Lou had sent him through the Thoughts Letter Paper.

[Lin Yuan]: Fan Lou, you say that members from the Lonely River’s four species have reached the Andra clan and have even spoken to the upper echelon of the Andra clan.

Lin Yuan thought. Those four species work quicker than I expected. This Andra clan sure likes to use external power to attain their goals.

Although there were no Holy Spirit experts among the Four Species Overlords, their leaders had World Emperor/Pinnacle Divine Kingdom power.

Having the bravery to work with these four species meant that the Andra clan had Holy Spirit experts. Otherwise, they would not be able to control the situation!

Fan Lou gave a detailed answer to Lin Yuan’s inquiry.

[Fan Lou]: Master, the branch of the Bloodians I am with is very friendly toward the experts from the Lonely River. Apart from working with the Four Species Overlords, they also contacted other branches of the Bloodians to work with them. This has allowed me to work with even more branches of Bloodians and gain more chances to elevate my position within the Bloodians. It’s a shame that none of these branches are queen clans. These branches want to use a queen clan to open a blood pool and feed their greed. I am a little afraid that this operation will come at the cost of many members of the Four Species Overlords. They are all part of your strength!

There was nothing that Fan Lou was more afraid of than failing after leading the Four Species Overlords in carrying out Lin Yuan’s instructions.

Although they supported him because Lin Yuan had spoken up, it was still due to his suggestion.

The Four Species Overlords would not dare to blame Lin Yuan but could blame Fan Lou.

Fan Lou did not want to be the target of the Four Species Overlords’ resentment. It would definitely not be beneficial for his future development.

If he told Lin Yuan about the situation now, Lin Yuan would definitely make the appropriate arrangements.

The more involved Fan Lou was in the Andra lineage’s operation, the more danger he was in.

The different Bloodian clans often attacked each other over profits, especially during times like this when resources were involved.

Fan Lou did not have strong power. All he could do was put in the work and further his own interests.

However, Fan Lou had been developing for too short of a period of time to have laid out any establishment within the Bloodians. As much as he wanted to further his own interests, there was not much he could do. This made Fan Lou feel helpless.

However, Lin Yuan had allowed him to contact him anytime so he could ask Lin Yuan for his opinion at any time.

Otherwise, Fan Lou would be at a loss.

The experts from the Four Species Overlords appeared courteous to him but actually refused to listen to his orders. If not for the fact that he could contact Lin Yuan and could thus invoke the authority attached to Lin Yuan’s name, the experts would have gone over Fan Lou’s head for many matters and communicated directly with the Andra clan.

When Lin Yuan saw Fan Lou’s message, he was silent for a moment before he replied.

[Lin Yuan]: If working with the Andra clan harms those from the Lonely River, there’s no helping it. But I don’t think those from the Lonely River are being honest. Rather than making use of them, I think the Andra clan will see them as destabilizers and be wary of them. All you need to do is remind them not to step over the line and affect you!

[Lin Yuan]: The Dark Pufferfish are important to the Bloodians. The Bloodians will need to deepen their collaboration with the Dark Pufferfish in order to minimize harm. I’m sure that a queen clan will make contact with you soon! You can use some of the lines you buried in advance and introduce the Bloodian clan I represent to the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

Lin Yuan did not know much about the Bloodian clans. If he interacted with the other Bloodian clans while presenting himself as the leader of a Bloodian clan, it would be easy for others to expose his fabrication.

As such, the best method was to interact with the trusted factions under the Bloodians and use them to introduce him to the Bloodians so they could vouch for him. This would give Lin Yuan the chance to visit the blood pool that was about to open.


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