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Chapter 1260 - Chapter 1260: There’s Nothing to Congratulations About, I’m Just Doing It Normally

Chapter 1260: There’s Nothing to Congratulations About, I’m Just Doing It Normally

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“This male patient’s condition is better than the female patient’s. He already has an advantage. If he can’t even treat this, it’ll be too embarrassing.”

“I feel that there is no suspense in this competition. The Clan Leader’s wife will definitely win…”

Just as everyone was speculating, the staff member slowly stood up and looked at Fuuma Hayabusa with a troubled expression.

Fuuma Hayabusa frowned. “Why didn’t you announce the results?”

The staff member hurriedly scratched his head. “l… I’m a little unsure…”

His words made everyone present even more confused.

If his condition was getting better, he would say it was getting better. If it was getting worse, he would say it was getting worse. What did he mean by not being sure?

Feng Jiansun’s expression turned even uglier. “Tell me the results of your examination.”

The staff member coughed dryly and took two deep breaths. “The results of my examination are…This male patient has already been healed!”

As soon as he said this, the noisy crowd fell into a dead silence again.

Everyone looked at him blankly and did not speak for a long time.

After a long time, someone finally asked, “Did I hear wrongly? What he meant was… healed?”

“How is this possible? How can a patient recover after taking a dose of medicine? Isn’t this too ridiculous?”

“l think there was a mistake in the results of his examination, right? How could there be such miraculous medicine in this world? Can you recover after eating one?”

“Could this guy have been bribed by that Chinese man? Hmph, another traitor has appeared in the family!’

“Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I do not believe it…”

Everyone questioned the results of the examination. It was too unbelievable.

Even if the male patient’s condition was not as serious as the female patient’s, it was impossible for him to recover after taking a dose of medicine.

Even Fuuma Jianwu was skeptical of this result.

In the stadium, no one hoped that Ye Feng would win more than her.

However, this result was indeed a little unbelievable. She was not sure for a moment.

Fuuma Hayabusa subconsciously looked at Ye Feng in the distance. Seeing that he was still indifferent to the situation here, his frown became even deeper.

“Are you sure the patient has recovered?” He stared at the staff member, wanting to get a definite answer.

“l… Why don’t we get someone else to check it out? I also think it’s a little unbelievable.” The staff member spoke hesitantly. Although he was very confident in his medical skills, this result was indeed unacceptable. He even began to doubt himself.

“Let me check.”

At this moment, Chizuru Sugawara suddenly spoke.

When everyone saw her step forward, they naturally had no objections.

Firstly, her medical skills were indeed trustworthy.

Secondly, she was in a competitive relationship with Ye Feng. She would not protect her opponent.

Seeing that no one had any objections, Chizuru Sugawara immediately walked over to the male patient for a checkup.

After a while, she slowly got up and turned around to look at everyone. “This patient has indeed recovered! ”

The moment she said that, it was as if she had thrown a bomb. The entire courtyard exploded.

“Oh my god! He has really recovered? Am I dreaming?”

“Since the Clan Leader’s wife said so, then he must have recovered. 1 believe the Clan Leader’s wife.’

“l also believe that in the entire Fuuma family, no one has more say than the Clan Leader’s wife. Since she said so, there’s no doubt about it.’

“l still can’t accept it. How can he recover? Can a person recover with just one dose of medicine? Isn’t this a little exaggerated?”

“That’s right. I still find it a little unbelievable. How is this possible…”

Rationally, everyone trusted Chizuru Sugawara’s words.

But from a sentimental point of view, they were not willing to accept the fact that Ye Feng could cure someone with just a single dose of medicine.

In fact, even Chizuru Sugawara was shocked by this result, let alone them.

She knew very well that the male patient’s condition was much more complicated than the female patient’s, and the difficulty of treatment was not the same.

And when she treated the female patient, she only recovered 20%.

However, Ye Feng made this male patient recover immediately.

The difference between the two was simply like the difference between heaven and earth!

This immediately dealt a devastating blow to her self-confidence.

Was he still human?

Was this a god?

“Are you done checking?”

At this moment, Ye Fengs butt left the rocking chair and walked over leisurely.

Everyone present looked at him with complicated gazes. Some were suspicious, while others were surprised.

The medical skills displayed by the other party were simply appalling.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed it.

However, they had witnessed the entire treatment process with their own eyes. Moreover, they had obtained the confirmation of the Clan Leader’s wife. No matter how much they did not want to believe it, they could not change the fact.


Fuuma Jianwu could no longer control her emotions. She immediately got up

and ran over, throwing herself into his arms.

Previously, she had intentionally kept a distance from Ye Feng. She did not even dare to call him ‘Master’ in public. She was afraid that her father would dislike him.

But now, she couldn’t care less.

She just wanted to tell everyone that this was her, Fuuma Jianwu’s man.

All the people present added together were not even worthy of carrying his shoes.

Ye Feng also hugged the little girl’s delicate body without any hesitation. “Was Master handsome just now?”

Fuuma Jianwu’s little head nodded non-stop. “Handsome, so handsome.”

Fuuma Hayabusa and the other members of the Fuuma family were furious when they saw the two of them behaving so intimately in public.

After all, the Fuuma family was an old clan that had been passed down for hundreds of years. They were somewhat conservative in their thinking.

A girl actually did such a thing with the opposite sex in public. It was simply immoral.

“Humph!” Fuuma Hayabusa snorted loudly on purpose, wanting his daughter to restrain herself.

However, Fuuma Jianwu was currently immersed in her lover’s embrace and did not react at all.

Chizuru Sugawara saw that her husband was about to fly into a rage again and hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye’s medical skills are unbelievable. I lost this competition.”

When everyone heard her admit defeat, they all had mixed feelings.

Chizuru Sugawara was the Fuuma family’s best doctor, yet she had lost to a young man in his twenties. Moreover, she had lost so thoroughly that there was no way to compare.

This made everyone feel ashamed.

However, no matter how unwilling they were, they could only accept this cruel reality.

Fuuma Hayabusa walked in front of Ye Feng and said coldly, “Congratulations on passing the first round.”

“There’s nothing to congratulate me. I just performed normally.” Ye Feng had a faint smile on his face.

Fuuma Hayabusa was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He didn’t want to waste any more time talking to him, so he said, “Take this time to rest.

We’ll start the second round later.’

Then, he turned around and walked away.

“Ye Feng, congratulations.” After her husband left, Chizuru Sugawara turned around and congratulated Ye Feng.

When facing her, Ye Fengs attitude was a little better. “Thank you..”

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