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Chapter 400 - Chapter 400: I’ll Give You Two Options

Chapter 400: I’ll Give You Two Options

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“What is it?”

Stephanie could not help but ask.

“I want you to help me monitor the Lee Family. If therers any movement on their side, you have to report to me immediately!”

Connor said to Stephanie with a serious expression.

After Stephanie heard Connor s words, she was stunned. She did not expect Connor to actually want her to be a spy and monitor the Lee Family.

“There are only two paths in front of you now. Either you agree to my condition, or you die here.”

Of course, Connor didn’t want to kill Stephanie. He only said this to scare Stephanie.

Stephanie sat on the spot and hesitated for a couple of seconds. Then, she whispered to Connor, “Okay, I promise you. As long as you let me go, I’ll help you monitor the Lee Family, okay?”


Connor smiled and nodded.

Seeing that Connor had agreed to her request, and a hint of excitement flashed across Stephanie’s face. She did not expect Connor to be so gullible. He really believed her when she said that she would help him monitor the Lee Family!

The reason why she agreed to Connor so readily was because she wanted to hurry up and leave this place. Once Stephanie had gotten rid of Connor, he had no say in anything that she did.

“But how do 1 know you won’t lie to me? If 1 let you go, what if you don’t help me monitor the Lee Family?”

But at this moment, Connor asked Stephanie.

Stephanie looked at Connor with a complicated expression on her face.

Because she didn’t expect Connor to be so smart. He had actually guessed her little plan.

“Then… Then what will make you believe me?”

Stephanie hesitated for a moment before biting her lip and asking Connor softly.

“I remember that you gave me two options back at the Phillips Estate. To be fair, I’ll give you two options now…”

Connor looked at Stephanie with a playful expression.

“What options?”

Stephanie asked.

“The first option is very simple. You help me kill Yannick and record the process of killing Yannick. Then, you give me the video. In this way, I will have the evidence of you killing Yannick.”

Connor said to Stephanie with a cold gaze. When he spoke, his tone was extremely cold, scaring Stephanie so much that her delicate body could not help but tremble.

She had never thought that Connor would be so cruel and merciless. He wanted her to kill Yannick!

This matter was not Thomas Morgan s idea but Connor’s own idea. Connor felt that Thomas was right. Those who achieved great things must not be bothered by trifles!

Since he had already made up his mind to deal with the Lee Family and Rockefeller, there was no need to be soft-hearted. Killing Yannick and successfully controlling Stephanie was a good thing for Connor.

Perhaps Thomas himself did not expect that Connor’s growth would be so rapid.

Just last night, Connor was just an ordinary person, but now he had begun to slowly adapt to his new identity!

Connor knew that as the heir of the richest man in the world, if he continued to be timid, he would not be able to deal with Rockefeller at all, nor would he be able to investigate the cause of his parents’ deaths. He would not even be able to protect his beloved woman.

Previously, Connor had never had any ambitions. He felt that his current life was good enough. He was surrounded by beautiful women, and he was rich enough to rival a country. This was already very good for a poor loser.

However, when Thomas said that the cause of his parents’ death was very likely related to Rockefeller, Connor’s thoughts began to change.

Connor felt that he could not live like this by relying on his inheritance. He wanted to use the resources in his hands to do something that he had never dared to think of doing before!

The Lee Family had always been Connor’s biggest enemy. If Connor could control Stephanie and get her to get rid of Yannick, then the Lee Family would never dare to have any intention against Connor.

Stephanie didn’t expect Connor to be so cruel and merciless. He even wanted her to kill Yannick. Looking at Connor’s cold expression, she felt that Connor was completely different from the Connor in the Phillips Estate. It was as if he was a different person.

“What do you think of this option?”

Connor asked Stephanie softly.

“Impossible, I won’t kill Yannick. If 1 really do that, my life will be ruined…”

Stephanie had been with Yannick for so many years. She knew how terrifying he was. She was worried that if she failed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Moreover, Stephanie had never thought of helping Connor monitor the Lee Family from the beginning, so she naturally would not agree to this request.


Connor seemed to have guessed that Stephanie would reject this request, so he smiled playfully.

“What about the second option? What is the other option?”

Seeing that Connor wasn’t saying anything, she hurriedly asked him.

“The second option is also very simple. 1 want you to become my woman and help me bear a child!”

Connor whispered to Stephanie.

“Become your woman? And you want to give birth to a child for you?”

When Stephanie heard Connor’s words, her mouth was wide open, and she could not speak for a moment.

She never thought that Connor would give her a second option that was even worse than the first one. Although Stephanie looked very charming and was usually dressed in a very mature and sexy way, she had never had sex with a man, nor had she ever been in a relationship.

Stephanie knew very well that a woman’s most precious thing was her body. Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, Stephanie would never easily sell her body as a bargaining chip.

“As long as you become my woman and help me give birth to a child, I will let you go. In this case, you don’t have to help me kill Yannick!”

Connor looked at Stephanie coldly..

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