Chapter 2104 Threaten
Chapter 2104  Threaten

This was simply unimaginable in the past!

The Licker’s sudden burst of strength caused the entire Holy Paladin team to be unable to adapt for a moment. They could only passively defend. In fact, they could not hold on any longer. The entire Holy Court team began to slowly retreat!

Not good!

Seeing this, the army commander of the Holy Court, Georgi, frowned and could not help but whisper.

“Fang Heng!”

He had to admit that he was extremely afraid of Fang Heng!

When he first heard about Fang Heng, he did not think much of it. However, every time he met Fang Heng, Fang Heng’s ability would have a huge breakthrough. This kind of terrifying growth ability made him extremely afraid.

Right now, he felt like he had no idea where to start with this group of Lickers.

When did the undead become so terrifying?

Georgi even had a terrifying thought.

If Fang Heng was given a little more time…

He might even threaten the holy realm!

At this moment, most of the teams in the Holy Court were gathered at the front line. It could be said that the remaining combat strength was here.

Behind them were the Holy Court and the last main city left behind by the Brighton Empire.

Its defense was extremely weak.

They absolutely could not let them break through this line of defense!

Georgi raised his knight’s long sword high and shouted, “Follow me and provide support. We must stop them!”


The elite knights of the Holy Court and the priests immediately adjusted their formation.

The holy priests at the back released high-intensity blessing spells, and the elite Holy Paladins at the front accelerated towards the Licker’s position!


The warhorses neighed!


As the Holy Paladins charged forward, the entire team was enveloped by a Holy Light. Like a sharp arrow, it charged straight at the Lickers!


The spear pierced through the Licker’s body, penetrating it completely!

The high critical damage brought by the sprint skill, coupled with the Holy Blessing effect of the elite holy priest team, caused a total of ten times the additional damage!

The Lickers exploded on the spot under the piercing Holy Light!

As the army charged forward, Georgi led the team behind him to catch their breath.

However, what happened next caused the Holy Paladins’ expressions to change slightly.

At the spot where the Licker had fallen, a thick black substance was left behind.

The strange black substance was actually flowing slowly and condensing.

In just a short moment, the Licker had recovered from the black unknown substance!

It was resurrected!

The Licker revived once again and charged at the Holy Paladins with vigor!

What was going on?

Why couldn’t it be killed?

Even though the elite Holy Paladin team had extremely high willpower, they still found it hard to accept such a situation.

This group of Lickers could not be killed at all!

The players from the Holy Court also noticed this terrifying scene.

“Mutation! It’s a mutated Licker!”

Soon, some players shouted.

A portion of the Lickers had been specially modified. They had a layer of black substance on their bodies. Their attack and defense were stronger than normal Lickers.

Even after killing them, they could revive on the spot!

This was the first time they encountered a Licker modified from the original devouring body, and the Holy Court camp did not know how to deal with it.

For a time, the morale of the Holy Court’s camp plummeted.

The players immediately lost their desire to fight.

You strike, I strike, fair and just for all. But now, you’ve become something that can’t be killed…?

What was the point of fighting?

Hurry up and run!

The player team was the first to retreat!

Behind them, on the other side of the swamp, the undead faction players did not know what was happening in front of them. They only saw that the Holy Court faction seemed to have fallen into chaos.

Was it because of those catapults?

In the rear camp, Lord Dani and the others saw the battle situation in front of them through the vision spell and immediately fell silent.

Who would have thought?

In just two short days, the Licker horde’s combat ability had increased greatly.

World Lord Fang Heng could suppress the Holy Court to this extent with his strength.

Fortunately, Fang Heng was on their side.

Everyone couldn’t help but think, if these Licker were enemies, could they stop them?

The scene would probably not be much better than the Holy Court, right?

“It’s time.”

Lord Dani stood up and looked at the various undead faction army commanders and said, “The Holy Court is already in chaos. I believe they will soon find a way to deal with the mutated Licker. Let’s take this opportunity to launch a general attack.”


Everyone nodded in unison and ordered their teams to launch an all-out attack on the Holy Court.

When the undead faction players received the news of the general attack, they immediately began to lay special wooden planks on the swamp and moved toward the other end of the swamp.

Seeing that it was almost time, Fang Heng immediately took action. He transformed into a bat and flew over the swamp. He landed on a big tree and observed the situation below.

The Licker modified by the original devouring body was very useful!

Unfortunately, the modification required a lot of King of Gods’ points. He had only modified 120 of them.

It was these 120 modified original devouring bodies that played a huge role in the battle. They held back the elite team of the Holy Court and destroyed the mentality of the players, buying enough time for the ordinary Lickers behind them!

However, the Holy Court soon realized that the modified form of the original devouring body was weak.

“Purification! There is a problem with them! We need to purify them immediately!”

A high priest shouted.

Only then did everyone react.

After killing the mutated Licker, there would be a black sticky substance left on the ground. Once the sticky substance was cleansed with holy purification spells, the Licker would not be able to revive easily.

However, it wasn’t that easy to achieve this.

Normal purification spells could only purify for a short period and delay the revival of the Licker. Only by using a few high-level purification spells could the sticky substance be completely purified.


Fang Heng sighed inwardly.

The number of modified creatures from the Licker’s original devouring body was still too small, and they were easily targeted.

When he had enough King of Gods’ points, the Holy Court would not have the time to cast purification spells when they encountered thousands of original devouring bodies!

It was time to make a move.

Stop them from purifying the Lickers!

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes and jumped down from the withered tree. He stepped into the secondary space projection and quickly approached the team of priests on the right!

“Who is it?”

The holy priests on the right side of the Holy Court faction were focused on dispelling the black sticky substance left behind by the modified Licker. Suddenly, they sensed a spatial ripple and were shocked.

In the next moment, a figure stepped out of the faint space.


It was Fang Heng!!

The elite priest recognized Fang Heng and his expression changed.


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