Global Lords: Hundredfold Increments Starting With the Undead

Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: Chapter 66, Affiliated Village (Seeking Recommendations,     ). _i

Chapter 66: Chapter 66, Affiliated Village (Seeking Recommendations,     ). _i

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The tens of thousands strong skeleton army had caused quite a bit of panic. Even though Fang Hao had said he wouldn’t attack the village, the anxious pig-headed humans still shut their village gates.

As for Fang Hao, he was sitting in the great hall, watching a few pig-headed humans whispering in the distance.

Upon finding out that Fang Hao’s massive skeleton army had camped outside the village

Petty called several senior members of the tribe, claiming there were important matters to discuss.

They completely ignored Fang Hao and started quietly discussing amongst themselves.

Some of them were arguing so fiercely that their faces turned red.

They looked like freshly cooked pig heads.

Thinking of pig head meat made Fang Hao feel a bit hungry. He wondered what Eira would cook for dinner.

After all, after being busy all day, having a delicious meal was quite a luxury. The pig-headed humans didn’t make Fang Hao wait for long.

After their discussion, Petty came directly to Fang Hao, knelt down, and softly said, “Honorable Lord Fang Hao, we hope to join your rank and become a subordinate village to your territory.”

The other pig-headed humans behind Petty also knelt down, lowering their heads in submission.

The Pigmen Tribe was not strong and was somewhat weak.

Fang Hao’S territory was not far from the Pigmen Village, and with mining plans in the near vicinity, Petty and all the Pigmen began to worry.

On this continent, the only iron law was power. The battles between the Orc Tribes were endless.

Even if Fang Hao currently doesn’t show any hostility, what about in the future? Any small friction, mishandled, gave Fang Hao a reason to destroy them.

By then, given the Pigmen Village’s power, it would only be a massacre. A one-sided, helpless massacre.

Now, Petty only had two choices.

First, migrate, taking all the villagers to find a new foothold and rebuild the village.

Second, yield to Fang Hao, become his subordinate village, and let him have full control over their lives and deaths.

But relocation was not an easy task.

It was very likely that they would be plundered and attacked by other factions while looking for a new place.

Those who died would die, and the captives would be reduced to slaves and sold.

So, after several rounds of discussions, they chose the second option: to submit to Fang Hao.

Seeing Petty kneeling in front of him, Fang Hao realized what the pig-headed humans had been discussing.

“What benefits does your joining bring to me?” Fang Hao counter-asked.

Fang Hao was not really interested in the pig-headed humans.

Skeleton soldiers, who neither eat nor drink, and work tirelessly, were his ideal type of soldiers.

These pig-headed humans were not strong, their appearances did not fit his aesthetic, and having them associated with him would only hold back his development.

Hearing Fang Hao’s words, all of the pig-headed humans felt a bit awkward.

They had been debating the pros and cons of joining Fang Hao, but from their conversation, it seemed that he wasn’t very willing to accept them.

This was a case of their presence being offered up eagerly, yet the other party wasn’t willing to take them in.

“Lord Fang Hao, may I say a few words?” Bolton at the back said softly.


“Lord Fang Hao, your territory is immensely powerful, but mining ores at such a great distance still presents many difficulties; such as storage after mining the ores and interruptions from neighboring forces. These are all problems you’ll face.” Bolton said softly.

Bolton had been to Fang Hao’s territory and knew that the journey was not short.

Based on the distance, he proposed some potential issues that might arise.

Upon hearing his words, Fang Hao was slightly moved. Bolton’s words were not without reason.

“Continue,” Fang Hao commanded.

Bolton continued to say, “The solution is quite simple, Lord Fang Hao. As long as you entrust these problems to us, the storage of ores and the defense and maintenance of the mine can all be resolved.”

Fang Hao didn’t respond, and the others also waited in silence.

The solution Bolton suggested was to make the Pigmen Village the outpost for ore mining. In the future, the mined ores could be stored in the village, and they would be responsible for the maintenance of the mine and the defense against surrounding powers.

Fang Hao couldn’t always focus on the mines since his main interest was in his own territory.

But to be honest, this was a pretty great idea.

Fang Hao looked at everyone and said softly, “Chief Petty, I would like to talk with you privately.”

The female pig-headed human was taken by surprise and quickly said, “Oh, okay.”

The rest left, leaving only Fang Hao and Petty.

“Lord Fang Hao, you may speak now.”

Petty felt a bit awkward at this moment. She and her people were planning to become Fang Hao’s subordinate village, but he didn’t seem to be very interested in welcoming them. This made them feel a sting of rejection.

“Chief Petty, 1 can agree to your joining, and will arrange for troops to protect your village, but I still can’t fully trust you,” Fang Hao said quietly.

Hearing Fang Hao’s words, Petty wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad.

It was clear from his tone that he was reluctant.

“What do you mean?” Petty asked through gritted teeth.

“I need you to sign a Slave Contract with me to ensure you won’t do anything harmful to me,” Fang Hao said straightforwardly.

Hearing this, Petty’s face turned extremely pale.

A Slave Contract was not the same as being a subordinate.

A servant bound by a contract could not disobey any order from their master,

even if it was an order to die. They must obey.

Once this contract was signed, she would be at Fang Hao’s mercy.

This left Petty in a dilemma and she didn’t know what to choose.

■Til give you two minutes to think about it,” Fang Hao said.

■’No need, I will sign the Slave Contract. I also hope that you, my lord, will not

make things difficult for the other villagers,” Petty said directly.

“Well, you can still call me lord from now on. I won’t tell others about the Slave Contract,” he said.

“Thank you, my lord.”

The reason Fang Hao only asked Petty to stay was to allow her to save face.

Being a former chief and becoming a slave to others was not a glorifying thing after all.

[The Pigmen Clan village has voluntarily become your subordinate village. It can be confirmed in the Book of Lords.)

Since Fang Hao was currently using God’s Presence, he couldn’t confirm it in the Book of Lords.

“Alright, you can explain to the villagers. I will visit in person later,” Fang Hao continued.

In person?

Petty was a little confused, she cautiously stole a glance at him then quickly lowered her head.

“Yes, my lord.” Petty responded.

Fang Hao exited and returned to his skeleton army, and dismissed his God’s Presence.

Fang Hao sat up from bed.

Picking up the Book of Lords from the bedside, he checked and indeed, the option to confirm the subordinate village appeared.

He immediately selected confirm.

[The Pigmen Village has become your subordinate village. You can name the village and control all resources of the village.]

Fang Hao didn’t immediately rename the village as he saw no need to do so. But being able to control all resources brought him immense joy. The Book of Lords was connected to their warehouse, allowing him to distribute and use all of the resources stored in the Pigmen Village within his own territory whenever he wished.

Which meant, as long as the iron ore was put into the warehouse, Fang Hao didn’t need to transport it to his territory.

He could process and use it through the Book of Lords.

Similarly, he could use the resources from his territory in the Pigmen Village through the Book of Lords.

This all greatly highlighted the mining importance of the Pigmen Village. [Unlocked New Blueprint: Stable Construction Blueprint..]

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