Blood Refinement Technique

"Let's go!" The leader, Tall Sturdy Fighter, looked over and saw that he was right. He waved his hand and the six of them quickly walked over and surrounded the approaching person.

Nearby players kept their distance when they saw the six of them, then moved to one side to watch the show at a safe distance.

Chen Mo frowned as he looked at the six people blocking his way. They looked aggressive and up to no good. It seemed like they wanted to PK (player-kill) him but they made no move yet.

"You've offended someone you shouldn't have, fucker." Tall Sturdy Fighter stared frostily at Chen Mo.

"Who sent you?" asked Chen Mo. He had his suspicions but this person was like the Richie Rich Club and probably had a little black book of names. He should confirm who it is or he'd waste time killing the wrong person later.

"Don't play dumb! You know who you offended just a few hours ago!" said Tall Sturdy Fighter.

"The lackey of Lofty Clouds Guild? You guys are the lackeys of a lackey?" Chen Mo laughed.

"You wanna die?" Tall Sturdy Fighter's expression hardened. Anyone would be dissatisfied at being called a lower being.

Tall Sturdy Fighter decided then that he was prepared to kill.

Their usual style was to attack directly but Qi Mo wanted Chen Mo to know that they were sent by him. If he just had Chen Mo killed without him knowing what it was for, he would never be satisfied!

It would only satisfy him if his victim knew that his own death was because of him and was powerless to stop it.

He had also done this several times in real life, so he knew this was the only way he could let go of his anger.

However, Tall Sturdy Fighter had yet to make a move when a little priest jumped out of the group of spectators and cast two buffing spells on Chen Mo with a wave of a magic staff.

"That bitch again! Xiao Lin, kill that one! The rest of you, stay with me and kill this guy!" Tall Sturdy Fighter glared furiously at the priest.

There seemed to be some discontent between them and the priest.

The archer named Xiao Lin broke from the group right away and made to attack the priest. When the priest immediately hid behind a huge tree root in a panic upon seeing the archer attack.

The other five under the leadership of Tall Sturdy Fighter charged at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo was well prepared and dodged.

"He's fast!" Tall Sturdy Fighter was surprised. He could see that this guy had good equipment but his movement speed was abnormal!

However, they had more people and their equipment was none too shabby either – even if this guy was fast, he won't be able to avoid them all.

System prompt: You were maliciously attacked! You can now defend yourself!

The system prompt pinged. Though none of the attacks had landed on Chen Mo, the system analysed the situation the moment they started their attack and judged that it was all right for Chen Mo to retaliate. Additionally, as members of a party, even if only one party member attacked, the other party members could also be attacked in defense.

Chen Mo did not defend himself right away but twisted and turned, dodging attacks and running towards Elena.

It was only a matter of time for him to kill five players with his equipment but he did not have many skills and he couldn't kill them quickly without summoning Fatso. If he did, they would scatter once the situation turned disadvantageous and he wouldn't be able to do anything about the five of them.

That was why Chen Mo decided to use a more direct method.

"Chase him! Don't let him get away!"

One would normally run away in a five versus one situation so it was not strange to see Chen Mo run.

Of the five, there were two long-ranged members – one a fire mage and the other an ice archer. The ice archer had obtained "Hand of Frost" from the Trial of Natural Skill so even his normal attacks had a small chance of slowing an enemy's movement speed.

"He won't get away! Eat my target-locking arrow!" The ice archer released a snow-white arrow and it zoomed towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo moved to dodge and found that the arrow was following him. There were two ways one could avoid target-locking skills; one was to move a distance at the same moment the skill hit your body letting the attack hit thin air and miss, the other was to make use of obstacles and make the attack land on those instead of yourself.

Chen Mo was fast but not fast enough to shake off a target-locking arrow. It was also too close and there were no obstacles around him. The arrow hit him just as intended.

– 67!

A damage number floated up. It was not high but Chen Mo's speed suddenly slowed.

The signature move of all ice-based classes – slowing!

"You can't get away now! Get him!" Tall Sturdy Fighter smirked.

"Careful! That guy's running to the NPC – he might be trying to make use of the NPC to kill us, so make sure you don't hit the NPC!"

Tall Sturdy Fighter could see Chen Mo's plan and he shouted a reminder as he ran.

"No worries, boss! We won't make that mistake! This guy's going to die after a few of our attacks!" His party members were not worried at all.

It was difficult to harm an NPC unless you used area attack skills.

Chen Mo's speed was reduced by 30% due to the slowing effect and he had five people catching up to him but he still ran to Elena.

"Master Elena! Your task! I've completed it!" Chen Mo quickly said.

"Good. I didn't get the Cat's Eye but this isn't too bad." Elena nodded. This adventurer had completed the task in just a few hours. The speed pleased her.

At that moment, a fireball hit Chen Mo from the side, dealing over 100 damage.

The fireball had been intentionally angled to miss Elena even if Chen Mo managed to dodge it.

"What impudence!" Elena's gaze grew frosty. She waved her hand and a light shot forth, striking the fire mage!


A damage number of over 10,000 appeared and the fire mage was insta-killed!

"What's going on?" Tall Sturdy Fighter was astonished. This NPC was too powerful! More importantly, he could not understand why the NPC attacked the fire mage when his attack did not hit her.

However, the next second, he was horrified to discover that the light that had hit the fire mage was bouncing off his corpse and to the ice archer. Over 10,000 damage points floated above the ice archer's head and he too, was insta-killed.

The light did not stop there. In the next second, it shot towards Tall Sturdy Fighter and his other two party members!

Tall Sturdy Fighter's five-man team was wiped out in the span of two breaths!

After killing them, the light bounced off Tall Sturdy Fighter's corpse and back to Elena's hand.

Heh heh! Surprised? Knowledge is power! Even little kids knew this but you brainless thugs who only know how to use your fists wouldn't get it!

You would naturally be counterattacked by an NPC if you attacked. On the forums, a player had revealed that when in the process of a quest, depending on the importance of the quest and the NPC's character, if the player doing the quest gets attacked, it would provoke the NPC.

Based on Elena's character, Chen Mo was sure that she would make a move.

Chen Mo had no idea how Elena killed the five people. He looked at her eyes and saw that they were glowing. He would be so powerful if he learnt this skill!

"Yes, this is indeed 100 gold coins. This is the Blood Refinement Technique. Polish the skill after you learn it but do not let the people in the city know that you have learnt this skill or there would be consequences."

It was nothing to Elena to raise a hand and kill five people just like that. She took Chen Mo's 100 gold coins, waved her hand again and bestowed Blood Refinement Technique upon him.

System prompt: You completed the quest "Elena's Request"!

System prompt: You learnt the skill "Blood Refinement Technique"!

Blood Refinement Technique (Novice): Blood from monsters are used as a material to make blood drugs. You gain the monster's special ability for a certain period of time after consumption!

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