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Chapter 1970 - 1970: The ending (15)

Chapter 1970: The ending (15)

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“Get up! Xiaoshuang! How are you now? You’ve forgotten the pain of the past again, haven’t you?” Zhuang chengjue glared at his sister, his eyes red.

He could forget her pain, but he couldn’t! He would never forget how his most beloved sister had cried in his arms in despair!

brother, I love him … Zhuang xiaoshuang cried out, and her tears fell like a broken string of pearls.

Tears flashed in Jiang Chen’s dark eyes, and his handsome face was moved.

The guilt and heartache in his heart intensified. His long arms pulled the crying Zhuang xiaoshuang into his arms and hugged her tightly.

His kiss landed on her pink lips, xiaoshuang, don’t cry. I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Yingluo.”

He apologized as he kissed her.

He didn’t know what else he could use to convey the true love in his heart! Probably, he could only use the truest kiss!

“Love?” Zhuang chengjue sneered, does this man know what love is? You love him? Xiaoshuang, don’t be stupid! Does he mean it when he says he loves you? Have you forgotten how he lied to you before?”

Zhuang chengjue roared at Lin Chen,” Lin Chen, let go of my sister!! Damn it, don’t touch her with your dirty mouth! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

Jiang Chen let go of Zhuang xiaoshuang in his arms. He looked at her deeply and said,” xiaoshuang, believe me. I’m serious this time! Really! I love you!”

When he finished speaking affectionately, Zhuang xiaoshuang was already sobbing.

damn it, I’ll kill you!! Zhuang chengjue seemed to be a little flustered. He held the gun in his hand and put it in gear, making an ear-piercing sound.

don’t, don’t, don’t!! Upon hearing that resolute figure, Zhuang xiaoshuang was so scared that her whole face turned pale.

Her small body blocked in front of him without a care, brother, if you want to kill him, you have to kill me first!!

“Zhuang xiaoshuang! Are you crazy?” Zhuang chengjue roared. His eyes were red and he was burning with anger.

“Xiaoshuang, get out of the way!” Seeing Zhuang xiaoshuang like this, Lin Chen seemed to be a little flustered.

The gun was almost aimed at her head!

“I won’t let you, even if 1 die! “Chen, go away, ran ran.” Zhuang xiaoshuang shook her head while crying.

“You idiot! I’m not leaving! I’ll only leave after I hear you marry me!” This time, Lin Chen had made up his mind. If she didn’t get married, he wouldn’t leave!

Lin Chen, you’re the big idiot!! Zhuang xiaoshuang roared in anger.

At a time like this, this man was still trying to compete with her.

marry me, Qianqian,” Lin Chen repeated firmly.

“Yingluo, this man is crazy!!”

“Lin Chen, are you done? All? Get out! Don’t think that I won’t shoot you just because my sister is protecting you!” Zhuang chengjtie’s heart felt like it was on fire when he heard his proposal.

ah ‘Chen-go back!!! Zhuang xiaoshuang pushed the man in front of her.

“Xiaoshuang, marry me!” Lin Chen’s eyes were fixed, and he had no intention of leaving. He continued to persist in the outcome he had determined.

“You’re so silly!”

“Lin Chen!” Zhuang chengjue roared. He had almost reached the limit of his patience.

“I’ll marry, I’ll marry! Ah ‘Chen, listen to me and leave first! I’ll marry you, alright?” Zhuang xiaoshuang’s entire face was pale without a trace of blood. Her pair of shimmering eyes stared in panic at the gun in her brother’s hand that kept shaking..

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