His Beautiful Addiction

Chapter 459  I love you too, Xavier

Chapter 459  I love you too, Xavier

''Just meet him. Okay? It's better than crying yourself to sleep every night. '' Zac consoled her, tapping on her shoulders.

Ari thought for a while before she nodded; ''Okay, how do I see him? ''

''He's mostly at home by this time. Just press the doorbell in the front door. I'll be here waiting. ''

Zac said, and Ari nodded, stepping down from the car.

''Thank you,'' she said to Zac before closing the door and walking to Xavier's home. Ari's hands shook as she approached the door. She thought of the words to say to him as she pressed the doorbell nervously, her heart pounding against her chest.

There was no reply, and she pressed it again, and this time, the door clicked open.

Ari's heart stopped for a second as her eyes beheld Xavier. She had thought of words to say, but at that moment when she saw him, she could remember nothing. She knew she missed him, but she did not know how intensely she did until she saw him.

A tear fell from her eyes as she opened her mouth to speak.

''I'm sorry… I'm sorry for showing up like this. I tried calling, you were not picking....'' Ari panted nervously, tears falling from her eyes.

''I love you, Xavier and I've missed you. I've missed you so much that it's hard to breathe. ''

Ari cried; "I know I said so many hurtful words. I did not mean any of them. I'm sorry, but can we start all over?

I don't care. I don't care if it doesn't last; I don't care if it's going to end in chaos. I want to be with you. For as long as it takes. Even if it ends tomorrow, I want to enjoy every second I get to spend with you…''

Ari was still speaking and crying when Xavier cut her off with a kiss.

Her eyes shut as her hands wrapped around his neck, and she melted in his arms, low whimpers leaving her lips as she kissed him back fervently.

They kissed for a long time before Xavier hugged her, kissing her neck.

''I missed you. So much,'' he said. Ari hugged him back so tight, as though he was going to disappear any second.

''I almost died, Xavier. '' She said, and he chuckled; ''Really? ''

''Really? '' She replied, burying her head in his chest.

''Let's go inside. '' Xavier said, taking her inside. All the while, Ari did not let go of him. Zac, who had watched the entire scene unfold, shook his head with a smile and drove out of the estate.

The moment they were inside the house, Ari pulled him close and kissed him, kissing all over his face, then she hugged him.

''I thought I was going to die, Xavier. I missed you so much.'' She sighed, hugging his neck.

''I missed you, too. ''

She was quiet for a second, then she said; ''I was scared'' she paused;

Xavier looked at her face with a frown;


Ari contemplated and then she asked; ''I heard rumors that you were already seeing someone else, a model...''

Xavier smiled when he saw how jealous she was of him.

''So you're jealous?'' he asked, and Ari blushed, her fingers gripping his shirt.

''A little...'' she confessed.

Xavier was happy seeing this side of her, this side that was not scared to admit that she was jealous about. It made him feel wanted.

''Well, I'm not dating her, she's just a model for a new product for the company, and I did not even meet her alone, we were with other board members, but I'm sure the paparazzi would cut that part out. ''

Ari smiled when she heard him and then she hugged him again;

''I came straight from the company. I want to shower,'' she mumbled.

''Okay, '' Xavier said, kissing her hair as he led her to his master bedroom.

His room was bigger than her entire house. Tastefully furnished, Ari couldn't even sit, as she felt like an impurity.

Xavier ran the bath for her and gave her clean towels;

''Bath while I get you something to eat. '' Ari nodded, taking the towels from him.

She washed quickly and came out, tying the towel he had given her. Xavier was not in the room, so after drying her hair, she put on one of his shirts, and thankfully, she was quite shorter than him, so it covered half of her.

She was about to leave the room when Xavier opened the door. A smile brushed his lips when he saw her in his shirt.

''I found this in your wardrobe; '' Ari said, pointing at his wardrobe shyly.

Xavier smiled as he watched her, his heart feeling full. He had not felt so much burst of happiness in his entire life. Just looking at her made him so happy. He had already accepted his fate, that she did not want him, and he did not think she would ever change her mind; but when he opened the front door and saw her standing there, he almost exploded with happiness.

Ari noticed him staring at her, and smiling and she asked; ''Is anything wrong?''

''Will you go out with me?'' Xavier asked out of nowhere, and Ari's eyes widened in shock; but even then she nodded, without a second thought.

Ari didn't care anymore; she did not care what anyone had to say, she loved this man so much and he had not given her a reason not to. She did not care what anyone else thinks, the only thing that mattered was him, was them.

Xavier closed the gap between them and took her lips in his, kissing her wildly. Ari kissed him too with the same intensity. Xavier carried her to the bed; her legs wrapping around him, their lips not leaving each other.

He unbuttoned her shirt, her pale skin meeting his eyes. She was not wearing anything underneath the shirt, and he groaned as her breasts met his eyes.

Leaning closer to her face, he kissed her passionately, as though telling her with every kiss how much he loved her. He kissed every inch of her skin lovingly, doting on her like she was rare porcelain.

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It was the most passionate sex Ari had ever had. Xavier worshiped her body as though he needed her to survive.

Xavier cupped Ari in his arms as he entered her slowly, their lips intertwined;

''I love you; '' she cried, her legs tightening around him.

''I love you too; '' Xavier groaned;

Xavier did not let go of her through the night, his arms wrapped around her as he planted passionate kisses on her neck, watching her sleep soundly in the dim light.

The next morning, he woke up before her, and he lay beside her, watching her sleep.

Ari stirred in her sleep after a while, and her eyes opened. She blinked twice before she remembered the events of the previous night, and turning to her side, her eyes locked in Xavier's, who had a grin plastered on his face.

Ari raised the duvet over her face, too shy to look at him. Xavier laughed as he pulled her to him, hugging her.

''Are you shy? ''

Ari shook her head, which was still covered with the duvet.

''Then are you rethinking your choices?''

''No!'' she exclaimed before he even completed his sentence and Xavier laughed, bringing down the duvet,

''Not like I'm going to let you go, anyway,'' he said, staring into her eyes.

They looked at each other like that for minutes, just staring into each other's eyes;

''I love you, Ari. '' Xavier said, in a calm and tender voice.

Ari knew he meant it; she could see it written in his eyes. There was no atom of doubt or hesitation in them. He meant every word he said.

''I love you too, Xavier. ''

The End.


Finally, we have come to the end of His Beautiful Addiction. I must say it has been a long ride. I know I have not been consistent with my writing and pace, and I sincerely apologize for that. I have not had time to go through the comments, but I'm glad that you all stayed with me to the end of this book.

It's been wonderful telling this story, and I hope y'all are here with me in my future books; I promise to be more consistent. Thank you for reading my book. i deeply appreciate and I love you all,


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