Chapter 734: She will succeed! 1

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Fan Jin 23rd floor.

“I’m not a chieftain?” Luo tianlin raised his eyebrows, signaling ke youbin to make himself clear.

Ke youbin scratched the back of his head. out of the sixty characters, this hero’s line is definitely the most unsuitable for sister-in-law … A soft girl and a rough man, do they have anything in common?

The contrast was 360 degrees, all-round.

It wasn’t just the difference in tone structure between men and women, but also their natural temperament.

Luo tianlin furrowed his brows and remained silent, but his face was obviously not very good looking.

Xia Bo Li had finished recording and handed it to Lin Qi to upload to the website. She was playing with the little white dog.

She walked over when she heard their conversation.

“It’s okay. Playing different roles is also a form of training for me.” Xia Bo Li blinked. brother Zhai isn’t unlucky. It must be me who’s too unlucky. Even with brother Zhai’s King-like luck, he only saved me a little.

Luo tianlin’s chest felt as if it had been caressed by a small, gentle hand, and all his unhappiness was gone.

His expression didn’t change, but the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

it’s fine if you don’t go on this show. Just focus on filming.

Shermie nodded obediently. As he looked at her with his dark eyes, she couldn’t help but think of that aggressive but gentle kiss. She blushed and lowered her face.

Luo tianlin lowered his eyes and reached out to tuck her loose hair behind her ear.

The sweet atmosphere of a dog being killed instantly filled the living room.

Ke youbin clutched his chest and retreated to Lin Qi’s side, who was monitoring the data.

“Chongyi will be finished sooner or later.”

Boss Lan’s heart was already set on the beauty, not the country!

He would be finished sooner or later!

But soon, a calloused hand waved in front of his eyes.

He looked up with his peach-shaped eyes and saw Lin Qi’s complicated expression. it can’t be over. As long as Madam is here, boss’s Empire will still be there … They will even expand their territory.”

Ke youbin’s peach-shaped eyes twitched. yeah, what do you mean?

Lin Qi retracted his hand and pointed at the surveillance camera that she was watching closely. the person you thought was a nobody has been touched by Madam’s hand and is now in third place.

Lin Qi cupped his chin with one hand and looked at him. you said before that there are 60 voice actors with hidden talents this time? Many of them are teachers and seniors who won awards?”

Ke youbin’s peach-shaped eyes twitched violently as he reached out to turn the laptop screen around.

They were dumbfounded when they saw the screen!

[ ranking:

#Stay energetic #dubbing “pugilistic world’! to the proud blade 18345 votes #.. “I’m not a passerby” Xiao Liu 13348 votes

#Did you lose weight today #dubbing ” glory of the Kings ” Genghis Khan

13298 votes

. 10583 votes ]

Ke youbin took a deep breath and then exhaled. He felt his lungs hurting.

Even this works?

Third place?

The festival group’s invitation list wasn’t announced to the public, but according to their previous discussion, there were at least five veteran actors and three professional voice-over teachers who were permanently stationed in popular TV series.

Forget about the former, the lines might not be the strongest.

After all, a performance teacher could control expressions and body movements. Lines were only one of them.

But the latter … Professional voice-acting teachers often dubbed the male and female leads. It could be said that they never failed. Moreover, the audience was familiar with their voices, so it was easy for them to take the lead in this kind of voting segment.


The third place is sister-in-law’s Genghis Khan?

Ke youbin’s spit was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t speak!

His logic, analysis, and reasoning were all useless!

Even if she succeeded, she could still turn the tide with a bad card!

As for the SU family, su luoluo finally found a highly similar voice.

“This one,” outside the palace “five squares.”

“Grandpa, let’s vote!”

Su moqi left the table quietly, as if he had never appeared.

However, su luoluo put his phone away after he took a step.

A minute later, he was beaten up.

“How many votes did you get? Why are they all o? ah, who did you vote for?

Genghis Khan? I’ll beat you to death!”

Su zhengming was also angry. delete your stupid game. You’re delaying business.. You’re not improving!

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