Chapter 145: Too Sweet

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Lu Yunxiao ordered a small stir-fried meat and a shrimp celery with a bowl of chicken soup.

Jiang Youyi didn’t just eat her own lobster. She also ate the dishes Lu Yunxiao ordered. Lu Yunxiao didn’t only eat his own dishes either. He even ate Jiang Youyi’s lobster. The two of them ate happily.

“I gave you four phones, but you only used one. What about the rest?” Lu Yunxiao suddenly asked her.

Jiang Youyi paused. “Where else can it be? At home!”

“Then call me when you get home. I’ll take a look,” Lu Yunxiao requested.

“No way? Are you that stingy? Do you have to check the things you give to others at any time?” Jiang Youyi was shocked.

Lu Yunxiao smiled faintly, then wiped his hands with a handkerchief. His movements were very elegant. “Normally, no one would dare to pass on what I give to others. It’s the same for you.”

“Why should I be the same?” Jiang Youyi liked to be different.

“I won’t argue with you this time. There won’t be a next time.” Lu Yunxiao seemed to be very serious.

Jiang Youyi:”…”

“By the way, what’s your relationship with Ji Chu in the past?” Lu Yunxiao mentioned this person again.

Jiang Youyi almost choked when she heard him mention Ji Chu. “That…” She calmed down and continued, “It’s nothing! It’s just an ordinary relationship!” “Shouldn’t you be asking me who Ji Chu is?” Lu Yunxiao chuckled.

“This…” Jiang Youyi felt like she had been tricked. Oh no! These things were too delicious. She was too focused on eating and didn’t guard against Lu Yunxiao. “No, why are you still trying to get information out of me?” Jiang Youyi asked angrily. She’ll definitely be in a bad mood after being schemed against for no reason.

“I’m not trying to get information out of you. I just want to tell you that you can see Ji Chu, but you have to inform me before that.”

Jiang Youyi was stunned. “Who are you to me? How can you control me like this? Even my father doesn’t control me like this!”

“This matter is settled. I’ll let it go this time. This can’t happen again,” Lu Yunxiao said as he picked up a prawn for Jiang Youyi.

Jiang Youyi looked at the prawns in the bowl and couldn’t help but think of something. “Are you telling me that I’m blind?”

“What blind? You won’t gain weight if you eat prawns. Look at how fat you have become.”

No girl would like others to call her fat, and Jiang Youyi was no exception. Although she was not fat, her face was a little chubby. After hearing Lu Yunxiao’s words, she suddenly felt that she had put on a little weight. Then, she couldn’t help but pinch her face. It was very funny.

Lu Yunxiao looked at Jiang Youyi and smiled. For some reason, he felt very happy eating with Jiang Youyi. He had never experienced this feeling with another woman. Of course, he did not want to experience it, nor did he give any woman such a chance. The only chance was given to Jiang Youyi.

After eating and drinking her fill, Jiang Youyi prepared to leave. Before she left, she didn’t forget to speak up for Chen Jiang. “Don’t forget to give your assistant a break.”

“Then come over and be my assistant.”

“1.5 million, not a single cent less.”

“You can’t lower the price?”

“That’s impossible.”

“What if I go back on my word?”

“Sure! But be careful.”

“Be careful of what?” Lu Yunxiao was puzzled.

“Be careful, I’ll blacklist you on Weibo.”

“What a ruthless person!” This was quite ruthless to Lu Yunxiao, but… why did she always speak up for Chen Jiang? Thinking of this, Lu Yunxiao couldn’t help but be jealous of Chen Jiang. He felt that Chen Jiang was an eyesore in every way.

“Bye-bye!” After saying goodbye to Lu Yunxiao, Jiang Youyi hurriedly left the Qihe Corporation.

Lin Feng encountered something troubling. His company had previously invested in a movie and he had been invited to the premiere. He was the producer, so he had to appear. However, by chance, he actually had a scandal with the female celebrity, Lin Meirao. It was also trending on Weibo. Although it was fourth place and not as popular as Lu Yunxiao and Jiang Youyi, he still felt terrible.

In the private group of three.

[Lin Feng: Brothers, I’m in trouble.]

[Wang Jiangbei: What’s wrong?]

[Lin Feng: Brother Lu, come out and save me!]

[Lu Yunxiao: What is it?]

[Lin Feng: Brother Lu, do you have time?]

[Lu Yunxiao: No.]

[Lin Feng: Don’t lie to me. I know you. You’ve already had lunch at this time. The rest of the time is rest.]

[Lu Yunxiao: I have to accompany my girlfriend.]

[Wang Jiangbei: Haha!]

[Lin Feng: Damn, it can’t be, right?]

It was obvious that the girlfriend Lu Yunxiao was talking about was definitely Jiang Youyi. Recently, he had been in frequent contact with Jiang Youyi. The two of them were really sweet now..

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