I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

Chapter 25: A Man And A Woman Alone. What Do You Think I Want To Do?

Chapter 25: A Man And A Woman Alone. What Do You Think I Want To Do?

"Of course I know. I'll still say the same thing. If you're unhappy, come at me. This matter has nothing to do with my family. Even hooligans should know that family members shouldn't be involved. President Lu shouldn't be any worse than hooligans, right?"

Lu Yunxiao stood up from the sofa and walked towards Jiang Youyi without saying a word.

Jiang Youtian was extremely nervous. She was really afraid that something would happen to her sister.

"You're quite bold to scold me twice in a day."

Jiang Youyi instantly felt guilty and did not dare to look at him again. Indeed, she had sent him a private message earlier to scold him—[Shamelessness was invincible.]

He slowly approached Jiang Youyi with his broad chest and whispered in her ear, "You're the first woman who dares to scold me like this."

"Then… you were the one who provoked me first," Jiang Youyi replied.

"Do you think that by going against me, you can successfully attract my attention and make me think that you're special?"

"Attract your attention? Have you watched too many television dramas? Lu Yunxiao, I don't have time to quarrel with you here. I was indeed the one who created trouble by mentioning your name at the wedding. I'm sorry again. If you think it's not enough, I can compensate you with a sum of money. But is it fair and square for you to post on Weibo to cause trouble?"

"Upright? I'm not that kind of person." Lu Yunxiao smiled.

"Since you're not, I have nothing to tell you. Sister, let's go home." Jiang Youyi felt that there was nothing else to say.

Unexpectedly, she was picked up by the waist. The other three were dumbfounded…

"Youyi!" Jiang Youtian looked nervous and was about to follow her.

"Youtian, your sister will be fine. Believe me, don't interfere in their matters." Lin Feng stopped Jiang Youtian.

The atmosphere in the room was tense. Wang Jiangbei looked like an outsider. He lowered his head and drank his tea without saying anything.

"Lu Yunxiao! Put me down!" Jiang Youyi suddenly flew into the air, frightened.

There was a huge difference in strength between a man and a woman. No matter how hard Jiang Youyi tried, it was useless. She was carried up to the private room on the second floor effortlessly.

Lu Yunxiao kicked open the door with one foot and threw the woman in his arms onto the leather sofa. Fortunately, his touch was very light and it did not hurt too much.

"What exactly do you want?" Jiang Youyi was vigilant.

"A man and a woman alone. What do you think?" Lu Yunxiao was determined to scare her.

"Stay away from me. I'll scream if you take another step closer. There are many people coming and going outside. You don't want to die socially, right?"

"What if I don't?"

"If you do anything to me, I'll definitely call the police. Your bright future will be ruined in your hands. In the future, your descendants won't be able to get into the civil service. They'll all hate you."

"What do you mean by descendants? What strange thoughts are you thinking all day?" Lu Yunxiao was so angry that he laughed. He walked to the sofa opposite her and sat down. "It's beneficial for both of us to discuss cooperation."

Hearing this, Jiang Youyi realized that she had thought too much.

"What cooperation?"

"The two of us will continue to flirt in front of outsiders and let everyone think that we're together."

"This—" Jiang Youyi did not react to his sudden suggestion.

"You don't have to be nervous. It's just an act. It's all fake."

"What benefits will you give me if I help you act?" Jiang Youyi thought about it and felt that she would definitely benefit from working with the richest man.

"The title of Lu Yunxiao's girlfriend is enough for the Jiang Family to achieve a leap in class and enter the upper-class circle."

"Other than that?"

"Your value can also be greatly reflected."

"Anything else?"

"To make Xu Yuning not dare to provoke you again. If it were anyone else, do you think he would be willing to give up?"

It had to be said that Lu Yunxiao knew how to manipulate people's hearts. Although the first two were very tempting, Jiang Youyi did not care. There was only the last one. Xu Yuning's attitude was obvious. He would not give up easily, and it was impossible for him to accept the fact that they had broken up amicably. Instead of being disturbed by Xu Yuning every day alone, she might as well put on a show with the man in front of her.

Jiang Youyi's interest was finally piqued. She sat up straight. "You mean, the two of us will act as a couple?"


"Why me?"

"Because you're the only one who has the guts to publicly confess to me at your wedding."

Jiang Youyi was speechless. She would never be able to get rid of this dark history in this life.

"So you posted on Weibo to plant a foreshadowing of us being together in the future?" Jiang Youyi suddenly realized why the big shot suddenly rejected her for no reason. It turned out that he had a plan long ago.

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