I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 32 - Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Method of Killing Enemies with Violence Completei

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Method of Killing Enemies with Violence Completei

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“Who’s there!”

The chief bear roared in anger, pulling out the large cleaver resting beside him, fiercely gazing towards the abruptly appearing silhouette.

At one glance, his scalp turned numbed!

That blazing fierce qi, when beheld, aroused fear.

“It’s Xu Junhe’s idiot son!”

A bandit cried out in alarm.

The rest of them were terror-stricken, as the rumors had spread that Xu Junhe’s idiot son was roaming around, looking for a hidden high-class master to learn real martial arts.

Could it be, he has succeeded?


The chief bear roared in fury, his body leaping forward as he charged towards Xu Yan.

“Kill him! He’s alone!”

Among the bandits, numbering more than a hundred, the weakest was of mediocre Jianghu standard, while the chief bear himself was a nearly invincible expert.

There were even around twenty high-class experts.

Each and every one of them – with their knives, spears, hidden weapons and such – rushed towards Xu Yan.

“Come on!”

Thrilled and excited, Xu Yan lets out a roar and his ten zhang qi-blood gushed out, directly charging forward.

With the sweeping force of the ten zhang qi-blood, every punch and kick from Xu Yan inflicted enormous damage, the bandit gang instantly crushed, with heavy casualties.

The chief bear himself exploded into pieces from a single punch.

Blood and gore scattered everywhere, terrifying the remaining bandits.


What kind of top-tier expert was this! It was so terrifying. Even getting close was impossible, let alone killing them instantly.

The remaining bandits, frightened out of their wits, began running for their lives!

“Think you can run, think again!”

Xu Yan snorted coldly and immediately went after them.

“Master said, must keep a low profile. If I kill everyone, no one will know I did it and my cover won’t be blown. This is also a low profile!”

The fight was a one-sided affair. Indeed, it was simply a case of brute force. Every single bandit had been killed, not one spared.

After combing through the Black Wind Mountain, he found no traces of his family’s lost goods.

Nor were there any hiding bandits.

Standing on the mountain at this moment, looking at the scattered limbs and severed arms, Xu Yan’s eyebrows knitted tightly.

“Indeed, I am strong, but only using brute force. Just like power is useless if I met an opponent with equal strength. I’d surely lose.

“I don’t know any martial skills, just brute power.

“When I get back this time, I must ask Master for guidance!”

With that thought in mind, Xu Yan hurried down the mountain in the dark of the night, returning to the prefecture city of Donghe.

After Xu Yan had left, Li Xuan looked through his theoretical training framework for the Innate Realm, refining it carefully after to assure nothing had been missed, until it could be connected to the Qi-Blood realm.

Only then did he finally set his mind at rest.

Just wait for an opportunity to pass on the cultivation method of the Innate Realm to Xu Yan.

Of course, such burdensome work as cultivation should be left to his disciple, and he would enjoy the fruits of his labor.

All he needed to do was come up with a rough cultivation method, along with the stage, cultivation frame, and basic theory.

Whether it could be achieved or not was entirely up to his disciple Xu Yan.

“I should also leave this place soon. Since I’ve arrived in this world, I’ve been holed up in this small village. It’s really pathetic.”

Li Xuan sighed and lamented.

Gathering his belongings.

Just waiting for Xu Yan to return, then he would start moving.

With nothing else to do, Li Xuan began to stroll around the small village. It has to be said the scenery was not bad at all, and extremely suitable for living incognito.

After strolling around for a while, he returned home.

“Without my disciple to serve me, I have to cook for myself. It’s a bit uncomfortable!”

Li Xuan sighed.

People tend to feel ill at ease once they get accustomed to being served and suddenly, there is no one to serve them anymore.

“Your disciple brutally crushed a den of bandits, your brutish way of killing enemies has achieved great success!”

A voice rang out in his mind, instantly grasping the method of brutally killing enemies.

Li Xuan was stunned.

He felt as if he had carried out countless brutal killings, quickly mastering the art of violent killing.

“What has my foolish disciple done? Did he wipe out a den of mountain bandits?”

Li Xuan was taken aback.

Was his foolish disciple really that bold?

Moreover, the outside world’s martial strength, is it really that low?

But Xu Yan, who had just entered the Blood Qi Realm, took out a whole den of mountain bandits on his own?

The mountain bandits’ strength was simply too weak.

“Too violent and brute! It seems like he relies solely on brute strength to kill enemies!”

Li Xuan received feedback: a mastery of brutal killing.

Indeed, all reliance was on brute strength to charge and barge. There were no martial skills involved.

At this moment, Li Xuan realized that he had been obsessively creating cultivation techniques, but he had forgotten about martial skills!

With only brute strength, how could one be considered a qualified martial artist?

“No, I must create some battle craft techniques that can demonstrate his strength.”

“My foolish disciple, having wiped out the mountain bandits using sheer strength this time, should have realized this. He’ll undoubtedly ask me to teach him martial skills when he returns.

“I must be prepared in advance.”

Li Xuan suddenly fell into distress.

How would he create martial skills?

He didn’t know how!

Moreover, he had no practical martial skills for reference.

Creating cultivation techniques seemed relatively easier since they were created for practice, not for battling an enemy.

“Such a headache!”

Li Xuan had a look of distress on his face.

“Let me think… should I teach my disciple the Palm Techniques? The Six Vein Divine Sword Technique? The Tathagata Palm? The Arhat Fist? …How do I create these techniques?

“I don’t even know all the fist and palm techniques!”

At this moment, Li Xuan was somewhat distressed.

“No! I’m approaching this wrong. These techniques are all for the disciple’s comprehension. Why am I focusing on the techniques? In my Martial Arts creation, the usage of Blood Qi, Innate True Qi and others, fighting enemies, is nothing more than the application of Blood Qi and True Qi.

“All I need to do is to pass on the martial skills’ mantra and the rough principles to my disciple.

“I’ll let him comprehend them!”

A thought flashed through Li Xuan’s mind, instantly figuring out how he should pass on martial skills and cultivation techniques to Xu Yan.

“Don’t start too high. Since it’s Martial Arts, pass on the Palm techniques for now. But make it a bit more advanced so he can keep improving as his strength increases.

“He needs land movement techniques too, right?

“And he should have swordsmanship, right? No, instead of swordsmanship, I will pass Sword Dao onto him!

“Whether it will work or not, depends on how well my disciple performs.”

Li Xuan had a general idea in his mind.

How to create and transfer martial skills and similar cultivation techniques to Xu Yan.

“When my Blood Qi has completely reached its peak, with strength a hundred times that of peers, just by imitating, the power that is revealed will be enough to shock my disciple.

“Then find an excuse to fool him, there shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Thinking this, Li Xuan arrived outside the village.


A hundred feet of Blood Qi soaring up into the sky, terrifying to behold.

With both hands waving, one palm slap followed by another, the hundred feet of Blood Qi was like a flood, following his palm as it turned and revolved. Although it had no pattern and looked like it was relying on brute strength,

Moreover, between the two swinging palms, it even seemed somewhat chaotic.

However, the flood resulting from the hundred feet of Blood Qi had a shocking momentum and equally shocking power.

With this terrifying Blood Qi alone, it could overtake an entire army!

“The Palm technique is a bit messy, it looks without rules, no skills to speak of, just like arbitrarily striking.

“This won’t do, even if it’s to fool the disciple, there must be some rules.”

Li Xuan frowned in deep thought, then slapped one palm after another, trying to make the movements more structured, at least so it didn’t look too chaotic.

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