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Chapter 3207 - Chapter 3207: The refining array (1)

Chapter 3207: The refining array (1)

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Tuo Yuheng bade farewell to Tang Zhen and led dozens of divine servants to the other fiefs.

Before he left, he repeatedly said that if something happened to Tang Zhen, he must inform him in time.

He was not worried that Tang Zhen would be humiliated. Instead, he was afraid that a fool would provoke him. Once such a thing happened, it would definitely be a disaster.

However, on second thought, he felt that there was no need to worry.

This place was his fief. With Tang Zhen’s cultivation, it was impossible for anyone to dare to provoke him.

Under the control of the divine servants, the operating refining array was folded together.

Its originally huge size had also become extremely small.

This was obviously a method of refining magic treasures. It was applied to the runic magic circle so that the size could be freely controlled.

The purpose of this was naturally to make it easier to carry and transfer.

Most of the refining arrays were private property. When the cultivators stopped renting, they would naturally take away what belonged to them.

Tang Zhen had some understanding of the refinement array and knew that it was the most unique thing in the Gu LAN divine world.

In order to create a refining array, one must have the corresponding matrix diagram and sufficient materials.

If any one of them was missing, he would not be able to complete the refinement.

In the Gulan divine world, there were many array Masters who specialized in researching and refining the framework of arrays.

As long as the cultivators spent money to buy the finished product and then filled in the materials, they would be able to obtain the refining array they wanted.

For the convenience of the customers, there were many types of refining arrays, and they could be chosen according to their own needs.

It was not only the difference in appearance and size, but also the difference in refining efficiency, stability, and many other data.

Runic magic circles created by master teachers were naturally more valuable, and it was difficult to buy them in the ordinary market.

Other than trading and buying, he could also try to make it himself.

It was just that such an attempt required a lot of risk, and the slightest bit of carelessness would result in a loss.

Most cultivators would choose to buy the framework of the array, which was undoubtedly more secure.

With the framework of the array, he could purchase all kinds of materials to complete the steps of filling and changing.

Once the formation was successfully refined, it could officially operate and establish a passage to the chaos.

Through non-stop absorption day and night, he would gradually obtain law crystals, which he would then use to trade and sell.

This was a very long process, just like the cultivation of cultivators, and it could not be rushed.

Fortunately, refining nomological crystals did not conflict with cultivation, and could be carried out at the same time.

There were many small clans in the Gulan divine world that used such methods to slowly develop. After many years, they had grown and flourished.

After tuo Yuheng took his men away, all that was left for Tang Zhen was an empty plot of land that looked extremely spacious.

There were actually villages and many cultivators in this open land.

They did not have enough savings to build their own refining array, so they could only make a living through other means.

Providing various services to the owner of the refining array was also one of the ways for these cultivators to earn money.

After realizing that the refining array had been withdrawn, the cultivators were very worried and some of them simply moved away.

If there was no work here, he could go to other areas to look for it. The Gu LAN divine world had never lacked job opportunities for cultivators.

On the other hand, there were many ordinary residents who stayed in their original homes, feeling that this matter had nothing to do with them.

Even though they were in the Gu LAN God World, they were only at the lowest level and did not have the qualifications to possess the most ideal cultivation method.

However, compared to the cultivators of other worlds, they were still much stronger. After all, the world Energy in the Gu LAN divine world was rather dense.

Soon, the residents found out that the land they were living on had a new owner.

In the Gu LAN divine world, this was a common occurrence. When the original refining array was removed, a new one would appear.

No matter what, the land would never be idle.

However, this time was an exception because the land had been empty for a long time. This situation was very abnormal.

After waiting for a while, the new owner of this land finally made a move.

Tang Zhen came to the trading area and bought a few sets of the refining array’s framework. He was prepared to return and study it.

When they arrived at the market, they found that this place was indeed very lively. It could be said that it was a gathering of thousands of races.

Powerful cultivators could see them at any time.

They gathered in the market and did all kinds of transactions, and there was peace between them.

In the Gulan divine world, there were very few battles between ordinary cultivators, especially in the area controlled by the divine court.

However, there were some special areas where there was constant fighting, but these places were all located in the chaos Rift.

The market area was very large and Tang Zhen had been looking around for a long time.

The materials needed for the refining array could be bought in the market. Of course, the quality and price were slightly different.

It wasn’t an easy task to get what he wanted at the lowest price.

After purchasing all the required items, Tang Zhen returned to his own land.

The first thing he had to do was to study the refining array and figure out the specific operating principles.

Refining chaos and condensing law crystals was something that Tang Zhen had never come into contact with before. He had to study it carefully.

The same item, when viewed by different people, would result in different answers.

It was the same for analyzing the framework of the formation.

In order to prevent the secret from being leaked, array Masters would conceal and disguise their products when they sold them.

The purpose of this was to prevent others from discovering the secret.

If someone tried to break it by force, the refining formation would be destroyed and the secret would not be revealed.

However, in Tang Zhen’s eyes, this kind of concealment was useless.

He did not even need to use any means to directly distinguish the effective information from the refining array.

It didn’t take long for Tang Zhen to figure out the operating principle. He sighed with emotion at the extraordinariness of this refining method.

No matter which cultivation world it was, no matter how strong or weak it was, there would always be something of essence.

Some spells of the low-level cultivation world could be regarded as the top existence even in the high-level cultivation world.

Runic magic circles that refined law crystals were very unique and were definitely created by geniuses.

The most basic version only needed a framework to ensure the operation of the transformation array.

If a cultivator had the ability, they could improve or perfect it to achieve a higher refining efficiency.

Every formation master had obtained their own runic magic circle by improving the framework.

The basic structure of such a formation should be a secret of the formation master, and it should be easy for outsiders to know.

After having the basic framework, how to fill in and improve it was entirely up to the formation master’s own strength.

Tang Zhen compared the few frames he bought. The high and low were clear at a glance. Of course, the difference was not particularly big.

If it was a custom-made version by a great teacher, it would have a higher refining efficiency, and it was not something that ordinary versions could compare to.

The efficiency of the most powerful refining array had always been a top secret.

Without the corresponding status and strength, one simply had no right to know.

In the Gu LAN divine world, a true top array master was even more precious than a God.

Their information was not known to the public and was closely protected at all times. No problems were allowed to occur.

These advanced versions of the refining arrays could only be used within the divine court. They were not allowed to be spread to outsiders.

It was almost impossible for Tang Zhen to obtain this version of the refining array. Even tuo Yuheng could not help.

Tang Zhen had already understood the principle behind the refining array after studying it. He also knew how to increase the efficiency of the refining.

The next thing he had to do was to design and create the framework of the refining array according to his own ideas.

Although he had yet to take action, Tang Zhen already had a well thought out plan.

He was very clear about his own strength. The refining array that he had personally designed would definitely not be much worse than an advanced array master.

Of course, even Tang Zhen was unable to determine how big the difference was before the operation officially began..

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