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Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Understanding Skills

Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Understanding Skills

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“Hey, well done, Little Purple!”

Seeing how Little Purple had inflicted over thirty critical damage points on Zhao Sihai, Li Ke’er was so excited that she nearly jumped for joy.

Little Purple was just freshly hatched, and nearly had no attack power. Its main purpose right now was to share its field of vision and to act as a scout.

For Song Jian’s sake, Li Ke’er was ready to sacrifice Little Purple, but she did not expect such an astonishing outcome.

Taking advantage of this moment, Song Jian had already rushed into the dried-up central lake. However, he did not run in a straight line, but continued with his zigzag route.

Zhao Sihai was swaying his hands about, trying to shoo away Little Purple. He couldn’t see Little Purple but he could sense its presence.

“I seem to have overlooked something…”Zhao Sihai suddenly realized with a change in expression. “Damn, that guy will seize this opportunity to charge at me.”

Only now did he remember Song Jian. Despite the stinging pain in his eyes, he gazed out of the wooden pavilion to see Song Jian who had already sprinted into the central lake and was rapidly heading towards him.

Ignoring Little Purple, Zhao Sihai quickly picked up his sniper rifle. Without even using the scope, he pulled the trigger in Song Jian’s direction.


Less than one foot to the left of Song Jian, dirt spewed up to three feet high, forming a large, deep pit on the ground.

Even while sprinting, Song Jian continually switched directions to dodge. The power of the sniper rifle was too great for Song Jian not to defend against.

Boom, Boom, Boom-

After missing several shots, Zhao Sihai was left with just two sniper bullets. His eyes glistening with a wolf-like determination.

“If he doesn’t die, then 1 will!”

Taking a deep breath, he endured the excruciating pain to calm himself.

Little Purple was constantly attacking him from above, pecking at his head. But it didn’t do much damage, occasionally jumping out a number “-1” or “-2”.

Song Jian was getting closer and closer to the wooden pavilion, but Zhao Sihai didn’t pull the trigger. He just stood there like a statue, aiming his sniper rifle at Song Jian.

Thirty meters…

Twenty-five meters…

Twenty meters…

Song Jian was getting closer and closer to Zhao Sihai. Zhao Sihai held his sniper rifle, its barrel slightly swinging but never leaving Song Jian’s body. He knew he didn’t have many chances. If he failed, and Song Jian got close, Song Jian would definitely not let him go.

In the dark, Zhao Sihai felt that even with his eyes closed, he could still sense Song Jian’s presence. His spirit had locked on him, even with his eyes shut, he could “see” his opponent’s charging movements.

“That’s the feeling, that’s it…” Zhao Sihai trembled with excitement. He felt that his next shot would definitely hit Song Jian. He had never been so confident.


As Song Jian charged within a range of ten meters, Zhao Sihai finally pulled the trigger.

This shot was aimed perfectly in Song Jian’s path, making it seem as if Song Jian had run into the bullet himself.

A colossal vitality loss of one hundred and eighty points floated above Song Jian’s head. His body violently convulsed, revealing a patch of shattered armor around the size of a fist on his shoulder with radial fractures around it. Behind the broken armor was a bloody, deep hole where you could see white bones, blood vessels, and nerve tissues. His entire left shoulder seemed to be on the verge of being ripped off.

Song Jian felt a burst of severe pain, then a numbness spread from the wound. He could no longer feel his left shoulder, and his left arm was hanging limply, swinging back and forth with his momentum.

“I hit him!” Zhao Sihai thrilled inwardly.

System: You have understood the skill “Heart’s Eye” in combat.

A melodious system prompt resounded by Zhao Sihai’s ear, making him burst into laughter.

“Haha, ‘fortune favors the brave’. Just like in real life, you have to dare to fight in the game too. I will definitely make a name for myself in this bizarre game!” Zhao Sihai laughed uproariously.

He hadn’t realized that even though he had hit Song Jian with one shot, he didn’t kill him. In Zhao’s mind, nobody could have more than a hundred and fifty vitality points. Even a level seven player, having lost a hundred and eighty vitality points, wouldn’t be much different from a corpse.

By the time Zhao Sihai looked at Song Jian with a face full of joy, he found Song Jian bending over with his right hand pressing against the ground.

Earth Teeth Assault!

A fang-shaped energy cluster charged towards Zhao Sihai.

A deafening sound heralded the arrival of something with a chilling presence, radiating from his neck down his spine to the back of his head. Every hair on his forearm stood on end from the incoming threat.

Zhao Sihai had experienced this before when he was kidnapped by a few men dressed in black. When one of them pressed a gun against his forehead, he felt the same way, scaring him enough to wet his pants.

“How could this happen…” Zhao Sihai couldn’t fathom why Song Jian was still alive but now wasn’t the time to ponder this, he needed to dive away.

But as he moved, the fang-shaped energy cluster also slightly changed direction, colliding harshly against him.


Zhao Sihai’s massive body was thrown into the air, suffering more than sixty points of damage, and his legs snapped. His chest and stomach were in severe pain, and a foul taste filled his mouth as he spewed out a mouthful of blood.

The original hundred vitality points Zhao Sihai had were reduced to less than five after this hit.

System: Your vitality is down to three points, you are in a critical state, and your speed is reduced by 100%. You will die if you don’t get effective treatment within 30 seconds!

“Why…why is this happening…” Zhao Sihai looked blankly at the sky, his entire body devoid of energy. He couldn’t even twitch his little finger, could only wait silently for death to come.

Song Jian glanced at the wound on his left arm, which was the closest he had ever come to death. Being able to personally experience the power of a sniper rifle and not die was something very few people could do in the real world. Surgical Treatment!

A ray of white light appeared out of thin air and fell on his wound, instantly making the numb left arm wound feel refreshing. Threads of pain began to emerge and the previous broken bones and bleeding had also disappeared.

“From severe injury to moderate injury, the potential of this surgical treatment is greater than 1 had imagined!” A hint of surprise shone in Song Jian’s eyes.

Standing up, Song Jian looked towards the wooden pavilion, Zhao Sihai was lying on the floor of the pavilion. If it wasn’t for the faint rising and falling of his chest, Song Jian would have thought that he was already dead.

“Sniper rifle!” A scorching desire appeared in Song Jian’s eyes. Such a powerful weapon, once he obtained it, would be a huge boost to his strength.

Thinking of this, Song Jian couldn’t help but quicken his pace and rushed towards the wooden pavilion.

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