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Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: Chapter 30 A Demonstration

Chapter 30: Chapter 30 A Demonstration

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Jin Qiu flitted about the cave, floating up and down restlessly, like a child seeking an ideal spot for a game of hide-and-seek.

So childish.

Bai Youwei found it a bit of a farce.

Although the rabbit-headed figure from the previous game also felt like a comedy act, at least it was calm and composed, and its actions carried an impression of rigid, programmed directives. It seemed like it was merely following protocol, wasted no words, and revealed no emotions.

But what was the deal with this golden sphere now?

Such an object appearing in this life-or-death situation was quite vexing.

Shen MO whispered to her, “It doesn’t sound too difficult, just having one person find the ball will end the game. But earlier on our way here, there were quite a few dead players.”

In other words, all those people had lost their lives in this game.

If it was such a simple game, why did so many people die?

Bai Youwei carelessly quipped, “Having a race with a rabbit doesn’t sound difficult either.’

Didn’t many people die anyways?

Shen MO fell silent for a moment before asking, “Could we use the rabbit?”

Bai Youwei glanced at him, not responding immediately. Gently squeezing the stuffed rabbit’s ears in her hand, mud dripped down with each squeeze.

“I wouldn’t dare use it,” she murmured.

Leave aside whether the rabbit had enough electricity; just considering the mud-filled environment was enough to deter her. Who could guarantee that a lightning strike wouldn’t char all the players to a crisp?

She didn’t care about the others, but Shen MO had to survive.

Seeing her like this, Shen MO didn’t say any more. He just quietly told her, “Keep the starting gun close.”

Bai Youwei obediently responded, “Okay.”

The starting gun wasn’t actually of much use in this place, but it was better than nothing- -at least she had something to rely on.

Meanwhile, Shen MO tucked Bai Youwei’s folded fruit knife into his waistband behind him.

“My military knife disappeared when we entered the game,” he said quietly, “From the look of things, any obvious weapon will be shielded by this game.” “The Inspector must ensure the game goes smoothly,” Bai Youwei sneered.

First, they meticulously ensure the players’ personal safety, then cruelly snatch away their lives. Just like the game’s name — Puppet Game. All entrants are just puppets in the game, with no rights, no individuality, no freedom. “Alrighty! I choose this spot!” the childlike voice rang out again. After some indecisiveness, Jin Qiu finally chose a location.

Everyone’s heart pounded in their chest.

Jin Qiu was seen hanging above a middle-aged, fat man’s head, roughly halfway between the cave ceiling and the mud pit.

“Watch closely, once I’m done demonstrating, the game will officially start. Remember, you only have 20 seconds to find the ball!” Jin Qiu’s voice rang out loud, “Here goes, I’m going to launch it!— All eyes focused on the sphere.


The ball left a streak in its wake!

With unimaginable speed and force, it struck the mud pit, spraying mud and water three meters in the air!

The faces of all the spectators turned ashen.

But the ball didn’t stop!

After hitting the mud, it bounced up high again, striking the solid cave wall with a metallic resonance!-

Thud thud thud thud!!!

A series of rebounds ensued!

Spouts of dark mud erupted, each followed by the deafening impact sound! The occasional unpredictable ricochet was nothing short of a boulder tumbling down a mountain path!


A young woman screamed, clutching her head as she tumbled down into a shellfish-like structure. Jin Qiu missed her head by a hair’s breadth and smashed into another structure, ricocheting into the unknown! The entire cave reverberated with the thudding noises—incessantly echoing!

When everything finally stopped—

The cave bore an entirely different scene.

It looked as horrific as an exploded juicer..

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