I Just Want To Slack off In Cultivation

Chapter 1798 The Ups And Downs Of Life And Death Are But A Dream.

The nine levels of the immortal Palace were lofty and sculpted.

The Jade railings and Viburnum branches were sparkling and resplendent, reflecting thousands of rays of light.

In the snow-white golden side hall, corals were spread out and pearls were piled up. There was a bright light that shone like day.

On the throne, a tall and sturdy figure sat quietly. His aura was ethereal and illusory, as if it was just an illusion. Yet, it also seemed vast, majestic, and unfathomable.

"Li Luo!"

Looking at the extremely familiar scene in front of him, PEI Ling's entire body froze. He then quickly reacted. The three-day period was up!

But ...

He's awake?

What was the meaning of this?

Just as he was in deep thought, Li Luo, who was sitting on the pure white Throne, said with a calm expression, " "The Grand primordium order, the heavens of true Chun1." [ Note 1 ]

&Quot; the heavenly outline is the state of yin and yang, when they have not changed, when there is no light or image, when they are invisible and nameless, when the gods have yet to see Qi. It has already existed. &Quot; [ Note 2 ]

"It is the foundation of the universe."

"It is also the basis for the existence and operation of all living things."

&Quot; to obey the order of the heavenly axis is to follow the will of heaven. This action is beneficial to the heavens and the world, as well as one's own body. It's the way to be close to the great Dao, to understand the heart of heaven, and to perceive the great simplicity! &Quot;

&Quot; going against the heavenly order is going against the heavens. This action is going against the heavens and the myriad world. This is going against yourself. You're going against the heavenly Dao and falling from the truth. This is blasphemy against the great Dao! &Quot;

"He should be killed! He should be cut! It should be destroyed!"

"The ups and downs of life and death, the affairs of the world, all are but a dream."

"The heavens and the world, everything is within the heavenly axis."

"Since you've already woken up from your dream, I wonder if you want to follow me to the creation wood to enter the celestial path and return to your original time, or do you want to make a decision three days later?"

A dream?

Three days later?

When PEI Ling heard this, he was stunned.

The latter immediately recalled that three days ago, he had been brought here by master immortal Li Luo. He had thought that he would help this master immortal track down the whereabouts of the heavenly Tribulation, but unexpectedly, the two of them had a discussion.

At that time, master immortal Li Luo had said that he didn't need to do anything but wait in this side hall for three days!

After that, when he asked this celestial Prime about the chess game, he suddenly felt an irrepressible fatigue and fell asleep without knowing it.

At the thought of this, PEI Ling's heart trembled.

All the experiences in the past three days were just a dream he had after he fell asleep?

He quickly looked around. On the screen at the door of the hall, the Green Mountains were still deep and serene. The lingering green mist, the traces, and the position were no different from what he had seen at that time.

The water was flowing, and the splashing water droplets wet the reefs along the shore. The water had not dried up completely.

The coral interweaved like a dense forest, and the pearls on the treetops cast a soft glow. There was no difference from what he had seen when he entered the hall.

Even calamity, who was not far away, did not seem to be out of the ordinary ...

Had he been staying in this side hall all this time?

He just woke up?

This was impossible!

PEI Ling immediately reacted. If everything was really just a dream, then what was the system upgrade all about?

Moreover, the system had also recorded the improved results of the celestial technique [ boundless secular world, fear me like the heavens ] from master immortal Yan Xu ...

At this point, PEI Ling suddenly realized that the system had indeed recorded the results of the improvement of the celestial technique [ boundless secular world, fear me like the heavens ].

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember a single word or detail of this celestial spell ...

If he wasn't the only one who could see the celestial spell on the system panel, he would have thought that it didn't exist.

Everything was just his imagination!

If he wasn't wrong, this should be one of Li Luo's tricks!

As for the three days "time that Li Luo had mentioned ...

The other party was using the "cause" and "effect" to find the "cause"?

Setting the "effect" and searching for the "cause" was originally the signature move of the divine Tree, Fusang.

However, once one's cultivation level reached the immortal King realm, all of the immortal techniques, laws,'origins', and great DAOs in a world could be used at will!

It was even more so for celestial primes above celestial Kings!

Not to mention the methods of the three divine trees, even in the entire universe ... Everything within the heavenly axis was under the control of Li Luo!

Now, he wouldn't be surprised no matter what method Li Luo used!

With this in mind, PEI Ling had already calmed down.

He didn't refute Li Luo, but said very respectfully,"I'm sorry to trouble senior immortal master to ask, but I have a few questions that I don't understand. I wonder if senior immortal master Li Luo can take the time to answer them for me?"

Now that master immortal Li Luo had asked him to make a choice, he would die without a doubt if he didn't choose master immortal Li Luo's path!

However, if he chose master immortal Li Luo ...

Yan Xu would definitely not let him go!

He had yet to become an immortal, so his strength was limited. Getting involved in a battle of this level was equivalent to courting death.

Therefore, he only wanted to get out of the battle between these four celestial primes as soon as possible. He didn't want to get involved in the battle at all!

At this moment, Li Luo's expression didn't change and he calmly said,"Yes,"

Hearing this, PEI Ling did not hesitate and quickly said, " "If I may ask, venerated immortal, the time now is three days ago, and the myriad immortal gathering has just ended. Or is it three days later, when senior 'Li Luo' is going to send me to the creation wood immortal Ascension?"

As soon as he finished speaking, PEI Ling immediately held his breath and concentrated, not daring to be distracted in the slightest.

If it was three days ago, then it was very likely that Li Luo had used the "cause" and "effect"!

What he needed to do was to find a way to use the system to change the "cause" and escape from the hands of master immortal Li Luo!

However, if it was three days later, then it would not be determining the " effect " and searching for the " cause ", but a method that he had never come into contact with before ...

If he wanted to escape, he had to ask celestial Prime Yan Xu to help!

Yan Xu had promised him that as long as he created a new path, she would save him once!

Next, he had to use the [ celestial invitation technique ] to make 'Yan Xu' fulfill his promise ...

Tens of thousands of Pearl lights shone on the Grand Hall. On the Imperial throne, Li Luo's perfect face was as calm as a mirror, and his voice was indifferent."If we go to jianmu now, it will be three days later. If you don't want to go, then it was three days ago."

Hearing this, PEI Ling was stunned for a moment, then immediately understood the meaning behind Li Luo's words.

Now that he had chosen the path of master immortal Li Luo, the three days were up and he could directly ascend to the creation wood and become an immortal.

If he didn't choose Li Luo's path, he would have to start all over again in three days and start from the beginning!

In the three days he had experienced, no matter what he had encountered, whether it was true or false, it was all up to master immortal Li Luo!

If master immortal Li Luo said it was three days ago, then it was three days ago!

He said three days later, and he meant it!

Realizing this, PEI Ling immediately made up his mind. If the situation turned bad, he would directly use the celestial invitation technique!

Thinking of this, he continued to ask,"senior 'Li Luo' once said that the game of chess allowed me to escape, so it's better to leave as soon as possible."

"If I follow senior to climb the creation wood, can I really escape?"

&Quot; everything is in order, " Li Luo said calmly. &Quot; you can only enter the game once. &Quot;

"As long as you leave the chessboard, you will no longer be affected by the game."

&Quot; however, you've done too many things that went against the heavenly principles. The situation is special. &Quot;

&Quot; even if I return to the original time, I can't get rid of the heavenly Dao. &Quot;

&Quot; of course, you've done a great job in finding the heavenly Tribulation. &Quot;

lightsΝοvel "I'll give you a chance to be responsible for maintaining the order of the heavenly order in the future to atone for your crimes."

&Quot; as long as you turn over a new leaf, you can still go one step further! &Quot;

PEI Ling nodded slightly. Li Luo did not hide anything.

If he chose the path of Li Luo, he could get out of the floating life chess game, but he would be caught in the battle between Li Luo and Yan Xu ...

PEI Ling continued to ask, " "Senior, how many empty immortal reverent seats are there?"

This was a question that human King Zhong kuilie wanted him to ask immortal monarch Yan Xu.

There were three immortal reverent positions that human King Zhongkui lie knew of.

However, when Qing Xi had followed the great sun golden Crow to the 'lawless' side of the world to meet with celestial master Yan Xu, he had only given two answers!

Furthermore, these two empty spots had nothing to do with the empty spots that human King Zhongkui lie had thought of!

Now that Li Luo was in front of him, he had to confirm it.

Besides, if master immortal Li Luo had the patience, he would like to ask another question. Why couldn't the Golden Crow race, the Dragon race, and the nether Lord become a master?

On the pure white Throne, master immortal Li Luo sat quietly, his voice was ethereal and indifferent,"There have only been four celestial primes since the beginning of the world."

"There's no such thing as an empty seat."

"The celestial King is the peak of all living beings and the dead in the universe."

"And you, you have the potential to become a King."

No immortal reverent seats?

PEI Ling's heart skipped a beat!

Li Luo and Yan Xu's words were completely different!

What was going on?

His future immortal reverent position was suddenly gone?

PEI Ling's brows furrowed tightly, but he quickly regained his composure.

This master immortal Li Luo really knew how to turn black into white!

In the beginning, the other party had treated the past as the present. It was already extremely ridiculous to treat 'now' as 'future'!

And at this moment, he actually wanted to ruin his venerated immortal position ...

This matter was related to the future of his Dao. He absolutely couldn't let it succeed!

Otherwise, he would really lose his position as a celestial Prime!

As his mind raced, PEI Ling suddenly asked, " "Senior celestial Prime Li Luo, have you found the whereabouts of the heavenly Tribulation?"

Three days ago, he had been forced to summon his Heavenly Tribulation at the myriad Immortals assembly, but it was forcibly taken away by "Li Luo."

After that, master immortal Li Luo claimed that he could directly deduce the whereabouts of the complete Heavenly Tribulation by relying on that little bit of Heavenly Tribulation ...

Moreover, he had just been in the land of chaos where the heavenly Tribulation was sealed ...

Master immortal Li Luo probably already knows the whereabouts of the heavenly Tribulation!

Now, he had deliberately asked this question to highlight his own contribution, so that it would be convenient for him to ask the next question ...

In the sound of the water, Li Luo nodded with a calm expression.

"Senior Li Luo, you're worthy of being an Almighty immortal reverent!" PEI Ling quickly said.

&Quot; this time, countless Immortals from all over the universe descended to the lower realm and searched for the whereabouts of the heavenly Tribulation, but they found nothing and no clues. &Quot;

"Even though the great sun and the Golden Crow light up the entire area and patrol the land every day, the Golden crow's aura is extremely strong. Even though the Dragon race controlled the water, they could sense the six directions when it rained. However, even with such a large clan, we still have no leads despite searching with all our might."

&Quot; it's such a big matter, and it's still 'Li Luo' who took action personally. It's only a meeting of ten thousand Immortals, and the overall situation has been settled! &Quot;

"Even if I didn't join the immortals" meeting with my mortal body, I'm sure you would still be able to find the heavenly Tribulation and restore the orthodoxy!"

"But ..."

"Junior's appearance has saved some time for celestial sovereign."

"With my mortal body, I've made such a contribution. The immortal venerable has always been fair. I wonder if you can teach me 100 celestial techniques that abide by the heavenly rules and regulations for my self-defense?"

Li Luo said calmly,"Sure."

Hearing this, PEI Ling was overjoyed and immediately said in an impassioned and powerful voice, " "Many thanks, senior 'Li Luo'. .."

However, before he could finish his words, Li Luo's Grand voice continued,"The first rule of all immortal techniques that abide by the heavenly rules and regulations ..."

"Immortal Ascension first!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire Hall faded away.

The pure white and gold walls, the magnificent roof, the giant coral trees, the bright pearls, the screens with the lofty mountains and the flowing water, the White jade railings ... Everything in the immortal Palace disappeared in a flash like an illusion.

What appeared in front of PEI Ling was a towering and Grand giant tree!

It was formed by nine extremely majestic giant vines that were intertwined with each other. Unlike ordinary giant trees that were tall and straight, this giant tree was like a real Dragon. It spiraled and wriggled into the sky.

Layers of clouds and mist surrounded the tree. Wind, lightning, and Thunder soaked the tree. The dense and luxuriant branches and leaves were like ten thousand mountains, surging like the sea and vast void.

Crimson, autumn, emerald green, yellow ... The four colors appeared.

Its bark was rough and weathered, with mountains and valleys on its surface. Raindrops gathered and fell, forming waterfalls and lakes. The misty water vapor was ethereal and wavering, reflecting thousands of rainbow bridges and mirages.

Countless flowers and grass swayed in the wind, covering the winding path and soaring into the clouds.

There was an immortal Palace far away, shining and fading in the mountains and seas of clouds.

Five-colored rays of light and a cold auspicious Qi shone over ten thousand miles and swept across the world.

This is the creation wood!

In the lifeless realm that the city Lord of bamboo city, one of the 13 Youdu cities, had cast, PEI Ling had seen the appearance of the creation wood.

At this moment, countless Immortals stood under the creation wood with their sleeves folded, forming a path of immortal Ascension that led to the top of the creation wood.

In the distant clouds, between the dazzled towers of immortal palaces, many Immortals with wide sleeves and watery eyes were holding Jade baskets in their arms and spiritual flowers in their hands. She was either holding a Jade flute and gently touching her red lips, or holding a lute and plucking the strings with her bare hands.

The immortals were all beautiful and graceful. They fluttered among the clouds like butterflies, and ethereal music came from the clouds. It was clear and exciting, making the blood of all living beings boil. They seemed to be eager to climb the builder tree and become Immortals!

At this time, Li Luo's voice sounded again,"You've made the best decision."

"You didn't disappoint me!"

Upon hearing this, PEI Ling did not hesitate to step forward. He crossed the path that was surrounded by many Immortals and stepped onto the main path above the builder tree, climbing up to the top.

The moment he stepped onto the World Tree, the celestial spiritual energy in his body surged!

An ethereal and lofty intent began to throb and sprout like a seed in spring ...

Wisps of pure and condensed green qi quietly appeared behind him, as if they were about to really condense into form ...

PEI Ling was shocked. He wanted to stop, but his body did not listen to him at all!


It wasn't that his body was not listening to him!

His body had always been under his control, and there was no external force controlling him. His divine soul was also not bewitched, but for some reason, he just couldn't stop!

It was as if he had already agreed to climb the creation wood to become an immortal!

Without time to think, PEI Ling immediately muttered in his heart, " "System, I want to cultivate ..."

Before he could say the method to take over, the system's notification sounded."Ding dong! Immortal Ascension Branch 3, [ heavenly Dao Orthodox ] has been activated ..."

"Ding dong! The system will vindicate your Dao ..."

As soon as the system notification rang out, the surrounding scene changed again!

The immortal Palace, the immortal's temple, the World Tree, the immortal ... All of them vanished!

A familiar wide hall appeared in front of him.

It was majestic and looked luxurious. However, upon closer inspection, the entire Palace seemed to be wriggling and changing at all times. It was filled with horror, calamity, coldness, chaos, evil, and depravity. The aura was so dense that it felt like it was tangible!

This was the 'lawless' side of the world, the palace of the immortal Lord of 'Yan Xu'!

At this moment, master immortal Yan Xu, who was wearing a Scarlet Palace robe, was sitting on the Imperial throne. His pure white eyes were as bright as the moon in the future as he looked down quietly.

He stared at PEI Ling and nodded slightly. &Quot; It was also a dream for you to climb the creation wood just now. &Quot;

"Now, you're truly awake!"

[ Note 1 ] Chen PU created the song Dynasty version of " the heart of a pure child ".

[ Note 2 ] Zhang Shanyuan compiled song yuanjue's " ten thousand laws ".

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