Chapter 337: Please Pay The Penalty

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Li Ying asserted with certainty, “You must have cheated!”

The contestants, even without Gu Dai’s response, couldn’t hold back their words.

“Li Ying, you need to have evidence to make such claims.”

“The beautiful sister completed the Suzhou embroidery under the gaze of so many of us. How could she possibly cheat?”

“You’re grown up now; you should learn to accept your shortcomings, not slander others when you see them succeed.”

Under the barrage of comments, Li Ying slowly lowered her head, yet she persisted, “Her speed in making Suzhou embroidery was too fast. I don’t believe you all don’t have doubts!”

Upon hearing Li Ying’s words, a silence fell over the crowd.

Zhen Chan spoke, “We were right there. We can attest she did the embroidery on the spot.”

The other judges nodded in agreement with Zhen Chan.

Li Ying looked disdainful.

Gu Dai, seeing this, spoke calmly, “If you think they are covering for me, you can check the surveillance footage.”

The host, perceptively, had the footage displayed.

Li Ying, upon seeing Gu Dai’s confidence, felt a chill, yet she couldn’t help but hope that Gu Dai was merely feigning composure.

She said, “If there’s surveillance, let’s see it.”

Gu Dai nodded to the host, and the footage played on the big screen.

Li Ying watched intently, not daring to blink, but as she watched, her face grew paler.

Gu Dai was focused on her embroidery, and the scene unfolded with her every move, leaving no time for cheating.

The surveillance ended before they realized.

Gu Dai, yawning from fatigue, looked at Li Ying and asked, “The evidence is before you. Do you still think I cheated?”

Li Ying clenched her fists, glaring at Gu Dai, “Maybe she tampered with the surveillance. Why else would she think of showing it?”

Gu Dai had anticipated this reaction, remaining unfazed.

The others couldn’t hold back, “Li Ying, you’re being unreasonable. The beautiful sister has provided proof, yet you refuse to believe it and continue to slander her!”

Li Ying glared at them, then turned to the host, “What’s my ranking?”

The host, trembling, replied, “Second… second place…”

Li Ying scoffed, her gaze fixed on Gu Dai, “I withdraw from the competition! Since you dare treat me this way, let Gu Group lose a future master of Suzhou embroidery. You wait till your boss reprimands you!”

With that, she stormed off.

Gu Dai called out, “Wait.”

Li Ying stopped, coldly, she said, “Even if you realize your mistake now, it’s too late!”

Gu Dai’s lips twitched slightly, and after a few seconds of mental preparation, she mustered the courage to speak. “I’m not trying to keep you in the competition. I just want to remind you that if you withdraw now, your registration fee won’t be refunded. Moreover, due to your mid-competition withdrawal, according to the contract we signed, you’ll need to pay a penalty of one million.”

Li Ying froze, her gaze lingering on the exit, but minutes passed without her moving.

After reminding Li Ying, Gu Dai turned away, indicating the host to continue.

The host announced, “Now, the third place—Mao Ni!”

He added with a smile, “The first prize is 500,000, the second 300,000, and the third 100,000. The prize money will be transferred by staff from the Gu Group.”

He concluded, “This is just the semifinals. Those not advancing, don’t lose heart. Life is long; there are more opportunities. Don’t be discouraged. Those advancing, prepare for tomorrow’s final round!”


Song Ling, watching from a distance, lowered his eyes, “Zhao Xuan, do I really not know Gu Dai well enough? I had no idea she was skilled in Suzhou embroidery.”

Memories of Gu Dai’s exquisite embroidery filled Song Ling’s mind, casting a shadow over his mood..

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