Chapter 339: Powerlessness

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After finishing her meal, Gu Dai first dropped Auntie Zhen off at the hotel.

Before Gu Dai could drive away, Song Ling hurried out of his car and grabbed her, speaking in a serious tone, “Let’s talk.”

Gu Dai pulled her hand back, replying indifferently, “I don’t think there’s anything to discuss between us.”

Ignoring her response, Song Ling continued, “I saw your Suzhou Embroidery work.”

Gu Dai, unimpressed by his praise, simply responded with a casual “Oh” and proceeded to get into her car.

Blocking her way, Song Ling stood in front of her, not letting her open the car door, “I was injured saving you that day, sustaining many cuts on my arm.”

He added, “It hurts quite a bit.”

Gu Dai looked at him, and after a moment, said gently, “I’m thankful you saved me, but as I recall, your injuries weren’t serious. It’s been two days; they should be healing.”

She continued, “Once I get home, I’ll have my assistant send you compensation. If your wound still hurts, you can visit the hospital for treatment, and I’ll reimburse the medical expenses.”

After saying this, Gu Dai pushed Song Ling aside and drove home.

Su Ting’s injuries were more severe than Song Ling’s, and he had helped others while still wounded, undoubtedly worsening his pain.

Eager to return home, Gu Dai wanted to check on Su Ting’s condition.

Song Ling watched her car disappear in the distance, his face pale. Recalling the recent encounter, a sense of powerlessness welled up within him.

Li Ying returned home with a dark expression. Remembering her embarrassing moment earlier that day, her face burned with humiliation, and in a fit of anger, she threw everything on the table to the ground.

The images of Gu Dai and Wei Jia flashed in her mind. Red-eyed and gritting her teeth, she vowed, “I won’t let you get away with this!”

At that moment, there was a knock at the door.

Li Ying glared fiercely and opened the door forcefully, only to be taken aback by the unfamiliar man standing there. Frowning, she asked, “Who are you?”

Gu Ming smiled, “I can help you deal with them.”

Caught off guard, Li Ying inquired, “What do you mean?”

Gu Ming explained, “I can help you win first place and enter the Gu Group.”

Leaning against the doorframe, Li Ying asked coldly, “What do you want in return?”

Remembering how Gu Dai had exposed his wrongdoings, leading to a harsh reprimand from the shareholders, Gu Ming’s eyes flashed with hatred.

He dreamt of getting back at Gu Dai.

Through gritted teeth, Gu Ming demanded, “Once you enter the Gu Group, you must follow my instructions!”

The next day, the Suzhou Embroidery finals began.

With increased difficulty compared to the preliminaries, the contestants were given more time. After the competition, everyone locked their works in a designated cabinet.

Gu Dai announced, “The final results will be determined not only by the judges but also through online voting, allowing netizens to vote for their favorite pieces.”

Her announcement caused a stir among the contestants. A few minutes later, they voiced their concerns.

“Beautiful sister, won’t there be vote manipulation online? It doesn’t seem fair to us.”

While others worried, Li Ying smiled upon hearing “vote manipulation,” planning to arrange for it later.

Gu Dai glanced at Li Ying and assured everyone, “We’re using a professional voting system to ensure fairness and prevent any vote manipulation.”

As the crowd cheered, Li Ying’s face darkened, a flicker of resentment in her eyes. Returning home, she contacted the person Gu Ming had arranged for her.

Li Ying ordered, “Manipulate the votes for me!”

A few minutes later, Liu San called her back, “The Gu Group’s system is too secure. I can’t manipulate the votes.”

Taking a deep breath, a sinister gleam appeared in Li Ying’s eyes. If she couldn’t manipulate votes, she had to resort to other measures.

That night.

A man moved swiftly, evading the cameras before sneaking into the room holding the embroidery works. His gaze scanned each name until it rested on “Wei Jia.”

He quickly broke the lock and, following Li Ying’s instructions, took out Wei Jia’s embroidery and destroyed it.

As Liu San was about to leave, the room’s lights suddenly turned on..

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