I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced

Chapter 376 - Chapter 376: Competition at the Banquet

Chapter 376: Competition at the Banquet

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Jiang Yue, in disbelief, exclaimed, “Gu Dai! Why would she be at the hotel?”

Jiang Lin frowned and scolded coldly, “Shut up and calm down. Let’s finish watching the surveillance.”

On the monitor, an hour later, Gu Dai emerged from the room with a dark expression, her clothes stained with water, suggesting that something had happened between them.

Jiang Yue’s face twisted with jealousy.

She turned to Jiang Lin in a panic, pleading, “Auntie, please help me. What should I do now?”

Jiang Lin, adept at manipulating many wealthy men and navigating the complex world of elite society, quickly devised a plan. She spoke calmly, “From now on, you must insist that the person with Song Ling that day was you!”

Jiang Yue, puzzled, asked, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Lin explained, “Since Song Ling hasn’t exposed you, it can only mean he doesn’t know that it was actually Gu Dai that night.”

Jiang Yue’s eyes lit up, but then she hesitated, “But what if Gu Dai tells the truth and exposes me?”

Jiang Lin glared at Jiang Yue and said coldly, “Apart from this, you have no other option. This is your only chance. Think about how to handle it.”

At the banquet.

After returning to the Capital, Song Ling attended a high-profile social event in the city as planned.

Zhao Xuan looked at Song Ling, who was emanating an icy aura, and whispered cautiously, “President Song, this banquet is very important. You should…”

Song Ling swept a cold glance at Zhao Xuan, “Do I need your advice? I don’t feel like attending right now.”

He turned to leave, but stopped upon seeing Su Ting. Picking up a glass of wine, he approached Su Ting with a frosty demeanor.

Su Ting looked at Song Ling and asked indifferently, “Is there something you need, President Song?”

Thinking of Su Ting’s close relationship with Gu Dai and his own complicated entanglement with Jiang Yue, Song Ling felt increasingly irritable. He spoke in a low voice, “Let’s have a few drinks.”

Su Ting declined, “Sis asked me not to drink at the banquet.”

Song Ling sneered, gripping the wine glass tighter.

Zhao Xuan, watching this, feared Song Ling might shatter the glass.

Song Ling looked Su Ting up and down and said disdainfully, “You may be famous around the world, but you’re just a model. I’m a company president. Gu Dai must be blind to choose you.”

Seeing Su Ting’s expression unchanged, Song Ling felt an impotent frustration. Tugging at his tie, he added, “Even though I’m divorced from Gu Dai, I was married to her. And you? You may follow her around, but you probably don’t even have a proper status by her side.”

Zhang Zheng, knowing Su Ting well, quickly reminded Su Ting in a low voice, “Stay calm. It’s a public event, and no fighting is allowed. Besides, Miss Gu Dai would be upset if she saw you fighting.”

Su Ting glanced at Song Ling and accepted a glass of wine from a waiter, “President Song wants to drink, right? I’ll join you.”

The crowd watched Song Ling and Su Ting drinking, puzzled.

“When did Song Ling and the international supermodel Su Ting become so close?”

“It looks like they might be striking a business deal. If Su Ting endorses Song’s products, they’ll surely be a global hit, boosting the company’s strength significantly.”

“I’m envious. When will I get a chance to do business with Su Ting? I also want my company’s products to be well-known and sell globally!”

Seeing this, Zhang Zheng hurried over to Su Ting, urging, “Stop drinking. You have an event in a few days and need to stay in shape.”

Su Ting replied, “I know my limits with alcohol. It won’t affect my condition. Besides, if President Song wants to drink with me, I’ll certainly oblige.”

Song Ling, slightly drunk but pretending to be sober, remarked, “I didn’t expect a runway model to have such a high tolerance.”

Su Ting smiled faintly and said to Song Ling, “After all, I need to be alert to take care of Daidai, not get drunk and make her take care of me.”

Song Ling, reminded of the times Gu Dai had taken care of him, felt Su Ting’s words were mocking him. His expression worsened.

Zhang Zheng, unable to stop Su Ting from drinking, reluctantly dialed Gu Dai’s number.

Zhang Zheng reported, “Miss Gu Dai, we’re at the banquet and have run into President Song Ling..”

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