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Chapter 700 - Chapter 700: Li Si Wants to Fight Wang Mang?

Chapter 700: Li Si Wants to Fight Wang Mang?

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Half a month later.

Only then did Wang Mang slowly wake up from his evolution.

After waking up, Wang Mang could feel that his body was filled with a terrifying power.

“Is this the power of a Saint Emperor?”

At this moment, Wang Mang could not help but size himself up in shock.

With every move he made, he could feel a vast burst of magic power.

At the same time, Wang Mang’s body emitted a divine and translucent feeling.

Other than that, every breath Wang Mang took was filled with boundless and incomparably pure magical force.

Apart from that, what Wang Mang felt was the most obvious.

Every pore in his body could store the magic power of the Immensity Sea.

It could be said that his current body was much stronger than when he was still an Immortal Emperor.

Of course, just how powerful was he?

He could only understand this in detail by looking at his personal information.

Therefore, Wang Mang happily chanted in his heart,

“System, open your personal information!”

The next moment, his personal information appeared in front of him.

Wang Mang: Disciple of a Quasi-Saint (Myriad Demon Saint Son).

Type: Void Python (Maximum 700 meters)

Realm: First Heaven of Saint Emperor (Peerless Heaven’s Favorite)

Physique: 21,000 HP, 685 meters long, 33 meters wide, 50 million tons heavy.

Ordinary Mystiques: Void Hand, Void Blade, Void Escape, One Step to the World’s End, Myriad Changes.

Top Mystique: Energy Swallowing God Devouring Technique (complete), Three World Honored Buddhas (complete), Hongjun’s Three Separation Technique (none), Wrath of God and Demon (complete).

Space: 1 bottle of Unruffled Water, 1 Fallen Saint Pill, 1 Six-Flavored Emperor Pill, Class 5 Abyss Summoning Card.

Equipment: Top Grade World Five Colored Stone xi, Shenwu Sword, Immortal Emperor Mask, Talent Points 70.

Energy Value: 0 billion / 11 billion

After reading his personal information,

Only then did Wang Mang nod in satisfaction.

From the information and data, there was not much change.

However, the truth was that Wang Mang’s strength had been turned upside down.

At this moment, the system’s voice sounded.

[Ding! Warm reminder. From today onwards, the host’s evolution can be completed instantly!]

[Ding! Detected the host’s current situation. Now, the host is given the following mission choices!]

[Mission Number One: After your strength has increased greatly, how can you not kill a Venerable One to liven things up? Host, please head to the Journey to the West and kill Daoist Wen!]

[Mission Time: Acquired upon completion.]

[Mission Reward: 4 billion energy points! Immortal King Treasure Chest xi! ]

[Mission 2: After your strength has increased greatly, how can you not kill the Venerable One to liven things up? Host, please head to the Journey to the West and kill the Dragon Clan’s candle dragon!]

[Mission Time: Acquired upon completion.]

[Mission Reward: 6 billion energy points! Immortal King Treasure Chest xi!]

[Third Mission: After your strength has increased greatly, how can you not kill the Venerable One to liven things up? Please head to the Journey to the West and kill Empress Myrtlestar!]

[Mission Time: Acquired upon completion.]

[Mission Reward: 6 billion energy points! Immortal King Blind Box xi!]

[Quest 4: After your strength increases greatly, how can you not descend upon the Saint Emperor Continent? Kill a powerhouse on the Prodigy Roll and enter the Prodigy Roll!]

[Mission Time: Acquired upon completion.]

[Mission Reward: 5 billion energy points! Immortal King Blind Box xi! Immortal King Treasure Chest xi! ]

After hearing the system’s voice,

Wang Mang was stunned.

What the f*ck? Was he trying to make him travel around the world?

The first three missions were related to Journey to the West. He had to kill an enemy.

However, the rewards were too little. This made Wang Mang a little unhappy.

Moreover, these three enemies were not easy to kill!

The only thing he was confident in was actually killing Daoist Wen.

Because other than Daoist Wen,

Whether it was Empress Myrtlestar or the Torch Dragon.

Even Wang Mang wasn’t confident.

This was because there was no doubt about the Torch Dragon’s strength. It was an existence that could slay three corpses at the late-stage of the Saint Emperor Realm!

Empress Myrtlestar’s life was as valuable as the Torch Dragon’s. Needless to say, she had probably severed three corpses!

Only Daoist Wen and Wang Mang could confirm that it should still be within the range of slaying two corpses.

Therefore, Wang Mang basically did not consider these three missions.

On the other hand, this mission from the Saint Emperor Continent had piqued Wang Mang’s interest.

The reward was even higher than the first place in the mission.

This proved that the Saint Emperor Continent’s Prodigy Roll was definitely not that easy to get on.

Thinking of this, Wang Mang became even more curious.

He really wanted to know what level the prodigies of the Saint Emperor Continent had reached.

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang made his choice.

He could go to Journey to the West at any time.

However, the Prodigy Roll of the Saint Emperor Continent…

Wang Mang was more interested in the rewards.

Hence, Wang Mang chanted in his heart, “System! I choose the fourth mission!”

The next moment, the system’s voice sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations, host! You have successfully chosen a mission! Please complete the mission as soon as possible and obtain the reward!]

After hearing the system’s voice, the corners of Wang Mang’s mouth immediately curled up.

Then, Wang Mang stood up and walked out of the cave.

However, Wang Mang did not choose to return to the Myriad Demon Holy Land.

On the contrary, after Wang Mang put away the Immortal Emperor mask, he rushed towards the nearby Hidden Dragon City.

He wanted to gather information in Crouching Dragon City before deciding to take action.

In Wang Mang’s opinion, it was impossible that no one from the Eastern Heaven Realm had made it onto the Genius List of the Saint Emperor Continent, right?

Ten minutes later.

Wang Mang arrived at the Hidden Dragon City.

Obviously, no one recognized Wang Mang.

After all, Wang Mang was wearing an Immortal Emperor mask when he entered the Hidden Dragon City.

Therefore, Wang Mang crossed the street and arrived at a restaurant.

This was because the best place to gather information was actually in a restaurant.

“Waiter, give me a table of good wine and dishes! All the ingredients have to be from fifth-tier demon beasts!”

After entering the restaurant, Wang Mang found a spot near the window and called out.

“Alright, please wait a moment.”

Hearing this, the waiter smiled respectfully.

Then, Wang Mang nodded indifferently.

But soon, Wang Mang realized that many people were quietly watching him.

Clearly, the rich and imposing Wang Mang had attracted the attention of many people.

After all, not everyone could afford to eat a fifth-rank demon beast!

What did Tier 5 represent? Tier 5 represented Immortal Emperors!

However, none of the customers here had reached the Fifth Grade Immortal Sovereign Realm!

Therefore, it would be strange if Wang Mang’s words didn’t attract attention.

Wang Mang wasn’t surprised by this at all.

Similarly, Wang Mang’s gaze swept through the restaurant.

He wanted to find someone who was well-informed and ask for information.

At this moment, a voice attracted Wang Mang’s attention.

“By the way, the battle between the Myriad Demon Child and the Supreme Spiritual Phantom almost turned the Hidden Dragon City into ruins!”

“That’s because the fighting strength of the Myriad Demon Saint Son and the Supreme Phantom had already reached the Emperor God Realm!”

“At the critical moment, it was only because the Hidden Dragon City Master and the Emperor Gods of the Hidden Dragon Sacred Ground personally protected the city that the Hidden Dragon City was saved.”

“Otherwise, Crouching Dragon City would have been reduced to ruins because of this battle…”

For a moment, Wang Mang immediately looked over.

He saw a middle-aged scholar at the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage talking excitedly.

Hearing this, many Immortal Reverents and Immortal Sovereigns in the restaurant immediately questioned hesitantly.

“Is it as exaggerated as you say?”

“That’s right! How can a battle wipe out the entire Hidden Dragon City? I’m dying of laughter!”

“Are you f*cking fooling a child here? Can the Hidden Dragon Saint have the combat strength of an Emperor God?”

“That’s right! If the Hidden Dragon Shengzi has really become the supreme among the prodigies, why didn’t he go to the Central Heaven Realm where the prodigies are gathered?”

Obviously, it was not difficult to tell from the discussions of the crowd that they did not agree with the scholar’s words.

In fact, they felt that this was just the scholar’s excessive flattery!

What a joke!

A Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land.

He actually had the combat strength of an Emperor God?

Heaven’s Favorites had reached the Supremacy Stage?

Even novels wouldn’t dare to write like this!

At this moment.

A middle-aged burly man laughed disdainfully and mocked,

“What Myriad Demon Saint Son? 1 think you’re just bragging.”

“If he dares to appear in front of me, I, Li Si, can suppress him with a flip of my hand!”

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