I'm Hoarding for the Apocalypse

Chapter 620 - 620: Fight With All Your Strength

Chapter 620: Fight With All Your Strength

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Du Yue could not help but smile when she saw the boy holding the coat in his arms. “The biggest use of clothes is to keep you warm. You’d better put it on quickly.”

The boy was wearing very thin clothes. On the way over, Du Yue noticed that he had been shivering.

The boy looked at Du Yue gratefully and planned to put on his coat. He had just gotten his sleeves on when he suddenly realized that there was something in the pocket of his clothes that was bulging. “This coat…”

Wan Dapeng looked over. “What’s wrong with the coat?” Wan Dapeng suddenly spoke, giving the boy a fright.

He shook his head repeatedly. “The coat is fine, but there seems to be something in the pocket.” As he spoke, the boy put his hand into his pocket. In the next second, he touched two huge potatoes.

Looking at the potatoes in his hands, the boy’s eyes lit up. However, he still firmly handed the potatoes forward. “There are two potatoes in this pocket. I’ll return them to you.”

Du Yue did not reach out to take them. “Since they were in your pocket, they’re yours. Keep them.”

“That’s not appropriate, right?” The boy was a little embarrassed. Previously, when Du Yue asked him to say what he wanted, he chose a warm coat. How could he have the cheek to ask for Du Yue’s potatoes too?

“But—” The boy had just said this word when he saw Du Yue’s gaze. The two of them looked at each other. The boy swallowed his unfinished words. He originally wanted to ask Du Yue why she was giving him two more potatoes. However, when he saw Du Yue’s gaze, the boy suddenly understood something. There were some things that did not need to be asked.

“Thank you.” The boy bowed seriously to Du Yue and the other two.

Du Yue did not give him the potatoes because she wanted him to thank her. After seeing the boy bow, she only nodded slightly. “Wait here for a while. We have something to say to Brother Wan. After we’re done, you can go back with him, okay?”

The boy was brought back by them. If he went back by himself, it would be her fault if he encountered any danger on the way. That was why Du Yue told him to wait here.

The boy agreed readily. “Alright! You guys go ahead. 1’11 wait in the courtyard!”

He Xing walked forward. “1’11 bring you to sit for a while. You don’t have to wait here.”

He Xing brought him to the kitchen. There was nothing else in the kitchen except for some simple kitchenware and chopsticks. After all, Du Yue had the space to keep the food fresh. There was no need to put the food in the kitchen.

“Sit down for a while. We’ll be done soon.” He Xing turned around and returned to the RV.

The boy sat in the kitchen. Although he was curious about everything around him, he tried his best to control himself from looking around. This was a real house! Although it was only made of movable boards, it was still a house with doors, lights, and walls.

In the RV, Du Yue and Wan Dapeng were sitting on the sofa. In front of them, there were a few plates of snacks made from sweet potatoes and potatoes. “Brother Wan, eat more. We planted, harvested, and processed the potatoes ourselves.”

Wan Dapeng did not hesitate. They had known each other for so long. If he were to decline at this time, it would seem too distant.

Du Yue and Wan Dapeng were eating snacks and chatting when they suddenly realized that Xia Ju had disappeared.

Just as they were wondering, they suddenly saw Xia Ju walk into the RV with a serious expression. They felt that it was a little strange, so they went up to her and asked, “What happened?”

Xia Ju did not say anything, and Wan Dapeng tactfully said, “It’s okay. If you have anything to discuss, you can go out and discuss it. 1’11 just sit by myself for a while.”

Du Yue and Xia Ju went to her RV, and then Xia Ju called He Xing over. The two of them looked at the mysterious Xia Ju and could not help but ask, “What exactly happened? Tell us quickly.”

Xia Ju took a deep breath. “Just now, news suddenly came from the galaxy. Someone is preparing to invade the blue planet while there’s no sun…”

“Invade the blue planet?” Du Yue suddenly thought of her bizarre dream. Now Xia Ju’s words had indirectly verified the dream she had previously. She steadied her mind. “If that’s really the case, it’s definitely impossible to rely on our strength alone. He Xing, go and reveal this news to Captain Zuo and Shen Teng. 1’11 go and tell Brother Wan this news.”

He Xing nodded. “No matter what happens, we’ll face it together.”

Xia Ju also nodded heavily. “Whether I live or die, I want to be with you guys.”

At this time, Du Yue’s heart was surprisingly calm. Yes, what was there to worry about? At this moment, the person she loved the most was in front of her, and her best friend was by her side.

They would fight with all their might!

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