Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits

Chapter 34 - Chapter 34: 034 Smash Talisman 1

Chapter 34: 034 Smash Talisman 1

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Three Ice Charm runes covered every inch of the space around the front, enshrouding all three of the Ghost Head Golden Eagles beneath a layer of frost.

A single high-tier first-order Ice Charm was enough to impede the movements of the Ghost Head Golden Eagles, slowing them down.

Now, with three high-tier first-order Ice Charms layered on top of one another, even if the Golden Eagles had prepared themselves at the sight of the runes, they were still somewhat affected by the Ice Charms. Their bodies stiffened momentarily.

The next moment, nine high-tier first-order Fire Element runes were released.

The Ghost Head Golden Eagle’s expression drastically changed: “Not good.” Buzz!

He waved his hand and two high-tier first-order defensive runes appeared, forming two earthen barriers around himself.

At the same time,

he manipulated the earthen aura of the formation, driving it frontwards to shield them.

Just as he finished these measures, the nine runes ignited in mid-air, three of which transformed into roaring flames, forming arrows that converged together.

These were the Fire Cloud Arrow runes!

All of them were aimed at one of the Qi Refinement Stage Eight Golden Eagles.


The earthy aura barrier of the formation shattered in no time, the first Fire Cloud Arrow completely tore through the defense of the Stage Eight Qi Refinement being, exhausting its defensive magic and artifacts.

The second and third Fire Cloud Arrows instantly shattered him to pieces.


The body parts, still suspended in mid-air, turned to ash from the flames and started to float around.

The Fire Cloud Arrow was a new rune that Su Yu developed, taking inspiration from ancient runes as well as high-tier first-order Cloud Piercing Arrow runes. They comprised the furious power of their fire attribute, the armor-shattering ability of the Cloud Piercing Arrow, and immense speed.

Each Fire Cloud Arrow was equivalent to a full-force attack by a Stage Nine Qi

Refinement being.

Perhaps even stronger.

The unexpected assault of three Fire Cloud Arrows had instantly slain a Stage Eight enemy.

Of the remaining six runes, only two were directed at the Ghost Head Golden Eagle, while Su Yun targeted the other four at another Stage Eight Qi

Refinement being.


With the roaring fire snakes and exploding fireballs, layer after layer of defense was violently torn apart.

“Ahh!” The Stage Eight Qi Refinement being was instantly flung away screaming, blood spurting out of his mouth. His body was filled with cracks and was bloody, and the blood he vomited out was scorching hot, invaded by the heat from the four runes.


With serious injuries, the man smacked into the backside of the formation. His breath was heavily unstable.

Both Su Yun and Su Yu chose to eliminate the Ghost Head Golden Eagle’s minions first instead of dealing with the Golden Eagle himself.

Initially, the Ghost Head Golden Eagle had used the formation and his minions to apply pressure on them.

But now, the situation had reversed!

Boom! Boom!

The Ghost Head Golden Eagle easily fended off the two high-tier first-order runes that were aimed at him, needing only to take a few steps back.

However, seeing one of his subordinates killed and the other critically injured in the blink of an eye, the Ghost Head Golden Eagle’s face darkened. His eyes were filled with murderous intent and he grinded his teeth in anger!

He couldn’t believe that Su Yun, Su Zhi, and Su Yu – consisting of a Stage Nine Qi Refinement, a Stage Eight Qi Refinement, and him being under attack, had thrown a whopping twelve high-tier first-order runes at him, right off the bat!

What did that signify?

They gambled away four or five hundred low-grade Spirit Stones at the start of the fight!

This was a sum that the Ghost Head Golden Eagle himself would not be prepared to lose, nor could he afford it. Wouldn’t it be better to use this money to buy magical weapons or resources for cultivation?

Just how scared were they of death that they’d use so many runes at once?

Although they clearly could have fought using their own power, they instead opted to throw runes. Twelve high-tier first-order runes! …In all his years, the Ghost Head Golden Eagle had never encountered such an unconventional Cultivator. However, he had anticipated this.

From their previous clash, he knew that Su Yun had a significant amount of runes on hand.

So, those two Stage Eight Qi Refinement fools were actually just pawns he’d recently recruited to exhaust Su Yun’s runes. It didn’t matter whether they lived or died.

With gritted teeth, the Ghost Head Golden Eagle glared at Su Yu and growled, “Now that you’re out of runes, let’s see how you stop me!”


At the whim of the Ghost Head Golden Eagle, a somewhat dilapidated formation flag overflowing with Demonic Qi descended.


In an instant, a rain of blood filled the sky.

Strangely enough, one body after another, each with an eerie aura, crawled out from the ground.

Countless bodies roared and rushed towards Su Yu and his companions.

These bodies initially had a weak aura, not more than that of someone at the first or second level of Qi Refinement.

However, as they charged, one body after another merged together, and within the twinkling of an eye, a monster appeared whose aura was stronger than a regular cultivator at the ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“You all are as good as dead!!!” the Ghost Head Golden Eagle’s malicious voice echoed.


As the monster merged and attacked Su Yu and his companions, the Ghost Head Golden Eagle moved again. A horrifying golden glint re-emerged, targeting Su Yu and Su Zhi, while the monster let out a strange bellow and rushed towards Su Yun.

The faces of Su Yun, Su Yu, and Su Zhi changed slightly. They grit their teeth at the sight of this formation flag.

“Demon cultivator! ” “Kill him!”

The next moment.

Each of them held a stack of talismans.

With limited resources, Su Zhi only had two high-quality grade one offensive talismans left.

But Su Yun, having spent many years in the Yunshan market and being a capable grade one high-quality Alchemist, had more than twenty high-quality grade one talismans in his possession.

At this moment, Su Yun pulled out six more high-quality grade one offensive talismans.

On the other hand, Su Yu brought out his remaining four High-Quality Grade one Fire Cloud Arrow Talismans.

In an instant, the three of them used up twelve high-quality grade one talismans.


The Ghost Head Golden Eagle only saw the sky full of flame. The Demonic spirits summoned by his low-grade, second-tier, fragmented Demonic Soul Banner were instantly torn apart and incinerated by the raging flames, eventually turned into strands of black smoke retreating into the banner.

Then, the power of the twelve high-quality grade one offensive talismans landed on him.

“Boom!” “Splat!”

The Ghost Head Golden Eagle felt as if his body had plunged into a fiery inferno, being shattered, turned into ashes. The terrifying force blasted him away.


Then, vines of Mana appeared, entangling his body.


A flying sword shot out from the flames, beheading the Ghost Head Golden Eagle.

Ghost Head Golden Eagle:

He wasn’t killed by these three people.

But rather by the high-quality grade one talismans.

Who could have imagined that these people from minor cultivation clans had so many high-quality grade one talismans?

And they used as many as twenty-four of them!

That’s at least nine hundred low-grade Spirit Stones!

The Ghost Head Golden Eagle wept as the grade one talismans crushed him, and then he died.


Su Zhi’s flying sword turned and killed the remaining cultivator at the eighth level of Qi Refinement. Then, he swiftly moved forward, expertly stripped them of their possessions, took away the Qiankun Bags of the three people including the Ghost Head Golden Eagle, and two formation flags.

Finally, the heads of the three were collected. Bringing back to their clan can earn them a reward and Contribution Value.

“Let’s get out of here!”

After Su Zhi had collected everything without checking what he had collected, the three of them quickly flew away from this place on their Magic Artifacts. They had not used up much of their Mana in the recent battle, so it was just right to use it for ‘running’. It wasn’t until they had fled hundreds of miles away that they hid in a forest to rest..

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