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Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: Chapter 030: Defeating the Enemy with One Punch

Chapter 30: Chapter 030: Defeating the Enemy with One Punch

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By the Understanding Monument, swords radiated an aura encapsulated by a terrifying wave that made the surrounding sandstone fly in the wind. Zhang Zongjin, armed with his sword, stood his ground, blending in with his surroundings as if he was part of it. His posture, as sharp as a sword, deeply imprinted itself in people’s minds.

It was no surprise that Zhang Zongjin, hailed as ‘The World’s Number One Sword’, remained unyielding even at the peak of fury. The moment he held his sword, no waves of anger could be seen.

All those present were intimated by Zhang Zongjin’s aura, staring at him with faces of utter shock.

“Truly deserving of the title, ‘The World’s Number One Sword’. Such a state of mind surpasses everyone here!”

Looking at Yang Zhen, he didn’t exude any aura. Up until now, he didn’t show any signs of fear, but anyone could tell that Zhang Zongjin was in his top form, able to bring out nearly all his power.

Zhang Zongjin’s cultivation level had always greatly surpassed Yang Zhen’s, and his mental state, remarkably, hadn’t been disturbed. This seemed to place him in a near invincible position.

Everyone marveled at Zhang Zongjin’s composure. Even Yang Zhen’s expression changed, his eyes filled with surprise as they shifted to Zhang Zongjin.

When he caught Yang Zhen’s gaze, Zhang Zongjin let out a hearty laugh, pointed his sword towards Yang Zhen, and said, “I don’t like to admit it, but you do have talent. However, there are some people you should never offend. This has nothing to do with the Sect. Do you think just any tom, dick and harry can join the Great Sect?”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s faces changed, instantly recalling Zhang Zongjin’s comment about them being nobodies.

Though Zhang Zongjin’s words were harsh, they spoke a truth that couldn’t be denied: not everyone was qualified to join the Great Sect. Only those with exceptional talents were taken in.

Yang Zhen chuckled, responding, “Indeed, I seemed to have misunderstood. I initially thought you were nothing more than an overrated man, but it turns out, you do have talent!”

Hearing Yang Zhen admit Zhang Zongjin was talented made everyone gasp. Was Yang Zhen beginning to back down?

But what use would it be to back down now?

Zhang Zongjin’s eyes flashed with a hint of contempt. Just as he was about to speak, Yang Zhen’s slow, steady voice resonated again, accompanied by the showing of his middle finger.

“One punch. If I cannot defeat you with a single punch, you can kill me as you please!”


One punch?

Everyone thought they had heard wrong. They had assumed that Yang Zhen was about to surrender and apologize, only to hear him utter such audacious words, knowing full well that Zhang Zongjin was in his prime.

Was Yang Zhen still concentrating on destroying Zhang Zongjin’s composure even when the end was near?

This seemed almost impossible!

As expected, Zhang Zongjin laughed in anger, pointed at Yang Zhen, and said, “Fine, if you’re bold enough to claim that. If I can’t withstand even one of your punches, from today onwards, I’ll keep my distance whenever I see you.”

“Why would you avoid me? We’re all friends, you know!” Yang Zhen sincerely replied, “I just want your martial skill, the martial skill of ‘The World’s Number One Sword’!”

“You…” Zhang Zongjin turned an enraged green, obviously agitated to the point of humming with fury, he bellowed, “Fine! If you can defeat me with just one punch, not only will I give up my martial skill, I will give up my life to you!”

Zhang Zongjin was truly furious, his hair standing on end, leaving everyone around him in awe.

But Yang Zhen daring to demand his martial skill was preposterous enough, what was even more absurd was Yang Zhen’s claim to defeat Zhang Zongjin with just one punch. Had Yang Zhen lost his mind?


The heavens and the earth hummed as Zhang Zongjin’s long sword exploded with a thunderous hum, and he charged towards Yang Zhen.


Simultaneously, Yang Zhen also erupted with a powerful surge of True Essence, the most furious Thunder Essence!

“Foundation Establishment Stage, Sixth Layer!”

Someone recognized Yang Zhen’s cultivation level and was instantly shocked.

“How is this possible? In less than three hours, did Yang Zhen advance from the Third Layer of the Foundation Establishment Stage to the Sixth?” “Impossible, thoroughly impossible. Yang Zhen must have been hiding his true strength before!”

The crowd was inexplicably shocked, Su Qingyu’s eyes lit up with surprise as she curiously glanced at Yang Zhen. Princess Changyang was so astonished her mouth fell open in disbelief as she stared at him.

Zhang Zongjin burst out laughing disdainfully, “Do you really think that your weak Foundation Establishment sixth stage is enough to fight against me, Zhang Zongjin? Today, you’ll have to pay for your foolish arrogance!”

As Zhang Zongjin finished speaking, his long sword suddenly exploded with a dazzling radiance.

Those rays of light burst forth, transforming into countless waves of sword-shaped energy, overwhelming the skies and rushing towards Yang Zhen.

“Hundred Swords Chiming — this is Zhang Zongjin’s most terrifying martial skill, Hundred Swords Chiming!”

“It’s over. I can’t believe Zhang Zongjin is starting up a powerful martial skill right off the bat. Yang Zhen’s chances of survival are slim.”

The horrifying sword aura rushed towards Yang Zhen, the numerous bursts of sword energy shredding the ground with gaping wounds. The violent explosion of True Essence generated countless energy waves that were an inch away from Yang Zhen in the blink of an eye.

What surprised the crowd even more was that Yang Zhen’s figure suddenly disappeared.

The crowd frantically searched for Yang Zhen’s figure, all assuming Yang Zhen had fled. However, the next moment, all the practitioners near the Enlightenment Stele gasped in unison.

Faced with the overwhelming sword aura, Yang Zhen advanced instead of retreating, boldly dashing into the storm of sword energy.

At this moment, Yang Zhen was enveloped in a dazzling thunder light. Despite the countless wounds left on him from the endless sword aura, drenching him in blood in the blink of an eye, Yang Zhen’s speed wasn’t affected in the slightest. His face even bore a hint of a nearly maniacal smile.

“Heavenly Demon Grand Punch!” Yang Zhen muttered, “Tenfold!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bursts of lightning erupted from Yang Zhen’s hand, amidst deafening roars. The hand wrapped in endless thunder snakes blasted towards Zhang Zongjin.

“That madman!” The majority of people changed expressions, their eyes flashing with shock as they looked at Yang Zhen.

No one expected Yang Zhen to be this ruthless. It would be acceptable if he was this hard on his enemy, but he was equally hard on himself, fully committed to a do or die situation, allowing countless sword wounds to wound him to land a punch on Zhang Zongjin.

At the sight of this insanity, countless people gasped in cold air, their looks towards Yang Zhen becoming more horrified.


A loud noise echoed, mixed with the sound of cracking ribs. The overwhelming sword aura disappeared, and Zhang Zongjin’s body flew backed like a cannonball, crashing into the grass, causing debris and dirt to fly around.

The area around the Enlightenment Stele fell silent. Everyone gawked at the bloody Yang Zhen in front of the Enlightenment Stele, their terror replaced with horror.

Yang Zhen, covered in blood, looked like a devil, his body covered in lightning, a force so ferocious it was terrifying.

That was just one punch.

Zhang Zongjin clearly had lost the strength to continue fighting, laying motionless in the bushes, staring at the sky and mumbling, “Impossible, this is impossible…”

Indeed, how could this be possible? Zhang Zongjin had been famous for a long time, known as the world’s number one swordsmen because of his terrifying sword fighting technique, Hundred Swords Chiming, which was virtually unbeatable.

Yet, even so, he couldn’t withstand one punch from Yang Zhen.

Just how terrifying was Yang Zhen’s punch?

Before the crowd could fully react, Yang Zhen, grinning, walked up to Zhang Zongjin, squatted down and said, “Thanks for letting me win. You truly live up to your reputation as the world’s top swordsmen!”

“Blargh!” Zhang Zongjin spat out a mouthful of old blood.

The surrounding crowd also had the urge to vomit blood. Yang Zhen was too shameless. If Zhang Zongjin was the number one swordsman in the world, then Yang Zhen was truly the world’s number one scoundrel.

However, this also made many people curious. What on earth could this freak Yang Zhen comprehend from the Enlightenment Stele?

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