Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 175.2: Chapter 175 Part 2

Chapter 175.2: Chapter 175 Part 2

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“What am I doing? What are you doing? Who said you could be alone with that little bitch? What do the two of you want to do?”

Su Yucheng was utterly exhausted already. “I didn’t do anything. Lancao saw me coming back from work and brought some water for me to bathe. Can you stop looking for trouble all the time?”

“I’m looking for trouble? What trouble am I looking for? The sun’s still out, but if it weren’t for it being daytime right now, wouldn’t you guys be rolling in the sheets already? I can tell that maid is discontent. Even after arranging so much work for her to do, she still has the energy to come find you. What a little bitch, a bitch with a vixen’s face, seducing men…”

As she scolded, Zhu-shi left and rushed into the kitchen before dragging out a Lancao behind her.

Lancao’s face was full of tears. It was obvious she heard Zhu-shi cursing at her

Zhu-shi slapped her while still yelling at her, “You still have the face to cry? What are you crying for? You’re so desperate to spread your legs? Do you like being pressed down by a man so much that you’re even willing to go for someone already married? This old lady is going to tear you to pieces…”

“I don’t have any thoughts like that. I just brought hot water for master…” Lancao explained while holding her face and crying.

Wu-shi was originally inside, but after hearing the commotion, she came out to see what was going on. Seeing this scene, she was shocked speechless.

“Zhu-shi, what are you doing? Why are you beating people for no reason… Yucheng…”

It was Su Yucheng who rushed out and rescued Lancao from Zhu-shi, before slamming Zhu-shi hard onto the ground.

“Haven’t you caused enough trouble? Haven’t you caused enough trouble?!”

For a moment, Zhu-shi couldn’t recover after being thrown to the ground. She was probably also frightened by Su Yucheng’s appearance. Once she returned to her senses, she sat up, patted her thigh and cried, “I’m making trouble? I gave birth to three children for your Su Family, so now you think I’m fat and ugly. To put it bluntly, you have your eyes on this little vixen! Su Yucheng, do you still have a conscience? Your conscience must have been eaten by dogs. None of you surnamed Su is a good person! When you wanted to marry me, you weren’t like this…”

He was the one who was blind at the beginning. Among all the girls, the matchmaker had said that Zhu-shi was the best. This was why he chose her. He was even willing to let his family pay a few extra taels of silver to the bride’s family. It was a pity that the woman he married back was lazy and vicious.

It wasn’t that Su Yucheng never fought with Zhu-shi, but Zhu-shi always fought back with unreasonable demands. She would act like she had lost her mind and she also often threatened to return to her natal family as her trump card. Although Su Yucheng was afraid of pain and was a good-for-nothing, he wasn’t an unfilial son. It wasn’t easy for his parents to find a wife for him and there were still children waiting to be fed at home, so he lowered his head every time.

With a first time, there was naturally a second time and a third time. Seeing how he gave in to her every time only made Zhu-shi more arrogant and domineering.

Su Yucheng had felt this was the only way to live the rest of his life. When it came down to it, everything was summed up as him being unlucky. But now, whether it was because of his new job at the Wucheng militia, or meeting someone better than Zhu-shi and feeling the tenderness and consideration of a woman, he could no longer tolerate Zhu-shi as much as before. He even began to hate her more and more.

“Are you done?! Aren’t you tired of using this same trick again and again? In the past, you drove away the widow of the Xue Family, and now you’re pulling the same thing again! Let me tell you, Zhu-shi, although I have many problems, I won’t do such a dishonourable thing. If I fancy a woman, I’ll marry her. I won’t let her follow me without a name or status, much less fool around in secret. Besides, I am very self-aware. I’m no one important and I have no abilities, so you can rest assured…”

At first, Su Yucheng started his tirade angrily, but whether it was because he was tired or something else, his last words were full of helplessness.

Zhu-shi took the bait and cursed, “Who do you want to marry? If you like this little vixen, just say it! So you are aware of how incapable and incompetent you are. I always thought you didn’t know how little you were worth!”

The courtyard was filled with Zhu-shi’s sharp and mocking voice. The three children were frightened and hid in their rooms, unwilling to come out. Wu-shi stood in front of the main room, crying and yelling he was wrongly accused.

Lancao looked at the man standing there with a tired face and felt inexplicably distressed.

Su Yucheng’s appearance couldn’t be said to be handsome. At most he could be described as gentle and upright. He was tall and thin, so when combined with the warm smile on his face, he could attract the attention of many girls and women. Zhu-shi was afraid because she understood how attractive he could be. When she is afraid, she speaks unscrupulously. However, her words were too hurtful. Lancao could clearly see the pain buried in Su Yucheng’s eyes.

She also knew that she shouldn’t incite more distrust, but she couldn’t help explaining for Su Yucheng, “Madam, don’t say that about the master, he is a good man.”

Zhu-shi was already furious enough. Now that the main culprit herself spoke up, how could she let her go? She immediately got up from the ground, ran over to Lancao, grabbed her arm, and gave her two heavy slaps.

“You stinky and shameless little bitch. You dare to seduce my man! I’m going to kill you…”

Zhu-shi’s body was huge, but Lancao was petite, so she was no match for her. Unable to fight back, she was slapped very hard several times. Zhu-shi raised her hand to hit her again, but someone grabbed her arm from behind.

Su Yucheng was furious. He pulled Lancao behind him and shook off Zhu-shi’s hand. “Are you done? Have you made enough trouble?

“You spend so much time with this little bitch and you don’t allow me to say anything about it! Let me tell you, Su Yucheng, you can’t protect her. If you have the ability, stay home to watch over her every day!”

Looking at Zhu-shi’s proud and vicious face, and then at Lancao’s face which had turned red from the beating as she tried to hold back her tears, Su Yucheng felt something explode in his head. He said with a sneer, “You’re right. I took a fancy to her and want to marry her. Not only that, but I also plan to divorce you!”

Zhu-shi’s face was immediately full of disbelief. Then after taking another look at Su Yucheng and seeing that he didn’t seem to be kidding, she yelled, “You dare to divorce me? Try it, Su Yucheng. I’ll let my father and brothers come and destroy your Su Family.”

Su Yucheng said with a sneer, “Try letting your father and brothers come to the capital all the way from Linyun County to destroy my Su Family.”

Only then did Zhu realize that she was now in the capital, not Linyun County. Her father and brothers were not here.

Starting to panic, she threatened, “Su Yucheng, don’t you dare divorce me. Don’t forget that I gave birth to three sons for your Su Family.”

Seeing Su Yucheng’s unmoved face, she cried out, thinking of Wu-shi, ” Mother, look at your son. He actually said he was going to divorce me!”

Wu-shi, who was standing at the door with a tired expression on her face, waved her hand weakly. “You’ve always had your own opinions. Don’t look for me. I’m old. I can’t manage your affairs anymore.”

Zhu-shi saw the door of the main room closing in front of her eyes. Then there was no movement.

Zhu-shi panicked, but when she looked back at the dog couple, she was not willing to show her weakness. “Su Yucheng, just wait! When Father comes back, I will tell Father about this and ask him to make the decision.”

She ran back to the east wing before bolting the door from the inside.

After losing his temper, Su Yucheng was both physically and mentally exhausted.

He was a little ashamed and smiled helplessly at Lancao. “I’m sorry, I hurt you again. Don’t overthink what I said just now. I was short-tempered, so I brought you up. Me wanting to divorce her doesn’t have anything to do with you…” After saying all this, even he couldn’t bear to continue. He threw out another sentence asking her to not overthink before leaving for the west wing where no one lived.

Lancao watched his back as he left. It was unknown what she was thinking.


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