Joyful Motherhood in a Rural Family

Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Chapter 47: Tired of Living!

Chapter 50: Chapter 47: Tired of Living!

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Many fellow villagers hiding in the shadows laughed.

Everyone knew that Miao Cuihua’s husband was a notorious “quick gunner.” How could he satisfy her insatiable appetite?

As a result, there were endless civil and military dramas in her home every few days, and the nearby villagers never stopped gossiping about it.

Now that Liu Sisi had pointed it out, everyone naturally thought of these past events and whispered to each other secretly.

Miao Cuihua was examining Little Chubby’s injuries, getting angrier by the minute, and hadn’t heard Liu Sisi’s counterattack.

“Ayo! You little bastard, how dare you scratch my Chubby’s face? You’re indeed a lowly bastard born without a mother’s care. Pay up! Otherwise, you won’t leave here alive today!”

Miao Cuihua bellowed, causing even the ground to tremble slightly.

“Who the hell are you calling a bastard?”

Patting the trembling YingEr, Liu Sisi raised her head and stared Miao Cuihua in the face.

She couldn’t back down. If she retreated today, she might never stand up straight again in Upper Village.

If Miao Cuihua had only insulted Liu Sisi herself, she could have endured it!

But the HONORED Yang and her deceased mother were the real targets of the mother and son’s insults, and those who would curse even the dead couldn’t be tolerated by Uncle, not to mention Aunt!

“Dog bastard, it’s you!” came the proud retort.

“Oh, so you do realize you’re a dog bastard! No wonder! What can you expect from a dog who doesn’t understand even the most basic courtesy to the deceased?”

As she spoke, Liu Sisi gently patted Di Xuan’s head: “Xuan’er, when a dog bites someone, we can’t bite the dog back, can we? We’re better than that, so let’s not stoop to the dog’s level!”

Miao Cuihua was stunned! She finally understood that she had been insulted and hadn’t expected anyone to dare stand up to her.

“You have some nerve, calling me Miao Cuihua a dog bastard?”

“A tree without bark is doomed, and a person without shame is truly invincible!”

Liu Sisi tenderly wiped the blood from Di Xuan’s mouth, not showing any fear towards Miao Cuihua’s threats: “Miao Cuihua, don’t think that only your child has parents to raise them, and others deserve to be bullied by you? My Di Xuan’s mouth was also injured by your Little Chubby, and I haven’t asked for compensation yet!”

Miao Cuihua instantly jumped up at Liu Sisi’s words!

She took a couple of steps diagonally and stood in front of Liu Sisi. Just-freely standing there, her three times larger size and burly figure cast a shadow, creating a strong sense of oppression towards Liu Sisi.

“You, you dare call me shameless? Do you believe I can send you to meet the Western Paradise with one punch?” As she spoke, she waved her fist at Liu Sisi.

“I never curse people, only those who aren’t human.”

Upon examination, Liu Sisi realized that Di Xuan’s mouth had been broken open by the punch, and she was heartbroken.

“Don’t think that a big fist means you’re right. Shielding your child in this way is wrong. Sooner or later, you’ll ruin his entire life. Look at him now, does he still resemble a human? When you finally regret it, crying won’t help.”

It was true, Little Chubby leaned against the rocks, shaking his legs, looking like a little rascal.

No one had ever dared speak to her like this!

Miao Cuihua’s eyes bulged wide, staring at the fragile waist and slender swan neck of the girl in front of her, with her big watery eyes that could capture anyone’s soul ….

It was hard to imagine where such a delicate girl found the courage to challenge her authority and dared to confront her head-on. It seemed as if she had a death wish!

“With that scrawny body of yours like a skinny chicken, you dare to threaten me, an old mother?”

“Where? You didn’t hear me, I was actually praising you!”

Liu Sisi said earnestly, but the gathering storm in the depths of her eyes became increasingly intense: “Back in the days, Honored Princess Consort Yang was the most beautiful and extravagant person in the world. Given your figure now, if you were born a few hundred years earlier, where would she even have a chance to survive?”

Although she didn’t understand what Liu Sisi was saying, Miao Cuihua saw the ridicule in her eyes: “Hmm? Always saying things I don’t understand, if I don’t show you my power, will you think I’m really a sick cat?”

She reached out and grabbed Liu Sisi’s collar, trying to lift her up.

But in the next moment…

“Ah!—What… what did you do to me?”

It was as if there was a thorn on Liu Sisi’s body; Miao Cuihua had barely touched her collar when she suddenly felt a numbness in her waist, as if she had been struck by lightning and the feeling spread throughout her body.

This made her heart violently contract, “thump-thump,” pounding non-stop, as if her entire heart had been paralyzed. This made her subconsciously let go of Liu Sisi, staring at her in disbelief.

“What do you think? Hehe!”

Liu Sisi chuckled twice and retreated a couple of steps, standing on a large rock and looking down at her.

“It was originally just a quarrel between children, but you are merciless in your words, not even letting the dead go. With such behavior, you are simply unworthy of being called human! Xuan’er, YingEr, let’s go! Talking to such trash is simply an insult!”

As she spoke, Liu Sisi looked at her contemptuously, holding a child in each hand, and walked towards her home.


Miao Cuihua tried to yell, but remembering that moment of weakness just a short while ago, she could no longer call out. She watched the frail figure walk further and further away…

The gentle new bride of the Di Family actually defeated the fearsome tiger mother Miao Cuihua! This explosive news quickly spread throughout the Upper Village!

The fellow villagers hiding in the shadows spread the news from one to ten, a hundred, swiftly setting off a firestorm throughout the entire Upper Village!

Unbeknownst to Liu Sisi, her “fierce reputation” had long surpassed that of Miao Cuihua, and she steadily gained the status of the number one person in the Upper Village.

Behind the retreating figure of Liu Sisi, a pair of lecherous eyes followed her every step, with a calculating radiance continuously flashing.

Upon returning home, Liu Sisi absentmindedly closed the door, and her entire body seemed to collapse, shrinking into a shivering ball.

During her confrontation with Miao Cuihua just now, she was nowhere near as calm as she had appeared!

Facing the strong Miao Cuihua, she had to stand tall, because she was not only Liu Sisi, but also the mother of two children and their support.

She had to force herself to face it with a strong demeanor, even if it meant getting bruised. However, luckily, Miao Cuihua was ultimately subdued by a few concealed embroidery needles of hers!

Poking the waist’s acupuncture point with a needle could cause a short period of a body-wide electric sensation. If done too forcefully, it could even lead to sudden cardiac insufficiency and death. This was one of the self-defense techniques she had learned from an old traditional Chinese medicine doctor in her previous life.

“Mom! *sobs*…”

Seeing Liu Sisi crying, YingEr also threw herself into her embrace, sobbing.

Seeing Liu Sisi protect his mother, Di Xuan changed his previous guarded attitude towards her and truly accepted her from his heart: “Mom, don’t cry anymore!”

With that word “Mom,” he called it sincerely and wholeheartedly.

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