Chapter 32: Aura

Aura is a kind of invisible energy present in this world that nearly every creature has.

The interesting part was that as a creature became stronger, its aura grew stronger too. Even regular folks gave off a bit of aura, but it was too faint to be detected.

However, once someone becomes a martial artist, their aura becomes more powerful and starts to influence the world around them. They can even affect people's minds with their aura. Advanced martial artists can project an aura so potent that it can overwhelm weaker individuals through aura alone.

Moreover, there wasn't just one type of aura. There could be various kinds - for instance, a distinctive killing aura or even a captivating beauty aura. The power of the aura remained the same, but depending on the creature's strength, the emitted aura could differently affect the surroundings based on the type of aura they possessed.

"Have we run far enough?"

"Forget it, don't bother asking me."

"Why is that monster still chasing us?"

"Who can say? And where the hell is the boss?"

"How should I fucking know?"

Five men exchanged curses while sprinting at their maximum speed. As the second most powerful individuals after their leader, they had always been arrogant within the stronghold. The five had formed their faction, aiming to secure more resources and power within the stronghold.

Yet, now they were reduced to nothing more than mice fleeing from a predator.

Suddenly, their eyes widened as they caught sight of a massive shadow looming over them. A chill ran down their spines.

Before they could react, a colossal fist descended upon them.

Whoosh! Woosh!

The fist sliced through the air with a tearing force of pressure, almost bringing them to their knees.

With despair etched on their faces, they could only watch as the colossal fist, resembling a meteor, closed in on them. Upon impact, a powerful burst of energy erupted, and the five were cleaved in half as if struck by a saber.

Observing this, Lu Zhen felt a sense of satisfaction, seeing that he could now use a saber even with his hands.

"So the 18th, I think there were 19. Where did the other one go?" Lu Zhen thought with a frown; however, he didn't have time right now, as the twins could really escape if he delayed any longer.

With a long jump that seemed as if he were flying, he took a huge leap and traveled at a rapid pace.

Ever since he reached this berserk state, he could literally fly in the air with just a leap, which can only be possible for a first-stage martial artist with qi, but now he could do it with just his raw physical strength.

But that doesn't make him more powerful than a first stage martial artist. In fact, judging by the aura he sensed from his own father, who was just an ordinary second-stage martial artist, he was nowhere close to his level. He estimated his current strength to be around half a step away from second stage martial artist.

Soon, Lu Zhen reached the previous location where he had heard the twins from and listened to the sounds. Even with his hearing in this berserk form, he could barely hear their whispers in the distance, stunning Lu Zhen.

After all, it didn't take long for Lu Zhen to defeat those bandit captains who are at the martial trainee level. He wasted a little time chasing them, but the time it took shouldn't have led the twins so far away.

With a swift pace, he went towards the source of heavy breathing and panting sounds.

"Have we lost him? Does he even know that we have escaped?" Lu Qing asked multiple questions all at the same time, already back to her cheerful self as she felt that they were "totally" safe now.

"You…" Lu Zhi was about to complain; however, before he could say anything, he suddenly felt chills as they both heard a cold voice.

"Where are you going?" Lu Zhen said with an expressionless face and a cold tone.

"Brother Lu…" Lu Zhi started to stutter as he felt scared for some reason.

Unexpectedly, Lu Qing was calm this time as she said in an emotionless tone, "What do you really want?"

"Oh." Lu Zhen was surprised by the unexpected boldness of this girl. He started to like her after all, as those who can remain calm in dangerous situations are always the best of the best.

If she were in his previous life, she might have become a leader, as Lu Zhen saw that although she acts cheerful and naive sometimes, she is always calm and composed even in the face of danger. Too bad this world was a cruel world; although it would benefit her a little, it wouldn't be too much, as she needed strength first and foremost.

"Alright, I'll be straightforward with you. Either be my servant or die right now," Lu Zhen said with a smile on his face. If he were the previous him, he wouldn't take life so lightly, but now that he had the adapt skill and had leveled up the skill a lot, he had become more and more of an emotionless monster, feeling no pity or compassion.

They both felt a little nervous and gritted their teeth.

After all, their lives were their most valuable possession, and no one wants to become someone's servant, especially if their future is unknown and they don't know how they might die in the future if they follow Lu Zhen.

"Young master, we will accept; however, I would like to be presumptuous and ask for a condition," Lu Qing spoke up this time, while Lu Zhi was frowning in deep thought.

"Oh, girl, you want a condition, huh?" Lu Zhen said as he revealed his aura.

Instantly, Lu Qing started to feel a little nervous and scared, visibly sweating. Lu Zhi was no better.

The aura he revealed now was even more terrifying than before, due to the aura control skill he now had. He could almost perfectly control his aura.

His aura had also significantly changed; it now had a hint of killing aura mixed in, clouding the minds of people.

As the aura was now concentrated on the twins with almost no wastage, their minds appeared cloudy, and their faces became pale. Although Lu Zhi wasn't much affected, Lu Qing's face turned pale.

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