Vol. 2 Chapter 84: Chapter 84

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CEO Kim opened his mouth and yawned.

Inseop looked worried. CEO Kim said, “it’s noting,” and stretched out his arms back. He heard a crunching sound and Manager Cha clicked his tongue.

“But as Lee Wooyeon said, it was a good idea to choose only one course. If things had gone as planned, the CEO would have been dead by now.”

Lee Wooyeon told Inseop that it would be impossible to move as planned today, so he should choose just one. CEO Kim and Manager Cha discussed together, and then asked Inseop to make a decision.

Without hesitation, Inseop chose the observatory with a sunset point.

“I took a nap, but why am I so sleepy?”

CEO Kim grumbled, turning his shoulder.

“Now you have to think about your age.”

“What? What about my age? Wherever I go, I still look like I’m in my late 30s, right?”

“That’s because the CEO pays.”

Despite receiving harsh criticism from Manager Cha, CEO Kim steadfastly maintained his baby-faced theory.

“Inseop, how old do you think I am?”

“Looks like he’s in his mid to late thirties.”

“Haha, look. I changed my aesthetic treatment these days and my skin has come back to life.”

“That sounds good. Old man, you don’t even deserve a night’s pay.”

Manager Cha made fun of him, but CEO Kim paid no attention. At that time, an old couple passing by came up and asked Inseop something. Inseop pointed in the direction with his finger and began to explain in detail. When the old couple said thank you and disappeared, CEO Kim looked at Inseop blankly and then opened his mouth.

“Lee Wooyeon aside, even though I know you’re a foreigner, I often forget.”

Inseop smiled a little shyly.

“It occurred to me, isn’t English your first language?”

“Yes, it is.”

“But why don’t you speak English?”

Inseop blinked as if embarrassed by a question he had never thought about. At that time Lee Wooyeon, who showed up with hot dogs and lemonade, asked what was wrong.

“You two. Why are you talking in Korean? Isn’t English easier?”

“Yes, of course.”

Lee Wooyeon responded by taking lemonade out of the tray and handing it to Inseop.

“You two, try speaking in English. It’ll be fun.”

“You seem to find everything interesting.”

Lee Wooyeon sat next to Inseop and laughed. Inseop put his straw in his mouth and took a sip, glancing at Lee Wooyeon. Sensing his gaze, Lee Wooyeon turned his head diagonally and asked.

[Why are you looking at me like that? If you want to talk in English, you can. Because I don’t care either way.]

“Oh, no. It’s okay. I’m more comfortable this way… No, I’m more comfortable speaking English, but I feel more comfortable talking to Lee Wooyeon in Korean. That’s how it was from the beginning… It’s like you’re a different person.”

Inseop’s face was red as he mumbled gibberish excuses. As Manager Cha watched Lee Wooyeon’s eyes narrow, he had a bad feeling. That line he heard yesterday might be changed to English.

Manager Cha thought of a specific example and was disgusted.

“Wow, this is super delicious.”

CEO Kim took a bite of the hot dog and his eyes widened.

“Hyunkyu. You should try it too, okay? Quickly.”

In response to CEO Kim’s fuss, Manager Cha took a bite of a hot dog filled with minced meat and chili sauce. His eyes also brightened.

“What? Why is it so delicious? It’s amazing.”

“Should we ask them to trademark this and bring it to our company to open it? I heard that coffee shops opened in front of entertainment venues are doing really well these days. They sell hot dogs and coffee.”

CEO Kim, who came up with a business idea on the spot, smiled happily.

“Please open a branch of that coffee shop.”

Manager Cha also gave a serious suggestion.

As the two people enjoyed the hot dog, Inseop felt better and smiled slightly, lowering his eyes.

“Aren’t you eating?”

In response to Lee Wooyeon’s question, Inseop quickly picked up a hot dog. As he took a bite with his small mouth, chili sauce flowed down his chin. Before Inseop could pick up the napkin, Lee Wooyeon reached out and wiped his hand.

“It always leaks like this. Maybe it’s because your mouth is small.”

“It’s fine, I’ll clean it.”

Inseop was embarrassed and tried to take the napkin away, but Lee Wooyeon carefully wiped the corners of Inseop’s mouth regardless.

The two people sitting across from them quickly looked away and just munched on their hot dogs.

“How is Kangwoo doing?”

Manager Cha answered Inseop’s question with joy.

“He’s been backpacking these days. Should I ask him to contact me when he comes around here?”


Lee Wooyeon smiled and cut it off firmly. Inseop gulped down his lemonade, thinking he would have to send an email later.

A serious conversation continued from time to time. Meanwhile, the sun was slowly setting, and the heat rising from the road was cooled by the cool sea breeze.

“The sun is starting to set.”

CEO Kim said while glancing at the sea.

Pieces of golden light began to flutter in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

“Do you see the arch-shaped pillar over there? They say that if you make a wish when the sun sets inside it, your wish will come true.”

“Huh? Are you talking about that?”

CEO Kim pointed to a stone pillar visible at the bottom of the cliff.

“Yes. That’s why a lot of people come here to watch the sunset. I’m really glad the weather is nice today. I’ll be able to see it well.”

It was an innocent boyish idea. He seemed to know why he chose this place rather than a famous restaurant or bar. It was just like Choi Inseop.

“Okay. Then I should make a wish too. What should I wish for?”

“We must achieve the unification of our country.”

“That’s a wish I made when I was in the military. Hmm, well, what could be better?”

When CEO Kim was worried, Inseop looked at Manager Cha and asked, “What about you?” he asked.

“First place in the lottery.”

Manager Cha had a solemn expression.

“The sun is going down, it’s going down. Give me your phone.”

CEO Kim took a video with Manager Cha’s cell phone and made a fuss. Two men stood side by side and began to make a wish.

Inseop also put his hands together and closed his eyes.

After making a short and bold wish to win the lottery, Manager Cha raised his head. Next to him, CEO Kim was muttering to himself and making one wish after another.

Oh my, that greedy old man.

Manager Cha swallowed his laughter and turned his head to see Lee Wooyeon. Lee Wooyeon was looking at Inseop.

Lee Wooyeon was looking down at Inseop from a distance of one foot. The sunset rays touched his cheeks, causing a blush to appear. Even when the sea breeze blew his hair away, Lee Wooyeon did not take his eyes off Inseop. Like a person praying for a wish that he desperately wishes for, he looked at Inseop that way.

Since when did he have eyes like that?


Feeling like he had seen something he shouldn’t have, Manager Cha quickly closed his eyes and pretended to make a wish again.

In fact, when he heard that Lee Wooyeon had followed Inseop to the United States, he was very worried. He knew that Lee Wooyeon considered Inseop special, but he felt like that was not enough.

Lee Wooyeon lacked the basic consideration and kindness that a human being should have. No, it was safe to say that there was almost none. He clearly believed that it would make things difficult for Inseop.

When he was hospitalized, the image of Inseop sitting alone in the hospital room could not leave his mind. Every time he opened the door to the hospital room and entered, Inseop’s eyes were filled with both hope and disappointment. He could tell without asking who he was waiting for. He thought that anyone around Lee Wooyeon would be left alone like that.

But now.

“It’s windy.”

Lee Wooyeon walked up behind Inseop, who was standing alone, and put the cardigan he brought over Inseop’s shoulders. Then he opened the hem of his robe and gave it to him and asked,

“What did you wish for?”

“I hoped that all the people I like would be healthy and happy. Oh, that includes the manager and CEO.”

Inseop quickly added, rubbing his flushed cheek. His face was smiling several times happier than before.

“Does this include me too?” Lee Wooyeon dared to ask.

“Yes, of course… Mr. Lee Wooyeon….”

Inseop looked away in confusion. The moment he saw Lee Wooyeon slowly smiling while watching Inseop’s long eyelashes move, Manager Cha thought,

This is enough.

“Shall we go back soon?”

“Yes. The sun is setting really quickly. The wind is blowing really hard.”

CEO Kim nodded, rubbing his forearm with his palm.


Lee Wooyeon held out his hand. Inseop frowned as if embarrassed.

“Why? You promised.”

Lee Wooyeon placed two conditions on going out today. One is to choose only one of the plans, and the other is for Inseop to listen to him when moving.

“If you don’t hold it, I’ll carry you on my shoulder.”

Inseop hurriedly grabbed Lee Wooyeon’s arm. The two people walked side by side in step.

“Hey. What happens if I take that picture and exploit Lee Wooyeon’s weakness?”

CEO Kim whispered in a low voice.

“What happens? We’ll end up looking like Kang Youngmo.”

“What? I’ve never done drugs?”

“It means ending your life like that. Lee Wooyeon will do whatever it takes to make it happen. I guarantee it. So don’t do anything foolish.”

CEO Kim muttered “Tsk” and started walking. Manager Cha lit a cigarette and took a long drag.

“Come fast!”

CEO Kim looked back and urged.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”

He walked slowly, exhaling cigarette smoke.

The orange sunlight was melting into the sea, waking up the sea early in the night. It was a perfectly sweet vanilla sky.

“It would have been nice if you could have stayed a few more days. It’s really a pity. Come visit us again next time.”

Inseop saw them off with eyes that looked like they were about to burst into tears at any moment. He couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t just saying this; he was sincere.

“Okay. I’ll steal the CEO’s card and come back to play.”

“I will pick you up at the airport then.”

After loading all the luggage into the car, Lee Wooyeon sat in the driver’s seat.

“Get on. Wait for the plane.”

Two people sat side by side in the back seat.

“Okay then, Inseop. Stay healthy and see you next time.”

“You too, take care.”

Lee Wooyeon, worried about the condition of Inseop’s leg, decided to go to the airport alone.

“Okay, Mr. Inseop. Goodbye. I’ll contact you, and when you come to Korea….”

Lee Wooyeon started the car without leaving any time to continue talking.

“Hey! I haven’t even said bye yet!”

Manager Cha looked back and waved his hand, then glared at Lee Wooyeon.

“Stop it. Since when did you become so affectionate?”

“We’re close. Didn’t you know?”

Lee Wooyeon smiled and turned the steering wheel.

“Look at the side.”

There were cliffs overlooking the coastal road. It was a course of death where you could meet the Dragon King in the Pacific Ocean.

“…Drive properly.”

“What did I say? I told you to take a look at the coastal road because it’s pretty.”

Lee Wooyeon took out sunglasses from the glove box and put them on, smiling lightly. It was a dazzlingly beautiful sight, but to them it was just a scene from a horror movie.

“How long will it take?”

“Same as when you came. Thirty minutes?”

The car ran on a clear road. After a while, CEO Kim suddenly spoke to him.

“I’m not selling the villa. You take care of it yourself.”

“I’m busy.”

Lee Wooyeon glanced at CEO Kim through the rear-view mirror and smiled.

“You’re busy? You don’t think anyone will notice that you’re hanging out at home with Inseop? That’s something a young guy does without working and is very good at it.”

“Is there a law that says you have to work if you’re young?”

“Then do you all work when you’re old? There’s an age to work. Anyway, I won’t clean up the villa, so live in a tight spot as you say.”

Manager Cha knew that CEO Kim was causing trouble for no reason. He was hoping that Lee Wooyeon would come to Korea someday.

“Good for you. If you don’t have money, what will you do? You sell cars, you sell houses, and you end up working. Hmph.”

How can our CEO be so childish?

Manager Cha clicked his tongue inwardly and turned his head to his window. A picturesque coastal road continued. White flowers in full bloom decorated the cliffs like broken waves.

“It’s really pretty here.”

Lee Wooyeon responded by saying, “Yes,” to Manager Cha’s remark, which came out without his knowledge.

“What’s going on? I didn’t know you could say things like that.”

He was a person who never sympathized with even common weather stories. Lee Wooyeon smiled and turned the steering wheel without saying anything.

The car arrived at the airport in less than thirty minutes.

“Where are we going? It’s the terminal over there.”

Manager Cha pointed in the opposite direction where Lee Wooyeon turned the car.

“I’m on the right track. Don’t worry.”

Manager Cha checked the terminal number he had found in advance on the Internet one more time and frowned.

“No. It should be that way.”

Lee Wooyeon parked the car without answering. While unloading the luggage, CEO Kim grumbled that he had to walk a long way because of his stubbornness.

“Give me a piece of ticketing paper. From here, the two of you will go on your own.”

When he tried to book a plane ticket, Lee Wooyeon somehow offered to do it. Manager Cha was suspicious of something, but eventually Lee Wooyeon booked a ticket due to CEO Kim’s desire to extort even a penny of Lee Wooyeon’s money.

“Follow me.”

Lee Wooyeon walked ahead. The two people walked behind him, dragging the suitcase. When they entered the lounge instead of the terminal, the thought that something was wrong slowly dawned on them.

“Lee Wooyeon, I don’t think this is right.”

“Is that so?”

There was no one to put luggage on or stand in line. CEO Kim and Manager Cha felt anxious.

“Where are you trying to sell us to now?”

Lee Wooyeon looked back with a truly annoyed expression.

“Is it for sale?”

“…But don’t sell it.”

A person who appeared to be an airline employee approached and bowed his head. Lee Wooyeon gestured to the two people and said.

“You can follow him.”


“You have to get on a plane. I went through all the formalities.”

CEO Kim looked around once more and narrowed his eyes.

“What’s the name of the airline?”

“I don’t know. Is there a separate one? It’s just for rent, so I’m not sure. Would you like to find out?”

“…rent? Rent what? Airplane?”

Lee Wooyeon answered by nodding his head.

“I told you because there is a plane available at my house. You should feel comfortable when you go.”

The expression on his face when he said that looked so arrogant and condescending that CEO Kim was so upset that he couldn’t stand it.

“You said you had no money! You said you were poor! That’s why you asked me to sell your house!”

Lee Wooyeon tilted his head.

“I asked you to sell it because I needed it. When did I say I had no money?”

“You told me you were broke!”

Lee Wooyeon said, “Aha,” and smiled faintly.

“No way.”

CEO Kim grabbed his backside. Manager Cha quickly resolved the situation by massaging his neck.

“Then we just have to follow him?”

“Yes. He will take care of everything.”

CEO Kim could not overcome his anger and walked away with anger, pushing his suitcase. Manager Cha shrugged his shoulders and followed suit.

As CEO Kim was about to enter the arrival hall, he suddenly burst into anger and said, “Hey, Lee Wooyeon!” and called him.


It might be annoying, but Lee Wooyeon gave a refreshing answer.

“Then why did you call me? You have so much money, why do you need to clean up the villa? Did you really call me to screw me over?”

Oh my, our CEO. He’s going to drink soju again and cry every night for a while.

Manager Cha clicked his tongue in regret.

“Sort of. I want to see you and fuck you over too.”

Lee Wooyeon blurted out incoherent words without any hesitation.

“Really?You didn’t miss me at all?”

CEO Kim used his thumb and index finger to create a very small gap and sarcastically sneered. Lee Wooyeon bowed down and laughed lightly at that childish behavior. Then he walked in front of CEO Kim with long strides.

“Well. I didn’t say anything wrong.”

CEO Kim, who was very nervous without realizing it, stuttered his words. Lee Wooyeon stretched out his hand and narrowed the gap between CEO Kim’s fingers.

“This much?”


“I wanted to see you this much.”

Their fingers were touching.

A man like no other in the world. It was a very classy way to say that he didn’t want to look at him all. Manager Cha swallowed a curse in his heart and dragged CEO Kim’s arm.

“Let’s go, CEO.”

“Uh, uh, yeah.”


Lee Wooyeon waved his hand. As he entered through his automatic gate, CEO Kim started talking.

“How much will the villa sell for?”


Manager Cha couldn’t believe his ears.

“It must be useful. That’s why he’s asking me to sell it. It’s a lot of money, right?”


Ah, Kim Hakseung. You are a man… .

“Don’t you think I’m the only person he can trust in Korea? Haha, that idiot. But he knows how to say that he missed me. Lee Wooyeon has changed a lot. He’s become a person.”

“…What are you talking about? Your finger touched.”

“No? It was this far away.”

Even if CEO Kim looked through a microscope, it would be difficult to see the gap, so he insisted by spreading his fingers to show it.

Lee Wooyeon was the company’s star. Another name for JN Entertainment was Lee Wooyeon’s company. He admired him so much that he got better conditions and even had an actor come to JN. After Lee Wooyeon disappeared, it was natural for the company’s situation to worsen. It was enough to guess why CEO Kim is obsessed with Lee Wooyeon.

“I’ll organize it slowly on good terms and send him the script I received from writer Kim last time. Hehe.”

Manager Cha swallowed a bitter smile as he looked at the man dreaming of being plump alone.

“No matter how late it is, he will come this winter, right? There are people who haven’t tried popular food, but there’s no one who has tried it only once.”

Although he sometimes thought about it, there is probably no one who believes in Lee Wooyeon more than CEO Kim. So he would have renewed his contract even after what happened.

Let alone this year, when will Inseop accept the fact that he will never come out of that sea-view house if he doesn’t want to?

“Well, when is he coming?”

Manager Cha agreed appropriately.

“If I clean up the house quickly, they might come back sooner. So should I just buy the house?”

“Would you rather give me that money?”

“Am I a bigot?”


“Is there any way to lure him in? I need to know what he’s thinking.”

Manager Cha said it would be quicker to target Choi Inseop than to target Lee Wooyeon.

He stopped talking.

Yesterday, the image of two people standing in front of the sea as the sun set came to mind. He thought it would be okay to leave them there for a while.

“He will come. He will come. He will definitely come!”

CEO Kim threw his shoulders back and burst into laughter. Manager Cha felt sad when he saw the back of his head that had grown gray with gray hair.

Yes, CEO. You must have had a hard time, but you should have sweet dreams, even if just for a moment.

Manager Cha walked on without saying a word. Then he suddenly turned his head. A closed gate came into view.

The beautiful coastal road that Lee Wooyeon would be running on appeared to unfold before his eyes.

Okay. That’s enough.

Manager Cha hummed and strengthened his hand holding his suitcase. He felt like every step he took became lighter.

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