Master Of None

Chapter 2082 2082. Mountain Ruins

Before the party charged ahead, they watched Ventus speed through the air and land on the falling corrupted floating city. Now free from the chaotic mana. Her swoop down was fast enough that a small burst echoed through the air all around the island. But even more than what, Walker and Gil could make out three shapes held within her talons. Whatever had happened, would be explained later. "I trust that Remey will catch up if she is able to. Barry will joining his adventurers squad. Everyone has their orders and we are breaking in to this mountain and forest ruins." Walker looked at Gil and Su. Midnight and Onyx had not kept themselves behind either, they had made it back to the other three after just a moment. Even before they could start moving, Alice had stepped in front of Walker and stuffed another set of potions and affinity potions in to his hands. "You will be back. Safe and sound." Her words made the light mana shiver all around her. It wasn't that she had lost control of the light mana because she wasn't paying attention. No, it was simply her worries showcasing themselves right now. "And I trust that you will ensure that every single member of Genesis is able to stand safely. To walk alongside us when we celebrate out victory." Walker didn't make any promises. Just shared his heartfelt belief. He knew that if he showed too much emotion here that Alice would crumble. She would be unable to focus entirely on the healing efforts here. She was one of the most experienced and powerful healers. If she were to leave the base to explore the ruins and hunt the demon lord, then there would be a marked up loss of life. While some had already fallen to the corrupted undead monsters, that was going to change. The party was making a move toward the problem that has caused all of this. many , MANY, years ago. So he had to ensure that everyone and everything was perfect. There were still those that would be injured within this forested ruins of a mountain. Alice watched as the party began to move forward. As they passed by Alma who was watching Gil like a hawk. The two did not say a word to one another, but they could tell everything from just their looks alone. Neither was going to accept anything other than returning to see the other. "Brother, Remey is here." Ventus landed somewhat in front of them. Her speed more than what she normally did, but she had grabbed Barry and Remey before the corrupted floating city hit the ground. The massive earthquake that shook the entire island was matched by the fact that a large wave of water was spreading away from the island as well. If one were to have measured the island, it would have gained another quarter of size from the floating city falling there. A newer ruins flailing next to an older ruin. Somewhat odd. Many of the Genesis forces, mostly angels, split off to head that way. They would be dealing with anything and everything that could be useful. They would also see to it that no corrupted undead would remain anywhere near their past. The city that had once been an extremely important landmark for their people where no angel of either empire tread. Out of respect and honor. The clear fist shaped burn mark on Barry's face made them all realize that he had fought Remey. An interesting change, but the demon that he carried in his arms made them all wonder even more. "This is sloth. I sword on existence and everything that we are that we will help him. The demon lord lied to him and we should right that wrong." Remey said this before she nodded for Barry to move toward the base that was set up. He didn't say a word. Clearly, he was reflecting on whatever had happened. Whatever he had done to be under the punches of Remey that left a much deeper more than just physical. Seeing that Remey had managed to harm Barry, a person they had all thought of as stronger than them by quite some but, the party came to understand a few things. They were stronger now. Much stronger than any human, even those at the very top of the food chain in terms of strength. Barry was the one that could boast the strongest human. He had been through many things to make him that way. Had a system that had allowed him to grow in a more speed based way. The brutality and general skill set being two things that highlights how he leveled so much in his life. But they all knew they could beat him now. Maybe not unscathed, but they could. They had grown immensely. Even just recently, they had changed how their strengths worked. Changing some of the core aspects of their power in general. "Then we will have to live up to that." Walker knew that he could have used the all around appraisal a few more times on Sloth. Naturally, he had used it when he saw Barry carrying him. But the first thing he got was all that he had to bother reading. One small seciton from the system. 'Holding the title of Sloth, this demon carries immense weight. By having this title, the natural affinity for every mana is boosted immensely. So much so that the body constantly absorbs mana. This stresses the body causing immense mental effort to ensure that the mana does not cause the title holder's death. It also allowed unique magic skills to be used that no other could create or use. Using this stored mana, they can control many things that would need fine tuned mana. This is because of the overwhelmingly dense mana that builds up within their body. Beyond that, to maintain that mental control, the title holder must sleep a great deal. This is the only time they do not need to innate focus on the mana building up within their body. Due to this high level of mana, they can be easily overbearing…'

Walker had read this part of the all around appraisal. Enough to know that Sloth would see this as a curse. Forced to sleep at nearly every single moment so that they would not lose focus. That they would not end up losing their love in a moment of tiredness. Sloth wasn't slothful because he had the sin and lived up to it. Now, he did that because there was no other option. "We will help him fix his problems. If he was willing to crash that city and go against the demon lord, then that is all we need to know. He was just trying to save his own life when someone finally offered him a solution." Su's protective aura naturally made the entire party support this even more. "I agree, Ventus, thank you for your help. I trust you and the other royal dragons will handle the remaining flying monsters?" Walker knew very well that Scylla's mastery skill was ending. That meant that she wouldn't be able to help much any more. Her mana would be used up and her mental energy nearly gone. That left the royal dragons as the ones to handle everything. "They are already handling it. But Ignus will be doing with you. He is already in dragonkin form." Ventus helped herself back from more. She took to the air as Ignus landed next to them in his dragon form. "You are fine and tamed a sin title holder?" The words he said to Remey were held back slightly. Like he wanted to know more details from her. However, he just shared some of his remaining fire mana with her. It helped her recover what she had used to resist the mana pressure from sloth earlier. "I did what I had to. You should have come faster. We could have half the ruins dealt with." As much as Remeysounded like she was unhappy, no one bought it. Ignus just shook his head before they all walked in to the treeline. The green that grew all around them had even rooted itself over chinks of stone. most looked like they were not carved. Just chunks of stone that has been removed from a larger stone. The mountain that was on the island. "I would say that they literally carved out a mountain as their home. Whatever race built all this once upon a time." Gil wished he knew. He could tell how clean and perfect some of the broken stone was before the roots of trees had begun to reclaim it. Like the mountain and nature were recovering itself. …


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